Glee Britney/Brittany Recap ep2.2

In this episode, the Glee club, minus Brittany, tries to convince Mr.Schuester to do a Britney Spears number, but he is reluctant to go that edgy. The reason Brittany is against it, is because her name is Brittany Sue Pears, Brittany S.Pears, and she felt that she has always been in Britney Spears shadow. Kurt is most adamant about doing the Britney number, but gets repeatedly shot down by Mr. Schue.

Meanwhile, Will is coming to terms with his own insecurities when he meets Emma's new boyfriend, dentist Dr. Carl Howell (played by John Stamos.) Wanting to find out more about Carl, Will invites him to talk to his Glee club about dental hygiene. The girls all fall in love with him because he's so hot. Brittany is in need of the most dental work because she never brushes and rinses her mouth out with Dr.Pepper after each meal.

While in the dentist office,Britney Spears music is playing while Brittany is given anesthesia. She begins to have a Britney fantasy to the tune of "Slave For You" while enacting a video montage to the song. When she wakes up, the dentist tells her she'll have to come back, as she has 64 cavities. LOL

In her next visit to the dentist, Santana comes with Brittany, and while she has no dental problems herself, she demands to be sedated so she can also experience a Britney fantasy. Bringing their own music, both are sedated at the same time and have a combined fantasy, interacting the "Me Against the Music" duet with Britney and Madonna.

Since her past two fantasies, Brittany now changes her tune and wants to do a Britney number with the Glee members. Mister Schuester still declines, insisting it's too edgy. When Kurt pleads his case, he gets sent to the principal's office.

Will is trying to deal with his jealousy of Dr. Carl, and goes to see him for a checkup. Will's only problem is grinding his teeth, which Carl claims is due to his being too uptight then offers him candy and tells him he needs to be more spontaneous and edgy. He tells Will about how he was driving to work one day, drove past a car dealership and bought a new convertible, and how he and Emma take drives in it while it messes up her hair. Almost immediately Will goes out and buys the exact same car. While taking Emma for a spin in his new ride, he almost hits his ex-wife, who is there fuming that Will is spending all her alimony money and once he realizes she's the true love of his life and wants her back, she doesn't want the savings to be all gone.

Next up to see the dentist is Rachel. She too has a Britney fantasy, only to the tune of "Baby One More Time." I didn't care for Rachel's rendition of this song. It just sounded wrong. You've got a trained Broadway singer trying to sing Britney Spears and it just sounds wrong. It was good, but it was like hearing a dog meow or a cat bark, it just didn't fit.

Due to Rachel's experience and also her reading an unauthorized biography of Britney Spears, she decides to dress less like a 12 year old girl, and more like a slutty cheerleader. The whole school likes, except her boyfriend Finn, who is cautious about her new look.

The next Glee member in the happy chair is Artie. His fantasy is of him doing a number to "Stronger" because the poor guy is in a wheelchair and his girlfriend broke up with him, but he wants her back. He thinks if he makes the football team, he can win her back. I know, it sounds like a really stupid idea, but he's got it all figured out. (Is that even allowed?)

After being told he is just way too uptight, Will finally gives in and allows the Glee club to perform a Britney number.

Witnessing the harassment of Finn by the football jocks, Coach Beiste decides to let Finn AND Artie try out and join the football team. This causes a little turmoil in Finn and Rachel's relationship, but they work through it.

At the assembly, Sue learns that Will, along with the Glee club are performing a Britney Spears number and is not happy about it at all. While performing "Toxic" the crowd goes crazy, especially an unknown girl and the Jew Fro dude. At the end of the performance, Sue pulls the fire alarm, causing a "sex riot" of everyone running for the exit doors.

Will tries to come to terms with him not being with Emma, and Rachel sings a song, "The Only Exception" for Finn because she doesn't want football to come between them and break them up.

All in all this episode was just a bunch of Britney Spears reenactments with very little story line, which was okay, because these Glee cast members can really sing and we got to see Brittany shine, for once. Though it was a bit weird to hear the guys sing a Britney song.