My Generation - ABC: Thursdays at 8:00

First of all, I should say Hyperion asked that I watch My Generation as a favor. I agreed, but not because I actually thought the show would be good, I mean.... have you tried saying no to him?

I went into it ready to pile on the Hate. For those of you that don't know me, this is something I'm bountifully good at. What could possibly be more boring than watching other people and their victories/struggles with life? YAWN. However, I was surprised that I was drawn in and found myself relating to and caring about the characters.

My Generation is a documentary-style drama that showcases nine people from the graduating class of 2000 and catches up to them in 2010 to see where they are now. They were all friends (or at least knew each other) in high school, and it's interesting to see how they are still intertwined 10 years later.

Some of the content is gritty - real life issues are integrated with their struggles, i.e., the collapse of the Twin Towers, the Enron scandal, and Presidential blunders. I kinda think that was a gamble, but it works for this show, and makes the characters more believable.

In 2000, they had "tags" - the Beauty Queen, the Rich Kid, the Nerd, the Wallflower, the Jock, the Over-Achiever, the Punk, the Brain, and the Rock Star. Much like real life, their lives have taken very different paths.

I found it easy to forget that these were actors and for all my complaining about most of the new Fall shows put out this year, this is one of the very few that I would watch again, and not just because I have nothing better to do. The slogan for the show is "It's not where they've been, it's where they're going," and I will be there to see.


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