America's Got Talent The YouTube Live Results Show--The Fan Girl Review

Last night, America's Got Talent invited 12 acts from the YouTube auditions to perform live for America's vote. Some did not do so well, but a precious few held their own. Acts like Cam Hodges, PLUtonic and Dan Sperry performed very well... but last night truly belonged to one person.

Jackie Evancho. This 10 year old absolutely stole America's heart last night with her beautiful and mature operatic voice. This little one has absolutely positioned herself as a front runner to win it all.

That is if America voted for her.

We are about to find out.

Nick says that Evolution of Dance, Quick Change and Lin Yu Chun will perform tonight. I am intrigued by these acts. Should be entertaining.

Pup, Pizza Patt, Maestro Alexander Bui, Austin Anderson
are the first acts up.

I am going to call this for Maestro Alexander Bui. Sharon says she has no idea what is going to happen, even though usually her gut gives her some idea.

The act going through is: Maestro Alexander Bui. I have to respect America for choosing the most talented of the acts.

Piers says Alexander needs to choose classical pieces that are a little more well known when he comes back.

Quick Change are performing. They had performed on AGT before and then their videos went viral. The gist of this act is that the couple start out in one type of outfit, and then by going into different tubes, etc. they magically change outfits. They also use draped material and (this one is AMAZING) confetti. I was in awe of how quick the dresses and suits changed. Mere seconds for each one...

Evolution of Dance is up next. I admit, I am one of the 5 people who has never seen this. This guy goes through the different dance styles ranging from the twist to Vanilla Ice to MC Hammer to dancing like Fergie. It was so funny to watch the different dance styles.

Next up for judgement are Dylan Plummer, Dan Sperry and Booker Forte.

I am calling it for Dan Sperry. He was just too good last night and more likely to make it in Vegas.

The act going through is: Dan Sperry. Howie ran away into the audience when he heard Dan's name called. Dan appreciates America responding in such a positive way.

Lin Yu Chun performs next. I am not watching him... only listening. Damn. Sounds just like a woman. His voice is so pure... I betcha Whitney is wishing she could sing that way again. Okay, he's starting to sound a little more like a man, now. He has a great head voice. I want to hear him sing something else. THAT is the mark of a great singer-- not being a one trick pony.

Next acts up Ryan Rodriguez and Jackie Evancho.

I am not even going to dignify this one with a prediction. We know Jackie is going through unless this show is fixed.

The act going through is: (Ryan KNOWS he isn't going through... you can see it on his face)... Jackie. Howie makes Jackie sing a note to prove to everyone that she did NOT lip synch.

The last three acts to be judged are: PLUtonic, Cam Hodges, and Kristina Young. One spot left. I am torn between Cam and PLUtonic. I have a sneaking suspician that it will be Cam. My personal favorite of the three was PLUtonic.

THe act going home from America's vote is: PLUtonic.... DAMN!!!!!!! I am going to watch them on YouTube again to mourn them.

Kristina says she can sing any genre and can show them more.

Cam says he will step it up if the judges choose him.

PLEASE choose Cam.

Howie is first... he is proud of both of them considering the pressure. He thinks the one with the most potential is Cam.

Sharon loved Cam's interpretation of his song. Thinks Kristina is sexy and is pliable as an artist, so she chooses Kristina.

Piers has to take a bet on one of them on who can rise to a second performance. He is going with the act he thinks can improve and that is... Kristina.


I am not a happy fan girl, but I think they wanted another female in the semi-finals.

Next week is the wild card show. Oh, so happy... Connor Doran is performing... DOOOOOGIIIEEE Horner is back!!!! Magician Michael Grasso makes a return. I can't wait to watch.

Until Then!!!

(fan girl confessor)