America's Got Talent The YouTube episode--The Fan Girl Review

Well, this is an interesting episode of America's Got Talent. This is the YouTube audition episode.

Over the past few months, thousands of people had submitted auditions via YouTube and 12 acts were chosen to audition for the semi-finals in tonight's live episode. AGT has never done this before; but I have to say, it's a good idea. I can't wait to see who is performing tonight.

One act was chosen by America's vote to compete tonight. The other 11, the judges chose to perform. The 4 semi-finalists will be chosen by America.

The judges are nervous because they have never seen these acts except on a YouTube clip. Howie says there is pressure becuase these acts are going from a video to the big stage. Piers says he will not be nice and refuse to buzz anyone tonight.

PLUtonic are up first tonight. This is a group of students from Washington. They are an acappella group who get called geeks a lot. They say they are NOT geeks. They love music.

The Performance: They are in sweater vests and glasses and start off in classical acappella. They then turn it on and start singing Low by Flo Rider and Tearing it up!!! They do rap and singing and do it in sweater vests. I love the geek chic they bring to their performance. They even choreograph their act.

Piers says they are indisputably geeks and cheesy. It is well done,though. There is something about them that is extremely likable.

Sharon says it was a really good performance and they are quite likable. Her problem is, though, she hates acappella.

Howie says they are talented and entertaining. He thinks people would go see something like this. He even likes the name of the group... says it reflects the type of relationships they have with the women.

Dylan Plummer from Ohio is up next. 12 years old and He is a jump roper. Only a few weeks ago he was at home and now he is here performing for America. He is doing some really good tricks and hurt his leg... He will do his best.

The Performance: He is combining speed jumping with acrobatics and he is good. He is going into an acrobatic double dutch routine and nailing it, too. He does some tricks with his rope, too. Does everything very well. Quite entertaining.

Sharon said he did mighty fine and has very quick feet. She said he transitioned very well from a school environment to the big stage.

Howie said he was very good, but had a little miss. He has a future but needs to get some more experience, though that might not be fair to say to the YouTuber performers.

Piers was pleasantly surprised. For 12 years old, he is talented. He was waiting to buzz him, but didn't have to.

The next performer is Pup. Pup is a dog. He was bought for 50.00 and goes everywhere with his owner. He also plays the accordion. His owner is worried that he will be to distracted to play due to all the new people.

The Performance: Pup actually did play for about 10 seconds (he was good, too)and then the strap broke. He then couldn't play and just stood there and watched his owner. His owner kept performing though and pup just stood there watching. Piers buzzed him.

Howie says that is the beauty of this show. Amazed at how pup can still not play and has his owner trained to keep performing.

Piers says he didn't buzz Pup but the owner. Says for 10 seconds or so, it was an amazing act. The problem came when the strap broke and they had to listen to the owner.

Sharon says that Pup should get a re-do due to technical difficulties. Said she was worried that Pup was hurt when the strap broke. Howie said no dogs were hurt in the creating of this program.

The next performer is Cam Hodges. He is 20 and from Washington. His dad got him into music. He plays guitar. He was scared to sing in front of people. He found his friends listened to him more when he sings than when he talks. He has never played with a back track before. He has to put on the performance of his life.

The Performance: He has a unique voice. He is singing Break Your Heart from Taio Cruz. He's getting the crowd on his side, which is never a bad thing. I could listen to more of his performances. I think he could put up a fight against Michael Grimm. He looks quite comfortable on stage. Looks like a star.

Piers asks if it feels as good as he hoped it would. Cam said it felt good. Piers said there were some really good parts, though he missed a few notes. Compared him to James Blunt.

Sharon asked him if he writes. Cam writes a lot. Sharon says he has a very good and strong voice. Guitar playing is good. She enjoyed it.

Howie says he sounds like John Mayer until he hits the big note and then gets a unique tone to his voice. He has a shot to go further than this

Ryan Rodriguez is next up. Ryan is from Santa Cruz. He works in the family plumbing business. His wife submitted the YouTube clip. He usually performs in his garage but is now performing for America. He is ready to show America his dream.

The Performance: He is dressed in some funky Mad Max costume. It is rather indescribable what he is doing here. It isn't really dancing, per se. He performs some really interesting acrobatic tricks and uses a climbing rope for part of his act. He has back up dancers. Piers buzzes him.

Sharon asks if he has been on stage before. He says not this big. Sharon says he is fit and dances well (Piers interrupts him He needs a group to dance with.

Howie does not know what the act is. He says it is good, though.

Piers says he found it a little bit boring. He doesn't know if it is a tumbling act or a stunt act. Says it isn't dancing, though. Piers preferred the YouTube video performance.

The next performance is Austin Anderson. He is from Nebraska. He is a mechanic and a stand-up comedian. He usually performs in small venues. He says this is too awesome to be true. He loves to make people laugh and this is what he wants his future to hold.

Austin does a bit about Facebook. I like how he keeps it current. I thought he was pretty funny. The audience wasn't quite getting into it, though.

Howie asks if it is hard. Austin says it was. He has never done a 90 second set. Howie says the act wasn't completely relatable because not everyone has Facebook and his entire set was about Facebook.

Piers said he wasn't funny. Was rather rude about it, too.

Sharon says he can be funny, but the choice of the material was wrong.

The next act is Booker Forte. He is a hip hop dancer from Virginia. He is amazed that he was voted onto the show. He has practiced this for years. He does temp work and then rehearses at night.

The Performance: He is the hip-hop version of HasPop. He has great movement and stage presence. He has back up dancers and works well with them. Piers buzzes him, though. I don't get it.

Piers said it was nice, but he didn't do much. He says some of the back up dancers are better dancers than him. He says he played it too safe.

Sharon says he was good, but it didn't have that something special. She has seen it all before.

Howie says they are looking for something special from these YouTubers. Howie compared him to Haspop (told you all). Said that Booker just didn't have that something special.

Next up tonight is Pizza Patt. He is from Columbus, Ohio and owns a pizza parlor near The Ohio State University Campus. I admit, I am biased... I'm an alumna, so I have to do this... (O-H...I-O). He is an extreme pizza tosser. The judges are divided as to whether this is an act or not.

The performance: He's good. Has a little kitchen scene set up and goes from some Dino singing That's Amore to adding a hip hop flair to this. He does some nice tosses and turns and then tosses two doughs at the same time. Tosses a flaming pizza whole on the ground. The crowd is getting into this. I have to stand up for my fellow Buckeye here. Of course, Piers is a dick and buzzes him.

Sharon says this is a new form of juggling. She like it.

Howie says the fire takes it to a different level, but they have seen this before. Says it could be dangerous--- he could get a yeast infection from it...

Piers says he doesn't see the point of this. Says it is NOT an act.

Kristina Young is up next, a 22 year old from South Dakota. She says this doesn't feel real.

The performance: She is singing Before He Cheats. She DOES have good voice. She isn't moving around too much on stage, but she has presence. She misses a few notes when she goes down low. It is tough to do Carrie Underwood justice.

Howie says it is tough to do a Carrie Underwood song. He said it was good, but he is not sure if it is good enough for America.

Piers said that they have had some very good singers this season and not sure if it will go through. He said it was exceptional considering where she came from.

Sharon said she is unsure of the song choice, but thought is was good. Sharon said she has a BIG voice.

Maestro Alexander Bui... playing piano since 4. Practices 6-8 hours a day. He is excited at the opportunity. Wants to show America that music is more than Lady Gaga.

The Performance: His fingers just GLIDE over the keys. I am unsure of what he is playing, but I thought it was lovely. I am amazed by pianists-- the grace and elegance they posses. Believe it or not, though... SHARON buzzes him.

Sharon says he is magnificent but she found it boring. She couldn't relate to it. Wishes he had chosen one of the more popular classical pieces to perform.

Howie says it is amazing to see his fingers glide over the keys. He's like a machine.

Piers says he is a brilliant classical pianist and to ignore Sharon. Says that there is more to hear out there than pop music.

Dan Sperry is up next. He is a 25 year old magician. He first got into magic by watching David Copperfield. He is a "Anti-Conjurer". He uses darker influences. He likes to leave people unsettled and a little grossed out.

The Performance: He uses a mint. Eats the mint and then takes some floss and puts the floss through his neck!!! WHAT THE?!?!? He then brings a whole mint back up and then tosses the floss toward HOWIE!!! Howie jumps up like he is on fire!!

Sharon is laughing her ass off at the whole situation. Howie says it isn't funny.

Howie said he liked the performance until he came over there.

Piers gives him a standing ovation for "the attempted murder of Howie Mandel with dental floss and a polo mint".

The last contestant is Jackie Evancho. She is 10 and from Pittsburgh. She started singing at 8 years old after watching Phantom of the Opera. She won the vote on YouTube. She wants to show everyone that big things come in small packages.

The Performance: She sings like a 20 year old. Her voice just soars... She has good presence and the crowd just adores her. The judges and audience give her a standing ovation.

I think this kid is a shoe-in for the semis... could actually win this thing.

Howie says they found their one star tonight. She is amazing.

Piers asks if she is sure she isn't 30. One of the most extraordinary performances on AGT. She has the whole package. Everyone felt goosebumps. America will be going crazy.

Sharon can't believe from such a tiny body such a large voice. Never seen anything like it.

For receiving the most votes on YouTube, Jackie received a trip to Universal Studios in Florida.

Well, this was an interesting night. Jackie is a shoe-in. Pretty much a front runner after this past performance. The other three spots I think are a toss up. Maestro Alexander Bui, Dan Sperry, Cam Hodges all could make good arguments for making the top 4 tomorrow.