America's Got Talent: The Wildcard Results Show--The Fan Girl Review

Last night's America's Got Talent was the wildcard show, where we saw some of our favorite acts who either didn't make it past Vegas or past the quarter finals get a second chance to try and make it to the semis.

I admit, some of the acts who came back really brought their A game. Dooo-gie Horner, Michael Grasso, Anna and Partryk, Michael Lipary/Ashley Dejon and Connor Doran really distinguished themselves last night. Some of the other acts, such as Rudi Macaggi, CJ Dippa and The Hot Shot Tap Dancers could not rise to the occasion.

This should be a truly interesting results show.

Nick talks to the judges about last night:

Nick asks about the fighting the judges did last night. Piers said that his acts did well and that the other judges' picks did not do as well. SHaron said he was delusional

Kruti Dance, Rudi Macaggi, Michael Grasso, and Swing Shift Side Show are first up for the results: I am calling this for Michael Grasso.

Nick asks Sharon if it is tough seeing two of her acts up there. She said that Rudi wasn't as good, but Michael rose to the occasion.

The act moving on is: Michael Grasso.... Oh, this is one HAPPY FAN GIRL. I was totally bummed when he was sent home in Vegas. My faith has been restored. By the way: Have I mentioned that Michael is one fine looking specimen of magician-hood. Damn, damn, damn...

Michael is choked up and Sharon tells him to keep raising his game. Bigger is better in this contest.

Criss Angel is performing and he is attempting something that has not been done before. He is going to try two of Houdini's tricks in record time. The judges are on stage with him assisting in putting on the straight jacket. Sharon gets the buckle between his legs... she enjoyed that WAY TOO MUCH!!!

Nick explains that this is the Upside Down StraightJacket escape. Criss is attempting this in under a minute.

Criss is giving it hell trying to get that off. and he makes it in a minute flat. Gets a standing ovation and then the lights go out and he gets lowered quickly and is now being locked in a box. An acrobatic assistant comes out and climbs on top of the box and then there is a giant puff of smoke and fire flash and Criss ends up on top of the box. They open the box and the assistant is in the box.

This is why Criss is one of the best out there.

Commercial break and I discover that Howie is live tweeting!!! The Warrior is proud of Howie for fighting the power. Last night, the producers took his phone. Bastards... let the man tweet!

We're back and ready to find out another semi-finalist.

Nick calls The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, RNG and Anna and Patryk to the stage. I am calling this for Anna and Patryk. Even though there was debate about whether or not the dancing is too seductive, they were still the best dancers of the night.

Nick asks Piers about the three dance groups. He mentions that Anna and Patryk were the best and he wants them to go through (they were his choice, by the way.)

The act going through is: Anna and Patryk... Anna breaks down in tears. Partyk thanks Piers. Anna can't talk.

The next acts Nick calls up are CJ Dippa and Connor Doran. I am calling this for Connor Doran. He tugs at the heart strings and is unique. I am pulling for this kid.

The act going through is: Connor Doran... another YAY!!!!! from the fan girl. Oh, so happy, so happy. Connor gives CJ credit... he has been a friend of Connor's and is an amazing rapper.

Howie is proud of him. He says Connor is Howard Stern's favorite act. Howie can't wait to see him again.

And now I say SHIT... my man, Doogie Horner is up against Michael and Ashley and Harmonica Pierre. Three good acts, but I really, REALLY want Doogie to go through. Really. Ugh... I have to wait through LeAnn Rimes before I find out.

Speaking of LeAnn, she is in a bikini short outfit and is singing "Swinging". Got a little 60's beach party scene going on. She even does some dancing. Not bad, not bad... the song is up tempo and she is a natural performer. I don't think she is using playback, either. Good girl, LeAnn. Good girl.

Nick asks LeAnn for advice for the semi-finalists. She says tune everything else out and have fun.

We're back... I've been praying for Doogie.

Nick calls out the acts. I just don't know what is going to happen.... ugh... ugh again.

Let's get on with this, shall we?

Nick announces the act going home by America's vote: Doogie Horner... SHIT! SHIT again!!! Doogie showed off his T-shirt that said "America's Got Doogie". I'm sad now.

Nick asks the last two asks why they should go through:
Pierre explains that he wants to bring the harmonica to the forefront.
Michael and Ashley said they worked hard for this.

I just don't care. (I'm editorializing and I don't care, dammit)

We're back... I suppose we should see who the last act it.

Piers: Sharon's pick or his own pick. He's kidding. He wasn't expecting the stunt from Michael and Ashley, but he has never seen anyone like Pierre. Piers chooses Pierre.

Sharon: She enjoys Pierre but she adores Michael and Ashley. She chooses Michael and Ashley.

Howie: He apologized to Pierre for buzzing him last night. He was surprised by Michael and Ashley. He has to go with his gut and chooses who could win and who America would be more likely to see. He goes with Michael and Ashley.

The semi-finals start next week and here is a partial list of who is performing:

Future Funk
Antonio Restivo
Kristina Young
Arc Attack
Anna and Patryk
Connor Doran
Prince Poppycock
Michael Grimm
Dan Sperry
Taylor Mathews

and I missed the last two acts.

Well, there we have it. 24 acts are through to the semi-finals. Next week, the pressure is on and I am looking forward to it.

Til Then!
(fan girl confessor)


Anonymous said...

I think Michael and Ashley really brought their game. The both have, like Sharon said, "edge," and i think the act is marvelous. Plus they are both amazing performers. And Michael has an amazing body :)