America's Got Talent-- The Semi-Finals Round 1: The Fan Girl Review

Ok. This is it. The semi-finals have arrived and the fan girl is chomping at the bit.

I am not happy with tonight's line up. There are too many good acts tonight, and I have a feeling my heart is going to be broken tomorrow night at the results. Prince Poppycock against Michael Grimm against AscenDance against Future Funk against ArcAttack and so on and so forth.

Let's see what happens with the performances, tonight.

Nick says 5 acts from each semi-final will move on. Ugh... Price Poppycock and Michael Grimm better bring it, dammit.

Sharon what is the most crucial thing for the acts to focus on? Sharon says the acts have to to focus on being a star.

Up first are Anna and Patryk. Best feeling in the world getting to the semis. They need to show a new and different side. Piers says they could possibly win AGT. They will be doing the Paso Doble and show their angry side.

The Performance:
This starts out with a black and white Anna and Patryk doing something more traditional along a red carpet. Then the color comes on and they rip off the outer clothes and dance to the song Papparazzi. They are good at the Paso Doble. There is passion in these two kids and it shows when they perform.

The judges:
Piers... said they behaved like stars. They are the two most talented dancers in the competition.

Sharon... perfection. They never let the people down. Asks how long they had to create this routine. (1 week)

Howie... Glad he can inspire them. Agrees they are talented and he wasn't creeped out tonight by what he considered inappropriate touching. Thinks America will love what they saw.

The Next act up is Christina and Ali They have had support from across America, and A LOT of support from people with cystic fibrosis. The song they are singing has a really big note that they might have trouble with.

The Performance They are singing When You Believe. They harmonize well, BUT... NO, they are not Vegas material. It would be good for a local talent show, but that is my opinion. They do not get buzzed, though.

The Judges
Sharon... They made the big note. Feels the performance was stronger and more natural. She can't say anything negative.

Howie... They are getting stronger and better stage presence. At this level, though, they have to rise above all the other great acts out there. He isn't sure if it is.

Piers... wasn't great, but very nice. He tries to buzz them, but their big eyes and the big notes always get him.

The third act up is Antonio Restivo BTW: He follows me on Twitter. Boo-Yah!!! His heart jumped out of his chest when Sharon said his name. He is attempting the hardest trick he has ever done.

The Performance Assistants light flames and Antonio comes from the back. There is great, dark music playing. The assistants wrap a chain around him and close him up in a box. The assistants set the box on fire and open up the doors and the inside is on fire and NO ANTONIO. He comes walking down the stairs. Not bad, A. Not bad at all.

The Judges
Howie... Antonio's act... very Vegas-y. He lovese the camp of the act.

Piers... seen many other magic acts not make it through to the finals because they think too small. Piers wonders where is the big magic showman... and Piers says he feels Antonio is. Everything is bigger and better. He loves his act.

Sharon asks if he used to get in trouble when he was young. Antonio says no. Wonders what is is like at his house when he barbecues...

The next act up is Future Funk For Howie, it was the hardest decision he had to make. They have been practicing and working hard. They have to get serious. They have been working out. They are full of surprises. I love these two.

The Performance They start by rapping. Then they slide down slides. These kids ares bringing it. The audience is digging it to no extent. Piers buzzes them, though. They even get lights and dance in the dark with lights. They get the audience to chant "Future Funk! Future Funk!"

The Judges
Piers (whom Nick called an ogre)... Realizes he doesn't have the full support of the room (he gets booed). He thinks they are cute, but are not as talented as Anna and Patryk. They DO have a future, but they aren't ready yet.

Sharon... She forgot how young they are. They are talented, but should end up with their own sitcom.

Howie... He says America may actually vote them through on cuteness.

The next act up is Taylor Mathews Never dreamed he would be here. Gave his dad a big hug. Been practicing 2 to 3 hours a day. He is doing something unexpected. He is playing piano. This will be the biggest performance of his life.

The Performance: Just him and the piano performing Show Me What I'm Looking For. There is a choir at the back of the stage. He has good attention to the audience. Ah, there's the emotion. He's up from the piano, now. It's good. I will give him that. I just didn't get WOW, myself. He does NOT get buzzed though.

The Judges
Sharon really enjoyed the performance. She loved the fact that he added the piano. Feels he is very natural in what he does.

Howie feels that at this level they are looking for WOW. Doesn't feel that this was a WOW performance. (glad I am NOT the only one who noticed this)

Piers says he sees someone who is under a lot of pressure. He remembers the innocence from the audition. Feels that he is becoming too serious and restricted by nerves, now.

The next act up is Connor Doran I love the kid... but he kept my Doogie Horner out of the semis. They have received a lot of support. He loves that he can help people.

The Performance He is performing to the song Fireflies... He goes from a single kite to a double. He isn't nervous... looks good...of course, though... Piers buzzes him. I can see why... there isn't room for a lot of variety to this type of act.

The Judges
Piers... It is all about song choice. Feels it is quite beautiful when he goes with the more It loses something when he chooses more pop themed music. Didn't feel the magic tonight.

Howie... loves the ethereal quality when he chooses the sweeping music.

Sharon thought he was fabulous. Liked the change in going with pop music. She adores him more and more.

Dan Sperry is next up. It was like a magic trick to Dan. One second Howie was there and the next he wasn't. Dan wants to push America over the line. If the last time was shocking, just wait til tonight.

Nick is helping with the act.

The Performance.. This is how Dan gives away his autograph. Assistant puts tape around Nicks arm. They blindfold Nick. His arm is on a table. Dan ties Nicks arm down as a robot assistant moves in front of them. Dan "saws" through Nicks arm, and takes a piece out and signs it. He puts it back onto Nick and Nick gets up with the signature on his arm.

The Judges
Piers thought it was a pathetic trick. Felt that nothing was convincing. Hated the fake arm. Dan explained that this trick was more about letting go of what you believe.

Sharon... loved the robot lady. Felt that should have been made more a main part of the act.

Howie wants to see more of the Dan Sperry CHARACTER.

The next act is Kristina Young I was not a fan of her to begin with. grrr..... She started singing when she was 5. Her great-grandmother is her biggest fan. She had a falling out with her dad 3 years ago. They finally got back together. They are going to see a new side of her tonight.

The Performance: She is on top of a piano. She is singing Poker Face in a different, almost Burlesque style. She gets three buzzes. WOW. I have to admit it was not good.

Sharon buzzed her because she should have not tried to take on Lady Gaga.

Howie It was almost a humorous take on the song.

Piers said she took a gamble and it didn't work. Don't give up, though.

ArcAttack is up next. Again everyone has to move to a different studio for this performance. THey want to be the people who made "geek" cool once again. Uhm... The Big Bang Theory already did that. They love it that people think they are geeky. They want to show Piers that he has NOT seen their best, yet.

The Performance: It sounds like they are playing the piano or organ the way the notes moves so fast. Now they are adding in some bass and rhythm. Nice. They have another member coming up in a goth costume (Think Bride of Frankenstein or something) or is it a robot.. when they aim their rods at it... the being in the cage starts shaking and dancing about. When the song ends, the being walks out. MESSED UP!!! But, oh, so good.

The Judges
Howie He was stunned. He worries about it not translating on TV.

Piers Weird little freaks. He likes it on TV, as well. He feels that this act can be successful. One of the best of the night.

Sharon Weird little group. Wants more performance art involved in this. But she liked it.

The next act up is Michael Grimm He couldn't believe hearing his name after hearing NO for so long. He got sick the day of rehearsal. He had to go to the hospital. He is dehydrated and his throat is on fire. He is here to sing,though.

The Performance There are back up dancers. You can't tell he is sick. Consummate professional. You Can Leave Your Hat On is the song he is singing. Damn. He is GOOD. He is hitting notes that would kill a normal sick person. They work for a bluesy song, though. Ooh... he WORKED IT!!!

The Judges
Piers... At last he sees an act that really wants to win and has the talent to back it up. Loves how he is comfortable in his own skin.

Sharon... tonight he was engaging. She wants to see him take it up a notch again because she knows he will be back.

Howie been waiting for a moment. Michael was that moment. Howie tells America to vote for Michael.

The next act is AscenDance They were so excited about going to the next round. They have focused on all of their attention to this next round. They are going for bigger and better... more sharpness, etc. They are going to give everything they have.

The Performance A cityscape. A faster paced song, which is nice. They are doing a lot of intricate choreography and hanging off the wall work. Piers becomes a dick and buzzes them. I could see more intricate choreography.

The Judges
Sharon did not like the music and felt it was lacking the spark of danger that they usually have.

Howie didn't like how they picked up the tempo. Missed the interaction between the men and women.

Piers didn't like that they stuck with 4 people and felt they were disjointed. Just wasn't feeling it tonight.

Last... and my personal favorite of all Prince Poppycock performs!!! YAYAYAY!!! He was thrilled. All the hard work has paid off. He is thrilled that America has accepted him and that he now belongs. He has a new creation tonight.

The Performance He is singing Bohemian Rhapsody and is KILLING IT!!!!! It is wonderful... he is hitting such notes and working the scene as a spoiled aristocrat. He knocks over vases and has a giant champagne bottle that throws confetti. I think the Prince just became the front runner with this performance... I am in awe of this man. I would pay to see him in a red-hot minute.

The Judges
Howie... nothing matters but Poppycock. This is all about Poppycock.

Piers... Didn't think anyone could outcamp Freddy Mercury...

Sharon... the male Lady Gaga... he is a superstar.

Poppycock calls Sharon his empress or goddess... he would take his hat off to her if it weren't pinned on so tightly.

Okay.. I think it is pretty obvious who the two best of the night were: Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm. After them: Antonio Restivo, Anna and Patryk, and Future Funk. I could see ArcAttack playing spoiler... just not for Poppycock or Michael.

Damn, I cannot wait for tomorrow. You know I'll be there... with bells on.

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)