America's Got Talent Wild Card Edition--The Fan Girl Review

I was hoping they would have this episode this season. It's WILD CARD TIME on America's Got Talent. 12 acts that either didn't make the top 48 or out of the quarter finals get another chance to wow America and the judges.

What tickles me is 2 of my favorite acts are back for more: comedian Dooooooooogieeeeeee Horner and magician Michael Grasso. I am SO pulling for both of these guys tonight.

A few other acts that I can recall off the top of my head:Anna and Patryk, CJ Dippa, Rudi Macaggi and more.

The judges each 4 acts a piece whom they felt deserved a second chance. I am sooooo tickled at tonight's line up. I think you will be, too.

Nick talks to the judges:

Asks Howie how easy it was to choose to bring back acts. Howie said this was easy. Howie is also live tweeting during the show. I will try to get a response from him tonight.

The First Act performing tonight is: Kruti Dance Academy ( a Piers choice) They were thrilled to be invited to the wild card show. One girl just got married and they are flattered that Piers chose them to come back.

The Performance: They are performing a more classical Indian dance performance and they are very good. Great beat and very energetic and precise. I always enjoy watching Indian dance. Quite dramatic and enjoyable. I hope they do well tonight.

The Judges:

felt vindicated and was very impressed with their performance.
Sharon felt it was very exotic and good and feel
Howie agrees that they are talented and beautiful. But is what they do "WOW"? He doesn't think so and the audience boos Howie.

The Second Act performing tonight is: (Sharon's choice)Rudi Macaggi. It was like a dream crashing down being sent home. SHaron was disappointed. He combines talent and danger and that is why she brought him back. He is bringing more danger to his act tonight.

The Performance: Does a back flip. He has a great flair for introducing his act, the "stairway to heaven". He will do a back flip and catch himself using his feet in a looped rope while blindfolded. And he does. I was impressed. Piers didn't like it, though.

The Judges:

Sharon was a little disappointed in the act because she felt it took too long to introduce the trick. He could have done two tricks.

Howie says that he didn't really have anywhere to go after that first trick with the blade. It wasn't as big of a trick.

Piers was disappointed because there didn't seem to be as big of a danger factor (breaking neck vs. having head cut off). Rudi's assistant explains that it would be a slower death if Rudi just broke his neck instead of having it cut off. Piers actually thought that was a pretty good argument.

The Third Act performing tonight is: (Howie's choice) CJ Dippa. He felt that his dream was over. Tonight's rap CJ wrote for a girl. He has to give 100% because he doesn't want to go home again.

The Performance: He starts out on a motorcycle. He has back up dancers. This kid can throw down the rhymes. But... guess who is buzzer happy again.... yep. Piers. CJ gets his dance on, and does well. I was impressed.

The Judges:

Howie asks CJ how he did. CJ admits that he didn't give it his all. Howie feels that this wasn't as polished as it could be. He knows that CJ needs guidance.

Piers is impressed that CJ was able to admit that this wasn't his best performance. Piers found that this was a little too gimmicky. Told him to be himself.

Sharon found the song to be his best one. She loved the performance herself.
The Fourth Act performing tonight is: RNG (Sharon's Choice) Sharon felt that bringing RNG back was not a difficult choice at all.

The Performance: They are going for a straight hip hop routine and they are nailing it. These girls have attitude and have great rhythm and attitude. They do transitions and even use Howie's critique in the music as part of the act. At the end, one girl rips off her jacket and her shirt says "Vote" and she glowers at Howie. Howie looks more than a little nervous.

The Judges:

Sharon is really happy that she brought them back. She thought the performance was really strong.

Howie feels his job is to be honest and he thinks they are phenomenal. He isn't sure if their act can hold up against Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho, though.

Piers did not feel they were not very good. Thought they were disorganized and did not enjoy the choreography.

Sharon calls out Piers for buzzing everyone but his own picks tonight.

The Fifth Act performing tonight is: Harmonica Pierre (Piers' choice). He went back to watch making. He now feels the impossible is possible. Piers brought him back because he is talented and quite a character.

The Performance: Howie buzzes the act before it starts. Pierre is performing Lady Gaga's Alejandro. There are ballroom dancers and Pierre is on a platform. This really isn't bad. I'm... impressed. I wouldn't pay to see it, but I'd watch it on PBS.

The Judges:

Howie Explains that he and Sharon were both going to buzz Pierre before hand, but Sharon chickened out. They wanted to do it to get back at Piers for being an uber-dick tonight. Howie says that Pierre is a great harmonica player but he doesn't know if America will pay and vote to see this act go into the finals.

Piers says he is speaking on behalf of the audience and America. He feels Pierre stormed the show.

Sharon was entertained and he always makes her smile She doesn't know if Pierre will pack arenas in Vegas and on tour.

The Sixth Act performing tonight is: Michael Grasso (Sharon's choice). It was tough to leave at the Vegas segment. Sharon and Howie feel he needs to step it up for his second chance. Michael is going to show America magic l

The Performance: There is a box and an assistant and she gets in the box and michael sets it on fire and then impales the box. Opens it up and she is gone. He gets on top of the box and drops a cloth in front him and makes the assistant reappear. He then drops it again and makes another assistant disappear.

The Judges:

Sharon thanks him for not disappointing her. Everything was perfect.

Howie says the first performance tonight that was worth it.

Pier said he performed a brilliant magic trick and a miracle in showing that Sharon DOES know talent. He feels Michael has thrown the competition wide open.

The Seventh Act performing tonight is: Hot Shot Tap Dancers (Howie's choice). They were disappointed and they had to make some last minute changes to their act.

The Performance: They are doing some dancing in strobe lighting. They are sticking with dance only. No story. They're good. I don't see the fire that they need to go far, though. Piers doesn't either and buzzes them.

The Judges:

Howie brought them back because they combine classical and modern. This time though, he felt that it was a little bit boring and muddy looking. They need to find the right combination of story and dance.

Piers agreed with Howie. It was boring. He can see the chemistry they have together, but it isn't translating. He noticed they fell out of step with each other.

Sharon feels that one of the siblings need to become a spotlight dancer. Less team dancing.

The Eighth Act performing tonight is:Doogie Horner (DOOOOOOOOGIIIIEEEEEE) (Piers' Pick) Doogie was surprised he left and not surprise he was brought back. Piers is surprised America doesn't find him funny. Piers finds him funny, now. Doogie hopes America likes him tonight.

The Performance: Doogie is in a tux and jumps through a flaming hoop. Doogie is tailoring this bit to AGT and IT WORKS! He is nailing it. He talks about Piers and says "Every time a buzzer sounds an angel gets told it sucks at playing the harp." I laughed my ass off at Doogie. I really, REALLY hope the Doog man makes it to the semis. Please America... vote for Doogie.

The Judges:

Piers been on a journey with him. Enjoyed the rhythm and the audience loved it.

Sharon says he is a weird little man but he is funny. Thought his material was good.

Howie says Doogie was in the moment and feels America is going to like him.

The Ninth Act performing tonight is: Connor Doran (Howie's pick). He was disappointed. He uses kite flying to feel like a normal kid. Howie says the audience was mesmerized when Connor performed.

The Performance: He is performing to You Raise Me Up He starts off with a single kite and then he is flying a double kite. Very nice. He is doing something different and the audience is mesmerized. It is so touching watching this young man. I'm glad they brought him back. Howie gives him a standing ovation along with the audience.

The Judges:

Howie... the audience loved it. Howie

Piers asks him how he feels. Connor says it feels amazing. He brings out the normal kid in everyone. Something magical and he is happy Connor is back

Sharon is amazed at how he interprets the music. Asks how he flies a kite without wind. He explains it is based on motion, not wind.

The Tenth Act performing tonight is: Anna and Partyk (Piers' Pick)-- They didn't know there would be an extra round. They only had 2 days to rehearse. They have to make it perfect tonight.

The Performance: They are doing a Latin routine. These kids are good. They can give a lot of adults a run for their money with their choreography. Piers gives them a standing ovation at the end along with the audience.

The Judges:

Piers says that this was Patryk's night tonight. Mini John Travolta. He is happy they are back and he hopes AMerica sends them through.

Sharon says they were really terrific is coordination, etc. Feels they are older than their years.

Howie still feels that it is about winning this contest. He is a little creeped out by two 12 year olds dancing seductively. Piers again says that what Howie knows about ballroon dancing can be written on the back of a postage stamp.

I checked Twitter during the commercial and there is definitely a split on how these kids look dancing. There are actually some who agree with Howie about how seductive they look. Hmmm.... should be an interesting vote.

The Eleventh Act performing tonight is: Michael Lipary and Ashley Dejon. (Sharon's choice) THey were devastated at not being sent through. Sharon feels like they have more to show.

The Performance: They look dramatic. This is a loop act tonight. Very seductive looking. They are going and performing quite elegantly and then SHE FALLS!!! What the hell!!! Everyone is wondering what the hell just happened. Michael gets lowered down and then he pulls her up and they have two loops. It was part of the act... damn... make a woman's heart skip a beat. They get a standing ovation

The Judges:

Sharon: They tricked her. Calls them naughty. Very sexy and clever and edgy. Well done.

Howie: It was amazing. He said WOW.

Piers: Glad she is not dead. Wasn't expecting that trick. He didn't think they should come back. But finds that they came back better than before.

The Final Act performing tonight is: Swing Shift Side Show (Howie's choice). They couldn't make it past the Vegas round due to personal reasons. They are doing something extra freaky tonight and had to ask the producers permission to do it.

The Performance: This looks like an old carnie act with balloons. One of the women has a balloon on her torso and the guy uses a dart tube to bust the balloon. Sharon buzzed. One of the girls is swallowing a sword. The guy is swallowing a sword with his hands tied behind his back. One of the girls beats the sword down his throat. Damn. Damn. Damn.

The Judges:

Howie loved it. It was shocking and weird. It was interesting seeing them again.

Piers the creepiest creeps in the history of planet earth.

Sharon appreciates it as an art form. Never seen a woman swallow a sword. It just isn't her thing.

Michael Grasso, Doogie Horner, Anna and Patryk and Michael and Ashley are my bets for going through, with Connor Doran playing spoiler.

Tomorrow, we get the results and then the semi-finals are set. LeAnn Rimes and Cris Angel are performing tomorrow. It should be a good show.

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)