The Rise of Poppycock-- or The America's Got Talent Live Semi-Final Results-- The Fan Girl Review

Well, if last night's 1st round of the semi-final proved anything, it proved that Prince Poppycock is going to give young Jackie Evancho a run for her money at winning America's Got Talent. The show definitely saved the best for last with the Prince; his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody proved that he can do so much more than Italian arias. I SOOOOO want to see him do his take on Vogue. I would rent my soul to the devil for a couple of years to see that performance.

Now, there were other good performances, too. Anna and Patryk, Antonio Restivo, and Michael Grimm all held their own under the intense pressure of the semi-finals. Some other acts did not, though. Dan Sperry did not take his magic to the next level and Kristina Young had the rare misfortune of receiving three Xs during her less than impressive take on Poker Face.

But the night belonged to Prince Poppycock.... and it was a thing of beauty.

Now, on to the results of the evening.

Jimmy Fallon, Recycled Percussion and Kylie Minogue will all be performing tonight on the show.

Nick asks Piers if they are being tougher in the semi-finals. Piers says this is not a charity gift shop. This is the business end of the competition. If people don't perform to the level he is looking for... he will buzz them.

Arc Attack, Dan Sperry, Future Funk, Kristina Young are first up. This is an interesting grouping. I think Future Funk's cuteness will win over ArcAttack.

Nick asks Howie if he will call it. Howie calls it like I did.

The act moving on is: Nick looks shocked... what??? No one in this grouping is moving on... WOW!!!

Is Piers surprised by this result? Piers is... he thought ArcAttack or Future Funk could have made it.

Recycled Percussion is performing, now. They are going to have their own Vegas show... good for them.

Oh, yes... I remember these guys. Two of the guys are coming down with the wall of drums and playing while strapped into seats. Now playing on ladders. These guys are just cool. I love percussion, anyway... so this is right up my alley. They are climbing the ladders and playing now, then they jump down and do it again.

Nick asks the guys to give the contestants some advice: The guys say to never give up and don't let anyone stop you... it took them 15 years to get to where they are, now. (Good advice)

Jimmy Fallon is performing, now. He is performing the act he performed in his first talent contest. Every 10 seconds he will change impersonations. First Jerry Seinfield, Bill COsby, Chris Rock (DAMN... he's good), Robin Williams (Double Damn... sounds just like him), Norm MacDonald, Gilbert Gottfried, Pee-Wee Herman, Jeff Foxworthy, Eddie Murphy, Larry the Cable Guy, Steven Wright, (guys, these are good...), Last up is Adam Sandler.

Jimmy is a GREAT impressionist.

AscenDance and Anna and Patryk are up next... I think it is going to be Anna and Patryk.

The act going through is: Anna and Patryk. They thank Piers for bringing them back.

Sharon says that America made the right decision.

Kylie Minogue is performing her new songGet Outta My Way. I am happy she is past the cancer. This isn't a bad song. Those gold stilettos look killer... I couldn't do that... hellz, no. She gets the audience involved in the song... they are into it. She is a very good entertainer. I am digging this performance.

There are 6 acts left: Taylor Mathews, Connor Doran, Christina and Ali, Antonio Restivo, Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock. 4 out of the 6 will go through. I think Christina and Ali and Connor Doran are the odd acts out.

Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, Taylor Mathews are up, now... UGH...

Howie says his favorites are standing before him.

The act going through is: ALL OF THEM!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!

The judges and audience give them all a standing ovation.

I really think out of the last three acts Conner Doran, Antonio Restivo, and Christina and Ali that Antonio Restivo is going through.

The act leaving the show by America's vote is: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Antonio Restivo is going!!!!! THE.HELL.YOU.SAY.

The pity parties have won out. I like these people, but DAMN! Antonio had the better talent.

The judges are having a hard time trying to decide.

Piers' choice is: He knows why he is looking at these two acts. America loves them. Piers chooses Christina and Ali.

Howie embraces the variety of this show and chooses Connor.

Sharon wishes it were up to her. She loves who Connor has become. She enjoys how the sister's voices have improved. She chooses the sisters. THE.HELL.YOU.SAY.

Ok... there are only three acts I care about for next week: HasPop, Alice Tan Ridley and Michael Grasso. Can't wait to see them perform.

Til Then!!
(fan-girl confessor)