America's Got Talent The Next 12 perform August 3--The Fan Girl Review

Tonight is the night!!! My man Prince Poppycock is performing on America's Got Talent!

I have loved him since I first saw him in the audition episodes. He is just SOOOOO entertaining and talented. He definitely needs a show in Vegas.

Don't think that Poppycock is the only one I am looking for. The Strikers All Stars are performing tonight, along with 10 other really good acts. This episode is sooooo full up on awesomeness that I am one excited fan girl, so here we go.

The First act to perform is Da Maniacs

The Preview:The love entertaining almost as much as food. Started out doing half-time shows and are now very serious about this. Howie mentions how...... doing a tribute to 2 different types of music.

The Performance: They are in blues brother suits.... AWWWW, yeah..... They got their groove thing going to "Soul Man" and then they go to MC Hammer, "Cant Touch This"... .They are doing the MC Hammer shuffle IN MC HAMMER PANTS!!!! Piers is an asshole and buzzes them. The crowd was loving it, though.

The Judges:

Piers--(Nick calls him the party pooper and he gets booed)... he likes them. Entertaining in a strange manner. Makes fun of them for being overweight. Lacks grace and agility, but he likes them as people. ( least they are doing something)

Sharon--Not true professional dancers, but they bring dance and comedy together and she is entertained.

Howie-- They aren't really good or really bad... doesn't think they can win with that act, though.

The guys are honored to be on stage and want people to live without limits.

The Second act to perform is Nu Covenant

The Preview: They started singing in churches. Howie says they have to appeal to more than the gospel crowd. They see that this is harder than they thought but they are going to do this.

The Performance: You can tell that they are singing a genre they aren't used to, but they are giving it their all. They sang "Apologize" by One Republic. Piers is really working that buzzer for all its worth tonight. They really did try hard, but this song is proving too much for them and Sharon joins Piers in buzzing the group.

The Judges:

Piers--He likes them, but Pop songs are not their thing. Wrong song choice... stick to gospel

Sharon-- They look great and have great stage presence, Did not harmonize well tonight.

Howie-- This is live television and the weight of that showed in their performance.

The group said they really gave their all tonight.

The Third act to perform is Anna and Patryk

The Preview: I don't know a lot about these two. They screamed like crazy when they got through., They have danced together for 4 years. They get a lot of attention from their class mates. The judges would like to see a little more personality. They have backup dancers tonight and different music.

The Performance: They are dancing to swing music "Candy Man" by Xtina... They are smiling and I have NO complaints about their dancing. It is impeccable. They have enough flirtiness but family friendly qualities about them that it would be tough to judge against them.

The Judges:

Piers-- He could see these two in Vegas TOMORROW. He keeps seeing them get better and better at the age of 12.

Sharon-- They are versatile. She agrees with Piers. Ballroom is popular all over the world and she could see them clean up in Vegas. Spot on coordination. More smiling.

Howie--spectacularly talented. Howie isn't sure if America will vote to give a ballroom act a million dollars.

The Fourth act to perform is Lindsey Stirling

The Preview: She is Mormon and hasn't compromised her beliefs for her hip hop violin playing. Howie wants her to bring something different.

The Performance: She has backup dancers. She is pretty good at combining dance with the violin, but she is missing some notes. And Piers notices... He buzzes her. Go figure. That's 3 out of 4 for Piers tonight.

The Judges:

Piers-- He gets booed. He loves her and her look and choreography.... doesn't feel the playing was up to par. Felt she missed notes. She is good, but not good enough to combine both

Sharon-- here because she is unique. Her problem is that she needs to be in a group. She by herself is not enough to fill a theater in Vegas.

Howie-- She is already a winner for getting this far... and (though he hates it) he agrees with Piers.

The Fifth act to perform is Doogie Horner

The Preview:He designs book covers. He is a little concerned that the audience will start hating him. Doogie says Piers is a judge robot.

The Performance: He starts off by talking about how the producers want him to jazz things up by adding special effects. Doogie says he will not compromise himself, but the goes and tells jokes and has cheesy special effects going on behind him, including a large applause sign and can-can dancers. And (dig this)... Piers DID NOT BUZZ HIM!!! Wow. I am amazed...

The Judges:

Piers-- Uncomfortable moment for Piers (Doogie apologizes)... thought he was going to be as funny as a slap in the chops. But there is something about him that got to him... and he says the words he never thought he would say... Doogie is funny.

Sharon-- She says that he made Piers smile. He made her laugh. It was silly, but she liked it.

Howie-- Hard contest for comedians. Doogie owned it... addressed the shortcomings

The Sixth act to perform is Rudi Macaggi

The Preview: This is going to be a dangerous act. Performing is all he has. 3rd Generation circus act. Sharon says he is unpredictable. Doing an act with a circular saw. Piers says he will do anything to win.

The Performance: He and his assistant start with acrobatics and balancing (he balances on her back). He addresses the audience to the circular saw of death. He is good... he knows how to bring the audience into the act. He starts the saw and balances on his hands on two blocks above it and quickly drops to within inches of the saw and screams.... DAMN! Freaked everyone out! (including me) Sharon

The Judges:

Piers-- Never seen anything like that. Says that he was thinking "if he dies, what is going to happen to me on this show". Piers says, though, that Rudi's act was the most extraordinary thing he as seen on the show.

Sharon-- It was like watching a horror movie. A performer in the truest sense of the word. Comes from a dying breed of true circus people. She LOVED it!

Howie-- Howie couldn't watch. He apologizes for not watching but he watched the audience.

The Seventh act to perform is Taylor Mathews

The Preview: Music has taken over his life. It is his social connection to the world. Influenced by his dad, who gave up music for his family. Piers says he has to have a massive performance tonight.

The Performance: He looks confident tonight. He is singing "The Man who Can't Be Moved" and it is a little shaky in parts, but Taylor looks happy; and more importantly, looks like he belongs on a stage. I think the girls will like this performance.

The Judges:

Piers-- He wants Taylor to critique himself. Taylor says from the sound of it he did pretty good. He said it was a little shaky, but there were moments when he saw a real pop star there.

Sharon-- Seen growth each time he has performed. He does have something about him, even though it was a little shaky.

Howie-- Not his best performance, but America loves him and Howie believes he will make it to the finals.

The Eighth act to perform is Mary Ellen (I have been dreading this hot mess since the judges put her through)

The Preview: She practices her music every day. She has to watch her time. I really zoned out... this women drives me batty and I blame her hair on the hole in our Ozone layer.

The Performance: This is a barn scene. I can't even tell what she is performing... there are dancers, I do know that. Honestly, my dog could perform better than Mary Ellen.. .but Howie is laughing his ass off. Piers didn't even last 30 seconds before he buzzed. Oh, my goodness... is it over yet? Nick had to go and pull the plug on the piano because she went over again.

The Judges:

Piers-- Asked if Mary Ellen would sneeze on Howie for the hand he had in bringing her to AGT. (snicker)

Sharon-- Mary Ellen doesn't seem too happy tonight. Mary Ellen admits that she has a virus.

Howie-- Howie is wearing a Mary Ellen wig. she is a trend setter. Wonderfully unique and people will be talking about her. He loves her.

The Ninth act to perform is ArcAttack

The Preview: They have to perform outside due to the amount of electricity they use. They make their own equipment. They produce a million volts of electricity. They are the only act that makes music with lightening.

The Performance: Iron Man... Cool way to start it. These guys are dressed in metal and there is lightening all around and it is INGENIOUS how they use the electricity to make this creative and really cool sounding music. As they move, the melody and rhythms play and it is FRAKKING AWESOME!!! I see them in the finals. I don't see how they could NOT be in the finals.

The Judges:

Piers-- Feels like it is getting bigger each time. It can be a definite Vegas act.

Sharon-- She asks how it works. They explain that the spark acts like a speaker (it is really difficult to understand)

Howie-- TV doesn't do them justice. People don't realize that the music is coming from the electricity. Howie would buy tickets to this NOW.

The Tenth act to perform is Prince Poppycock (YAY!!!!)

The Preview: music was his passion from youth. He has had self-confidence issues. He works in a metal shop and when he puts the makeup on he gets a new sense of confidence. Sharon LOVES him. This is the reconciliation between John the man and Poppycock

The Performance: He comes out in a wondrous clown costume. His voice is in tip top shape, though I am unsure of what he is singing (Opera is NOT my forte, sorry peeps) He is so glorious to watch. His voice is PERFECT tonight and he has such fluid and dramatic movement for this performance. I can't take my eyes off of him. And the high note at the end... sublime. I love Price Poppycock... he is my absolute favorite this season. This fan girl is pulling hard for the Prince.

The Judges:

Piers-- He is becoming Piers' little guilty pleasure. Piers likes both versions of Poppycock. He has talent and he can see him in a Broadway show

Sharon--More and more theatrical. So delightful to look at (especially in that little outfit). SHe REALLY hopes he comes back.

Howie-- If Liza Minnelli was a clown. He wonders if Middle America will respond to this,.

The Eleventh act to perform is Murray

The Preview: Family wanted him to get a "real" job. He has had self-doubt. Tonight's trick he has never performed in his life.
The Performance: He has a box in the middle of the stage and a girl in there that he says is for Howie. He borrows Piers' jacket and the girl puts it on. He then goes and describes the box and tells everyone not to take their eyes off the box and the he goes and makes a tiger appear while the girl appears behind the judges. WOW!

The Judges:

Piers-- Murray wows the judges when he performs.

Sharon-- He takes it up a notch every time. He belongs in Vegas. He is what Vegas needs.

Howie-- He just peed himself a little bit. It is amazing. It is Vegas.

The Final act to perform is Strikers All Stars

The Preview: A Ginormous opportunity. They are like brothers. They train like they are going to battle. Judges feel they have a lot to live up to. They are not holding any punches back.

The Performance: Going with a little Bel Biv Devoe. They are doing some unique dance steps and acrobatics. They have great transitions between the dancing and the stepping and the acrobatics. I would have liked to have seen a little more stepping, but that is just me.

The Judges:

Piers-- It was solid. The problem is there are 7 or 8 performances that could go through tonight. He isn't sure if they did enough.

Sharon-- It has been a tough night for them to perform due to the level of talent tonight.

Howie-- they are incredibly talented. He thought they were more spectacular in their audition. Felt they stepped it down instead of up.

I don't even know how to call this one. I am 99% certain of ArcAttack. I am praying hard for Prince Poppycock. Murray, Rudi, Taylor Mathews, Doogie Horner and Anna and Patrick could really make a case for themselves, too. It is too close to call. I look forward to tomorrow's live results show. It will DEFINITELY be interesting.

Til Then!
(fan girl confessor)