Lie to Me and Summer Finale of The Good Guys--The Fan Girl Review

Well, leave it to Cal Lightman to get himself into a pile of shit! This episode of Lie to Me is quite interesting tonight.

What is so intriguing about this episode is the fact that everyone is keeping secrets at the Lightman group... and tonight's episode threatens them all.

Cal becomes a suspect in a young street fighters murder, Torres and Agent Reynolds BOTH cover up evidence that could implicate Cal in that murder, and Foster is hiding her relationship with Dr. Burns,the psychologist from the juvenile prison from a couple of episodes back (who might be hiding a secret of his own).

Everything happens all at once in this episode. You have Cal working with the last guy who fought the victim, while avoiding the FBI like the plague, Torres and Reynolds are trying (and sometimes failing) to keep their evidence tampering from coming to light, and Foster is trying to find out what secret her secret boyfriend is hiding from her.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the slippery slope that everyone was travelling down in this episode. I didn't like seeing everyone cover up for Cal. I was happy when Cal finally came clean to the head Fed-- to get Reynolds out of trouble-- but Cal needs to stay out of trouble... especially for his kid's sake.

As for Foster and Dr. Burns, all I can say is CLICHE. I was disappointed in where this storyline went. There are some secrets that don't need written into TV shows, and (spoiler alert) undercover Fed is one of them. Please retire that... I'm beggin' ya!n't have

So, I don't have to say that everything worked out in the end... seemed a little too pat of an ending for the gray areas that everyone waded through tonight. Oh, well... not every time at bat is going to be a home run, now is it?

Hopefully next week will be better!

Besides Lie to Me, we also had the Summer Finale to the funniest show of the summer The Good Guys. We at the Warrior don't give a shit about those snotty tv critics who have done nothing but complain about this show. They need to get the stick out of their collective ass and take this show for what it is: a well-written and amusing send up of the cop genre. The slap-stick is glorious in this show as is the dialogue--especially when it comes to Dan Stark.

Bradley Whitford makes this show. His Dan Stark is hottest mess of a cop that has been on TV in ages. Just about every word out of his mouth could either offend a person or turn them on. (and on Twitter... it is the latter). The thing is, though, beneath the drunk schmuck, there is a good cop; and it is enjoyable to watch the dumb schmuck good cop bust himself some punks each week.

Now don't think I am going to ignore Colin Hanks. I love how his Jack Bailey has developed from a stick-in-the-mud to a cop that is just a mustache and one good bender away from becoming a Jr. Stark.

Add to those two a great turn by Diana Maria Riva as Lieutenant Ana Ruiz, RonReaco Lee as snitch/police guinea pig Julius, and some of the funniest bad guys to grace a TV screen, and this show has become must-see TV on the warrior front.

This week, we got to see a different side to our dear Dan. He fell in lus--uhm-- love with a US Marshall, played superbly by ex-Criminal Mind profiler Lola Gluadini (Don't tell the head warrior I mentioned Criminal Minds...he feels that show is the spawn of Satan).

Anyway, watching Whitford's Stark go from throwing every ham-fisted line you could ever think of (plus a few you couldn't)to becoming an emotional wreck after a night of passion in the "aluminum love cradle," was one of the most entertaining arcs I have seen in quite awhile.

Don't think that Dan's love/lust was the only thing going for this episode: we also had two hilarious scenes involving a taser, and a hit man with mommy issues. So much dorky and funny goodness and this turned into a riotous summer finale for this very UNDER-APPRECIATED TV show.

The Good Guys returns this fall with new episodes; and it is TV Warrior's hope that people will tune into this extremely funny show and learn to appreciate it for NOT being a major social commentary, cry in your hankie drama or multiple story arc mystery. It's a cop comedy... and a damn good one at that. We'll miss you, Dan Stark. Don't worry, though, we'll meet again in September.

On Tuesday, my man Prince Poppycock FINALLY performs on America's Got Talent live show. The fan girl waits impatiently...

Til Then!
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