America's Got Talent The Live Results August 4--The Fan Girl Review

So, this is it.... tonight we find out who the final 4 semi-finalists are on tonight's America's Got Talent. And let me tell you it will be a crap shoot on who these final 4 are. There were at least 6 great acts... and I could see any of them going to the semis.

My personal pick to go-- Prince Poppycock. This fan girl just LOVES him.

The acts are in high spirits... but not for long.

Bret Michaels and Taio Cruz are performing tonight. Only one of these I am looking forward to watching tonight.

Nick talks to Howie... Howie can't predict who America is going to choose. Tonight some very talented people are going to be disappointed.

First three up tonight... Doogie Horner, Murray and Mary Ellen

This will be an interesting choice, especially between Doogie and Murray. Howie says he will miss Mary Ellen if she is one that has to go home. Says she can take care of her virus...

The act staying is: Murray

Murray said he dedicates his performance to Sigfried and Roy, who really helped
Nick asks Piers if this was the right choice and Piers says this is the right choice. Murray has a Vegas act.

They show a little clip of the gang getting a sneak peek at the new Will Farrell/Mark Wahlberg movie The Other Guys. Mark and Will actually met the group and it was a rather funny exchange. Good for the contestants.

Taio Cruz is performing his single Dynamite. The song has a good beat to it. You know, he might ACTUALLY be singing. I am semi-impressed with this performance. That is saying a lot for me.

Next three acts up are Taylor Mathews, Da Maniacs, and Lindsey Stirling.

I am calling this one for Taylor. I call this one a non-event decision.

The second act going through is: Taylor Mathews. See... Told you all.

Howie tells Taylor that America loves him, but he needs to step it up in the semis.

The next acts are Strikers All Stars, Nu Covenant and my man Prince Poppycock.

Piers is calling this for the Prince. He feels that Prince Poppycock has one of the best technical voices in the competition.

This fan girl is PRAYING HARD.

The act going through is: YAYAYAYYAYAYAY... Prince Poppycock.

Sharon is happy and says America got it right. (they always do)

Most importantly... the fan girl is happy tonight.

Bret Michaels is performing now.... oh, I'm so happy. He's singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Damn, he has not lost a thing. I love this song and Bret just commands the stage. So many of these younger acts can only pray to have a career even a little bit like Bret's. And Bret don't use no damn playback... hell no.

Bret gets a well deserved standing ovation from everyone.

Nick asks how important it was for Bret to get back onstage. Bret says very and thanks everyone for supporting him this year.

The last three acts are Anna and Patryk, Rudi Macaggi and Arc Attack. I am a little surprised at this result. I really thought Arc Attack or Rudi would have made it on America's vote.

I had technical issues so I will summarize the judge's vote:

Rudi gets sent home on America's vote. (I am surprised)

Piers chooses Anna and Patryk.
Howie chooses ArcAttack
Sharon chooses ArcAttack

Next week are the YouTube performances. Next week will be very interesting.