Can you imagine a story with a dashingly handsome, suave, heartsick con-artist who doesn’t like guns not just working with but friends with the down to earth, intelligent FBI agent who is the only one to ever catch him not once but twice?

If so, maybe you’ve caught White Collar. This show is in its 2nd season on USA. For a least of shows from season one – scroll down – I hope you’ll catch up online or on a marathon run by USA – as my roommie Radar says; it is fab-u-louus!

Matt Bomer: Neal Caffrey (sauve master criminal / conartist)

Tim DeKay: Peter Burke (wise FBI agent)
Willie Garson: Mozzie (I'd hate to call him the quirky side kick - he is so the man in the know)
Sharif Atkins: Jones (FBI agent)
Tiffani Thiessen: Elizabeth Burke (Peter's wife)
Diahann Carroll: June (Neal's Land Lady)

Pre-Show Banter (unlike the previews at the theaters, you can skip this if you’d like)
Radar: And Matt Bomer – Yummy!
Skittles: Something we can agree on – Neal is totally hot
Radar: Sure but Matt bats for my team, not yours
Skittles: OMG – Who cares!
Radar: ah, like you still find Neal hot and lustable knowing the actor is gay
Skittles: Abso-freaking-lutely! It is a show – suspension of disbelief! He’s playing a part – it
is the character I’m after not him – I don’t know him from a hill of beans
Radar: If he were a hill of beans of I’d eat him right up. And what is this crap about character and not the actor? Is this one of your quizzes like what cartoon character would you do?
Skittles: Uh, Hon, that was a quiz YOU sent me? But you bring up an interesting point – does the sexual orientation have any effect on the personality of a character?

And now…..
White Collar – Season 2

2.1 Withdrawal – Original Air Date 13 July 10 (limited commercial premiere)

Opens with a previously on synopsis of season 1 (but really, you must see it all for yourself, either online, reruns, or DVD – if you’ve not seeing it, do yourself this favor)

Open scene: Some kind of review board or trial – Peter answering questions. About the deal with Neal – his anklet not being on and “Do you believe Mr. Caffrey wanted Kate… Do you believe someone wanted Neal dead?” - if you want an answer, ask Fowler

Next scene – From last episode; When Peter was on suspension and an agent from 1st episode was helping him get info on Fowler: he’s expecting something in 2 months – where are you going – to see an old friend

Jail scene: Peter & Neal: Enter clean cut Neal(he can make orange look good) and some cute banter between the Peter and Neal (P: how ya holding up - N: they don’t allow ties – P: over rated. how’s the coffee – N: instant – P: cruel and unusual) – Peter has badge back and Neal wants to know why he is still there – they don’t’ know what to think – OPR denial and Fowler MIA – P: one thing if we do this again – N: I have to know who killed Kate – P: I’ll find out. I’ll tell you. That’s how this works – N: Can I get back to you – P: you’re looking @ 3 and change. You’re only choice is to serve with me or rot in this place – ENTER THE MOZ (oh yeah!!! gotta love THE MOZ) M: the defendant has requested the presence of his attorney (and he’s wearing a bow tie – yeah Moz!) P: talk some sense into him – M: we’ll take that under advisement, suit
Mozzie & Neal: M: what sense am I talking into you – N: peter offered me my old deal M: the anklet? Tempted – N: exploring my options – M: I can get you out of here but I’ll cost you and deplete most of your reserves

2 Months later: Neal pushing janitorial cart – letter up tube – in elevator strips off worker jumper to reveal a sharp suit (and yes he is looking all kinds of fine) – walks into a nice bank – [to woman at desk] “Hi, I’m Nick. Nick Halden. Today’s my first day.” – we’re not expecting any new employees – woman walks over to tube to find Halden’s ID and welcome packet – card not work – lets him in – he gets close to take off line and nab’s her id – Neal enters vault and loads brief case with money filling through and leaving out stacks with dye packs – walks out to street – past Peter & Jones – P: I hope you’re not planning on walking with that – J: looks like it’s all here – P: Let’s go tell our branch manager his bank isn’t as secure. It’s good to have you back – N: good to be back – P: oh Neal [holds up anklet] welcome home –

{title music and 60 second commercial – LG & new USA show, Covert Affairs – premiered after White Collar}

FBI office (NY): Banks with similar lay outs and security systems – it was requested test them – Neal opens brief case and gives a list of their flaws – P: each of you have received a card like this from a someone calling himself the Architect. We believe this the same person that has hit banks in Dallas, Boston, Chicago – this is why we believe this is necessary

Peter’s Office: P: This is NY, we’ll catch him – N: that’s your ½ time speech – this guy is amazing – Dallas was good – Chicago was a work of art – I still don’t’ know how he hit Boston – P: you holding up?

Neal working on something – hand shaking – Peter see’s it from his office

Peter walking in park following chalk circled X’s and arrows after sighing to a bench where he sits, and taps his news paper on the arm of the bench twice – (I have a feeling Moz is about to pop up to talk about Neal’s well being) – phone rings – where are you – voice changer voice –you’re using a voice changing – hangs up – yes, our friendly paranoid Moz – P: how’s Neal doing – M: (facing other way on bench behind Peter) you spend just as much time with him as I do – P: I need him. I am counting on him. A lot of people are counting on him. I don’t need him going section 8 on me – M: he’s not exactly forth coming. Kate’s only been dead 2 months. No one snaps back that fast – P: you’re telling me the two of you aren’t looking into it – M: the question was how Neal’s doing not what he’s doing – P: what do you think – M: quid pro quo – P: he’s got the shakes. He’s flashing back to that moment in his mind and he’s freaking out about it – M: as you may imagine, he’s a little curious as to who tried to kill Kate – P: does he think whoever tried to kill Kate was trying to kill him – M: it’s crossed his mind – P: (sigh) all right I’ll keep looking into things on my side. Till you hear from me, let’s keep him busy. We’ve got a good case now, so let’s keep him working on that

Neal’s pad @ June’s: Enter Neal & June – J: I kept everything as you left – N: (looking at Mozzie, sitting on couch drinking coffee – man I wish I’d made some coffee with all the mentioning of it and drinking of it – oy!) exactly as I left it as I see – [June of course missed Neal – cheek kiss – exit June] – N: Let’s see it – M: there’s a lot – N: I know – [file folders, time lapse, pacing] - M: lists what’s all in files – N: asks about Alex – M: no– N: what about the music box – M: according to new lady suit (Diana), Peter logged it in the evidence locker – N: we find the person who wants the box we find the person who killed Kate – M: [as Neal stairs out window] the Architect, is this your first case back – I need a new nickname. He lists names and gets Neal back on the bank robbing case – M: come on, what’ve we go – N: (sigh) Alright. 3 clean jobs in 5 years. No trail. No evidence. All we have are these business cards – M: Embossed. Very Classy [love the Moz] What do you make of the A. I don’t recognized the type face – N: Neither does forensics – M: customer font, speaks to a high degree of hubris – N: what do you think – [Contemplate the A and its origin / influence] – N: if you left a card, how could you sign it – M: I’d never sign it, that’s way to brazen. Would you? Of course you would. The better question is if you were him, what card would you leave

FBI Office: N: I found something on the card – P: I’ll take obscure Russian painters for 1000 – N: not a Russian but a fan of Russian paintings – D: got it – P: look at you two working together – D: dug up every auction to see who’s been bidding on paintings in the last two years – P: if cross reference people with business dealings in – D: yeah, yeah. The list gets shorter – P: one name, (Diane & Neal fist bump) Edward Walker.

Balcony of a pent house: [man shooting monogrammed golf balls on the roof] – EW: if you’re here to write me a ticket for hitting golf balls into the Hudson River, I’ll have to write you a check – P: Bureau doesn’t give tickets – N: asks him about contemporary Russian art – [EW notices ankle monitor] – P: can you tell me where you were April 19th of last year? – EW: [has to look it up of course] I would happy to tell you provided you can get a warrant. If you’ll excuse me, I have too much time on my hands. [back to golf] Oh and Mr. Caffrey, a suggestion for next time you commit a crime, don’t get caught – and on your back swing, keep it smooth

{another commercial set – for Covert Affairs – gee too back I didn’t Tivo it, wait, commercials haven’t made me want to watch it, it looks like an Alias knock off - - followed by a commercial for Psych – which I suggest you do set you TiVos for – awesome series – what will happen with Sean & Juliet this season – what about Gus – what about his Dad being his liaison / boss? Tune into USA tomorrow for that one – oh goody, looks like more scenes next season with the coroner, he’s a hoot and a 1/2 – and an ad for the DVD of White Collar, Season one – and Subway breakfast, I heard it’s good but haven’t see – and a car commercial (Ford Fusion – we must be at the ½ way point with all these commercials for potty break – time check on yeah – and another add for more White Collar – uh hello we’re watching it now and you just had the DVD commercial on – next Memphis Beat ad, TNT Tuesdays at 10, another good show – next time I will not make a bet that I can actually watch a show all the way through without fast forwarding through commercials – dang is merely one reason I have my TiVo!!! – now an ad for Glades – I missed it but heard good things – I’ll have to check in out online – A&E Sundays at 10 and another for Cover Affairs}

NY Street: [they do look mighty fine walking down the street in their suits] P: Did Walker get to you – N: Nope. But I hope he did it. It would be fun to arrest him – P: He got to you. Don’t do anything stupid. We’re under a ton of scrutiny here. So why would somebody like him do it. He doesn’t need the money – N: the guy’s chipping golf balls off sky scrapers, you said it, and he’s bored
FBI Offices: Peter and Jones: P: talk to the FAA we need flight records. We need to know if Walker was in those cities on those dates – J: I’ll run phone records and credit cards as well – (exit Jones, enter Diane) - the two talk about Fowler – P: I’m going to be there – D: you both should be

Café: [Neal bumps in Walker’s assistant Whitney – she of course invites him to sit with her – let the pickup begin]

Restaurant: [Peter and Liz @ dinner, talking about how Neal is doing]

Café: [Neal lifted PDA or Phone from Whitney and hands it off to a passing by Mozzie who copies the SIM card - Neal leaves table for drinks]

Restaurant: [Peter and Liz @ dinner, talking about the current situation work wise] L: Does he know – P: Not how bad it is. Well he knows we’re under increased scrutiny by the Bureau but not that if we drop a case; I’m on unemployment and he’s using pictures of Macaulay Culkin for money. [list pats arm] There was this moment right before the plane exploded, walking away from me, he stopped, he was about to say something L: do you think he was going to stay – P: what and leave Kate? It doesn’t matter now – L: It matters to you

Café: [Whitney at table waiting for Neal to return – Neal is at bar with Mozzie] M: Too bad you’re conning this one, she’s cute (of course, hello!, redhead!!) – N: I noticed – M: Be cruel to be kind – [when he returns she wants to show him photos in her phone] – W: do you want to look at these back at my place – N: that’s within my radius – W: your what – N: [shows anklet] and tells her about the anklet and his deal and that she’s the 1st girls he’s had a drink with since after prison

[exit Whitney and enter Mozzie] M: Neal Caffrey on paper, not so great – N: it’s a lot to process – M: at least we got Walker’s calendar – N: Anything: - M: on the days of the previous bank heist his calendar is highlighted in green, it’s usually blue – N: green for money – M: oh really, the symbolism had escaped me. Look at tomorrow – N: meeting in green. I think we got him

Peter’s house: [Peter and Neal in stair well & living room – nice townhouse in NY] P: you happened to run into her and she happened to invite you for a drink – N: Gotta love NY – P: And the she handed you a copy of her SIM card – N: I’m a confidential informant, right – P: I told you nothing stupid – N: well word on the street….

FBI Surveillance Truck: What makes you sure this bank’s the target – P: word on the street – we’ve reset the fault doors – NW guard takes lunch at noon – sound activated alarm – (I think the bank lady is in on it) – You’re not gonna believe this – meet me inside – alarm clock waiting in safety deposit box under Burke’s name – Walker passes them by and comments – N: he played me – P: yeah, now we have problems

FBI Office: Peter in office explaining (?) – Neal and Diane talk about possibility of them loosing the case – D: we’ll be lucky if that’s all that happens. This is the FBI Neal, we don’t’ act unless we’re sure. Peter trusted your lead.

Peter’s house: [drinking a few beers] P: this guy is no longer our lead – N: there is something you should know – when we were at the hanger that day, before everything happened – I was going to tell you something – P: what? – N: I didn’t want to run any more – if I’d gotten on that plane regardless of whatever deal was made, it wouldn’t have felt like freedom – P: why: - N: because it was an escape – you’re right Peter, I have a life here - if there was something that you could’ve done to protect Kate, I know you would’ve – the same way I know you can get Walker – P: [chuckles] it’s not fun being tweaked by the bad guy is it (likely a reference to the times in the past Neal did so to Peter while being chased by him) – N: especially when you see him make one of your friends look like an idiot – P: okay, let’s start from the top – N: to challenge us, a test, to see if we’re as good as he is - P: go back – you said test – N: yeah, a test to see what we’d do – we ran the security – [call from Jones] to turn on tv – he’s spreading us thin

Catch the last 20 minutes online to find out which bank Walker hits – if Renee (bank lady) is involved –how they stop / catch Walker –will there be more Mozzie & Peter – and what about the box?!

Oh the banter/s towards the end – must see!!!

Season two lives up to the reputation and expectations from season one! This show has witty, charming, suave, flawed, fun set of characters; good witty dialogue (the banter they get going is classic); crime, NY scenery…I can’t think of any reason why not to watch this (barring now having a tv & cable or computer). It might not be a surprise in whodunit ever week but, it is fun to see how they catch whodunit and the back plot of the box, Kate et al does have some twists.

Question for readers (oh yeah, hi all):
My saucy roommate brought up an interesting point before the show and I’m curious what others think about it…how much effect does an actor’s life have on the role s/he plays and its believability? Does Matt being gay change his believability as a ladies’ man? I think not. Of course I also find Tim stunningly handsome – or is it just the character that he plays in the show?

Previous Episodes:
1.1 Pilot - Original Air Date: 23 Oct 09
Meet Neal Caffrey – escaping from prison with only a few months left because of his love, Kate. A smooth, clever escape as well. Meet FBI Agent, Peter Burke – possibly even smarter than Neal and definently more down to Earth, the only one to ever catch Neal. With four years added onto his sentence, Neal entices Peter into letting him work with him on a case finding a master forger. Neal is released into the custody of Peter, with a GPS tamper proof ankle monitor with a small leash. Even with the small lease, he finds nice digs to live a life that is fully Caffrey. Of course they catch the bad guy (with a fun plot point) and the relationship continues (and forms the show – along with the back plot of the mysterious love of Neal’s life who caused him to escape). Other interesting characters include Mozzie; Peter’s wife, Neal’s landlord; the FBI time; and the bad guy (of course, and FBI guy – who is met later in the series)

1.2 Threads – Original Air Date 30 Oct 09
1.3 Book of Hours – Original Air Date 6 Oct 09
1.4 Flip of the Coin – Original Air Date 12 Nov 09
1.5 The Portrait – Original Air Date 20 Nov 09
This is one of my favorite episodes. I love what Neal does with and to the Portrait in the end – MUST WATCH EPISODE!
1.6 All In – Original Air Date 27 Nov 09
1.7 Free Fail – Original Air Date 4 Dec 09
1.8 Hard Sell – Original Air Date 19 Jan 10
1.9 Bad Judgment – Original Air Date 26 Jan 10
1.10 Vital Signs – Original Air Date 2 Feb 10
1.11 Home Invasion – Original Air Date 9 Feb 10
1.12 Bottlenecked – Original Air Date 23 Feb 10
1.13 Front Man – Original Air Date 2 Mar 10
1.14 Out of the Box – Original Air Date 9 Mar 10
The end of this episode is sweet and explosive.



Alexis-Rueal said...

Great review: I love all of the USA shows, and Tim Dekay and Matt Bomer work wonderfully well together. I do not care about Matt's sexual preference ONE BIT! He's entertaining as all get out. And I am so happy someone else thinks Mr. DeKay is one handsome feller.