America's Got Talent Goes Live: The First 12 perform- The Fan Girl Review

We are finally live tonight on America's Got Talent, and the first 12 of the top 48 are performing. We will see who can bring it to live and who will crumple under the pressure. Thankfully, this show is now up to America to decide... so we can work on ridding ourselves of the poseurs who the judges let through instead of well deserving acts such as New Directions choir and Nick Pike (not that I am a bitter fan girl, or anything).

The first big news of the show is... NICK PIKE MADE IT!!!!!! Holy shit, that makes me so freaking happy right now. Can't wait to see him perform.

We had some technical difficulties at the beginning and we also find out that thee winner will be going on the first ever America's Got Talent tour... (I will have to go to that.)

Nick introduces the judges. Piers says the pressure these contestants are going through is "incredible".
Sharon says she is happy she isn't making the judgement calls, anymore.

4 out of this 12 will be moving on to the next round.

Kung Fu Heroes are up first. Nick says their goal is to take over for Jackie CHan and Jet Li... the team says they want to spread the Martial arts love and that they will be using real weapons tonight. A definite danger quotient to this act. The judges wonder if they can step it up and do something new.

They are performing to a Marilyn Manson song and there is some really good choreography. There was a really good spear toss from one performer to another. They all get their solo moment with various weapons. The audience seems to enjoy it.

The judges take:

Piers: I have to be careful or else you will kill me.It was not as enthralling as the initial audition. Too much like a martial arts routine and not enough like an entertainment routine.

Sharon: More like an exhibition. Need more intricate choreography. Loved the energy... "fit" young men. (That got the girls squealing)

Howie: If he were marketing them, he would call them "Power Ranger with no shirts and eye shadow"... they have to find their niche.

Christina and Ali are up after the commercial: They love to sing and this is their dream. Their hometown is behind them as it their friends. They are nervous, but they know how important this is.

They are dressed very lovely in very girly dresses. They are singing "Broken Road" from Rascal Flatts. You can see the nerves in these two...but they work through it and sound good. They have a great relationship on the stage and are quite a family friendly act. I could see them in Branson-- unsure about Vegas.

The judges' take:
Sharon: They make her smile. Loves their interaction with each other. It is an honest performance. She doesn't want to say anything negative.

Howie: They are beautiful and inspirational. It doesn't matter if there was a note missed. He loves them.

Piers: He doesn't want to patronize them. He could tell they were nervous. He enjoyed the harmonies. He feels they improved on the audition.

Airpocalypse is the third act up-- Nick calls them one of the craziest acts they have seen. THey admit that people don't taking them seriously... but they are serious about this. Piers says they have to convince America that they can headline a show.

Airpocalypse has amps and the drummer comes down in a black angel costume on wires. They have back up dancers now and are playing "My Sharona"... they are working it... Oh, and as to what they are wearing-- we have the kilt back and leopard tights with curly hair and a mohawk. They look like rock stars

The judges take:
Howie: There is controversy on Twitter about whether they belong or not. He is entertained, though and can tell the audience is enjoying it, too. It is amazing how much you can do with absolutely NOTHING.

Piers: Half of the acts on the charts lip sync, so what is the difference? The drummer says they are working on an album. It's a concept album...

Sharon: noticed that the drummer ran through where the drum kit would be. She loves the presentation. It isn't serious-- it's fun and they are great actors.

Hot Shot Tap Dancers are up next: Their dream was to be pro dancers. They started dancing on the sidewalks. Sharon says they have to be perfectly in sync. They said they can't make mistakes. They have to give the best performance of their lives.

They have a street scene set up and they are doing traditional tap and had some poppin and lockin'. They are good at using the entire stage and they WERE in sync. I was impressed with them. It wasn't too old fashioned, but it still had a classical feel to it.

The judge's take

Piers: They look great. A step up from the audition. It did need oomph, though. It was a little bit safe. He didn't feel they caught fire on stage. He wants to see fireworks.

Sharon: She loved the relaxed style of tapping. She likes the way it looks current. She was impressed with them.

Howie: he likes the blend of classic tap with current music. With this choreography-- too much focus on the story and not enough on the dance. He does really like them, though.

Paul Safy,Jr.-- He spoke to Nick about the sacrifices he has had to make. He hasn't been home too often. The recorded segment had him explaining that he is ready for this. He is ready to give up serving. Piers is wondering if he can handle performing in from of 20 million people.

He is singing " I Cried a River Over You" There are female dancers behind screens. He doesn't look nervous... he has an old style swagger and he hits the glory note at the end very well. I admit, it was old school. I am a fan of old school. But how many of these acts are in Vegas? We shall see what the judges say.

The judges' take

Sharon: Classic Vegas tone... he is 27 and she feels his performance is dated and "cheesy". Work on the delivery... make it more current.

Howie: He loves this style of music. There is no oomph. He felt is was a little cheesy, too.

Piers: Piers likes cheese, but he felt it was too stilted. He said to just relax into the song.

Future Funk is up next. They are the youngest competitors. They are too cute and they are having fun. They love how they get to be together all the time. They have new moves for the judges.

Howie says they are adorable and the audience can't get enough.

They are in little tuxes. They rip the sleeves off their jackets and start dancing to a rock version of a classical song. They are killer little break dancers-- better than a lot of adults. They are dancing on top of two grand pianos... The audience is digging it hard and they get a standing ovation from the audience and Howie. The audience is screaming "Future Funk!"

The judges' take:

Howie: the little guys ask Howie "deal or no deal" Howie says definitely "Deal!"
they could have any woman they want...

Piers: hysterical. They have star quality ...

Sharon: asked how old they were--the oldest just turned 10 and the other is still 5. sensational and amazing.,

Nick asks them where the after party is... they say "at the hotel".

Sally Cohen: everyone wants to be her facebook friend. This is exciting being in Hollywood. Howie says she is unique. There is room for people like her: quirky.

There is some trouble with the sound. She performs the Mariah Carey song "Hero", and the audience is quiet and waving their arms as she performs. She did very good with this and Howie is smiling the entire time. She gets a rousing round of applause at the end and she is happy.

Nick comes out and says the wife will be happy she chose that song (more money for the Mariah).

The judges' take

Piers: The best he has heard that song... and the most in tune (Nick said his wife was going to kick his ass)

They asked her how she felt about this: she replied that her inner kitty cat is purring. She nailed her performance.

Sharon: the most famous hand whistler in America.

Howie: Called her a naughty girl. Said that there is

Nick and Sally end up dancing on stage as he gives her number. She is a damn HOOT!

Nick Pike. We find out that Nick replace Trystan and Krystan. Howie broke the news to him.
Sharon said he was on the cusp but they were unsure of where he could take it.

Nick said he is making it more dangerous. A lot more fire and fear factor.

Nick starts off with whipping fire balls on chains and then he fits in a shitload of skills and tricks in 90 seconds' time such as jumping through a fire hoop and doing acrobatics and juggling while balancing on a balance board and then the unicycle. He ends by setting himself on fire with Nick coming and putting him out with a fire extinguisher. Oh, Piers gets an attitude and Xs him (finicky ass).

The judge's take:
Sharon: She was kind of amazed at how much stuff he fit in 90 seconds. Nick said this was all out of one week practice and that this was created specifically for AGT. Nick wanted to speak to Piers and find out why he was Xd. Had to go to Howie first.

Howie: incredibly talented. skill and study. too much, though... can't figure out what he is exactly. he doesn't know how to market him. Nick says that America likes him.

Piers; America may be loving it, but he didn't like it. Take away the fire and we are left with Nick performing simple juggling. Nick begged to disagree.

I worry about Nick talking back. America hates it when contestants talk back. We will see what happens.

RNG is up next: they are going to step it up and give us something a person may see in Vegas. There are some hard lifts and tricks. Howie is amazed at their work ethic and their skill.

A bedroom scene. One girl in a nightgown and the others dressed up like dolls. A Rhianna song is playing and they nail the lift... they are doing very good. Very current act and these little pre-teens don't look trampy. Thank goodness...

The judge's take

Howie is unsure if it isn't anymore than a dance recital. Is this a headline act? He doesn't think so.

Piers agrees. Says that they are looking for amazing dancers. Says they need more experience.

Sharon: came up with a routine that is appropriate and did very well.

Marical is next: I don't get it... Howie is okay she is in Hollywood because HE is in Hollywood. He warns Future Funk not to watch this. She is painting underwater and has never done this except in her tub. Oh, goody... can't wait for this.

She is painting underwater... you know that old adage about watching paint dry? Yeah, this is kinda like that. Oh, wait she adds a spin like a dolphin to get some air. Ooh, aah. It looks like she painted Elvis. Honestly-- they let this act through? It is beyond my understanding.

The judges' take:

Piers: when he dies and goes to heaven, he hopes she is up there in a tub painting. It was surreal. If the Hoff had been there he would have put his red shorts on and jumped in and saved her.

Howie: She has a terrific pair of lungs.

SHaron: she has made art sexy. She applauds her for being creative.

Again-- I don't get it... not one bit.

Fighting Gravity: They entered a talent show and people liked them.
Sharon said they are the most unique. Howie wonders how the pressure of the live show will affect them. Pies says they have to be unbelievable. The guys understand this and are willing to go big.

We have the puppet master again and the three puppets. They do their dancing and it looks good, though similar to what they did before. Then it looks like they are underwater. No matter what, these guys are good. The music is good. Their choreography is remarkable. The audience and the judges love them and they get a great amount of applause at the end.

The judges' take:
Howie: Phenominal. More fun use of a black light than looking for stains at in a hotel room.

Sharon: Incredible. Endless prospects. Move over Blue Man Group and CIrque de Soleil

Piers; The performance of the night in terms of uniqueness, etc.

Nathaniel Kenyon is the final act of the night. This is day to night for Nathanial. Sharon says he has to get over his nerves. Nathanial says this is the biggest performance of his life. He ended up getting sick and he has to do his best.

He is singing and you can tell he is sick. Not great tone. He is singing "Lips of an Angel" and I don't see the rock act in him. To me, he is more the singer songwriter. The girls love him, though. We'll see what the judges say.

The Judges' Take:
Howie: Howie has a mask on... knowing that he is sick. He says he is worried-- about Nate but especially about himself. He knows the ladies will love him. Justin Bieber called and he wants his hair back. Nathanial comes right back, though: " Mr. Clean called." Howie applauded that one.

Piers: Not the best vocal due to sickness and a little bit of nerves, but see theflowering of a shy young man into something like a pop star. He has something.

Sharon: He has the it factor... can't wait to see him progress because she knows he will be back.

That's it for tonight. We will be back tomorrow to see which 4 acts make it through to the next round. Selena Gomez performs as well as the Broadway show Rock of Ages. I look forward to it.

Til Then!
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