America's Got Talent- The Live Results for the first 12: The Fan Girl Review

Last night we saw the first 12 of the top 48 perform live for America's vote on America's Got Talent. Some did extremely well-- look out Future Funk and Fighting Gravity. Some did not fare as well (Nick Pike-- looking at you, my friend)

Nick comes out and I have to say-- he dresses better than Ryan Seacrest (really... he is slick). We find out Selena Gomez will be performing and performers from the Broadway show Rock of Ages.

The way the results works is as such: the first three are chosen by America and the last one is a judge's choice.

Nick talks to the judges: Sharon is pleased with how last night went, Howie said that he saw an act that he believes can make it to the final. Nick asks Piers how Howie did last night and Piers didn't miss a beat-- said he missed David Hasselhoff.

We go straight to the results:

Airpocalypse, Nathaniel Kenyon and Sally Cohn are the first three acts Nick calls to the stage for judgement. They review their performances from last night along with the acts' backstage responses.

Piers says that any of these three acts can go through. The act going through out of the three is Nathaniel Kenyon. Nathaniel is relieved and ready to come back and give the best performance of his life. Nick asks Sharon if America got it right-- she said of course... America always gets it right.

Next up is Selena Gomez performing.

We come back and they are talking to Sally... she is disappointed but she knows there will be other opportunities for her.

They review the backstage Orville Redenbacher lounge and Nick talking to everyone. The Future Funk boys like the girls from RNG. Sally did not know the song she hand whistled to was from Nick's wife.

Back on stage, Nick tells Piers that Mariah said to tell Piers that if she sees him in the street, it's his ass. I love the slightly naughty nature of this show and how Nick interacts with the judges.

Nick introduces Selena Gomez singing Round and Round. She is in a red dress and sky high stilletos doing her best lip synch, uhm, performance. She trots from one side of the stage and dips a little and points... back to the other side of the stage... dip and point. Oh, a little rap in the middle. She's tough. Back to the side to side... while singing Round and Round.

Afterward, Nick asks Selena if she had advice for the younger competitors:
Make sure you are passionate about it and don't take no for an answer.

Nick Pike, Kung Fu Heroes and Fighting Gravity are the next acts that Nick calls to the stage. They review last night's back stage comments. Nick pretty much said fuck the judges... wow! He's got a little attitude. I am disappointed in Nick.

Kung Fu Heroes were satisfied with their performance and Fighting Gravity said that that was their best performance.

The second act going forward is... (like we didn't know).... Fighting Gravity.

Nick calls Nick Pike over and calls him a hot head. Nick admits he got angry but feels the act went right. He apologizes and goes down to give Piers and Sharon a little hug, though Piers was not in the mood for it.

Nick talks to the guys and they are happy as hell.

Howie feels that Fighting Gravity has a real shot at going all the way.

The next three acts pulled to the stage are Christina and Ali, Marical, and Hot Shot Tap Dancers.

The sisters were very pleased with their performance, Marical says she has a lot more to show America and the Hot Shot Tap Dancers felt they nailed it and are ready to show America more.

Nick asks Howie who had enough to make it to the next round. Howie says that he wishes they could keep them all...

The act going through is Christina and Ali. Story wins out over talent... I know that makes me sound like a hater, but I really felt the Hot Shot Tap Dancers were the better performers.

Nick gets their response and they are teary eyed because they had a sister who passed away a year this month. Piers says they won the hearts of America but now they have to practice because they are going up against a lot of GREAT singers.

The last three acts waiting are Future Funk, RNG and Paul Safy, Jr.. Future Funk says that they are excited and have made friends. The RNG girls want to go through-- they have worked so hard at this. Paul wants to go through but knows there was a lot of talent last night. My call: Future Funk. Those little guys are too damn cute AND talented to not go through.

Rock of Ages performs next. Constantine Maroulis from American Idol is on stage singing I Wanna Rock... I would LOVE to see this live. Dee Snyder comes on stage-- ROCK!!!! Oh, hell yeah... we got head banging.. Dee's blonde curls still have the bounce, baby!

They also perform Don't Stop believin'... I wonder if Constantine feels like he doin' an American Idol group sing when he's dancing on stage? He hits a hell of a glory note at the end. I am impressed with this performance.

Nick asks Constantine what advice he had for these contestants. Constantine says go for it and enjoy it. It is life changing.

Ok, for these last three acts, it will be judges' choice. Nick calls them to the stage and they review last night. I just KNOW the judges will choose Future Funk. The judges had criticisms for the other two acts. This is a shoe in... I'm calling it right here and now.

Sharon's thoughts: She feels bad for Paul for standing next to the cutest contestants on the show. Each deserves to be here but it is make or break it time.

The judges will choose between two acts (rated 4 and 5 in the total vote), and the next act leaving before the judges' choice is Paul Safy, Jr. (The wait was so cute: The Future Funk boys were holding their little hands together) Aw... the Future Funk boys give him a hug. They only reach his knees.

Nick talks to the acts:
RNG: They really want this... one little girl was about to start crying. (Damn, I hate it when they have the kids together.)
Future Funk: They say they are completely different than the other dancers. They dance, they do comedy, they act. (These two are just too damn cute.)

I hate it for the judges that they have to choose between these little crumb snatchers.

Nick goes to the judges:

Piers: The girls are better technical dancers but the boys are more original. He goes with who he enjoyed more-- Future Funk.
Sharon: Says it is like choosing between peaches and strawberries. Because of technical ability, she chooses RNG.
Howie: With less than 30 seconds left, Howie goes bat shit crazy and tries to say nice things to both but as they go black he chooses Future Funk.

Damn... this show can actually end on time. I am AMAZED!

Ok.. I pretty much had a feeling this was how this was going to work out. I am not TOO disappointed. I still would have preferred to see Hot Shot Tap Dancers, but I will give the sisters another chance.

This was a good first week. I can't wait to see who is performing next week. Should be good.

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)