Lie to Me Monday 7/26- The Fan Girl Review

Oh, Lie to Me is such a great way to start the TV viewing week. There is drama, mystery, humor and, of course, Tim Roth. Put these elements together and you have one of the best shows on TV.

This week's episode involves three things that make for tasty good mysteries: politics, women, and murder.

Aw, yeah..Melissa George is back as Clara is back this week.

This starts with a cute staffer for the governor of Virginia,Michelle Daly, getting shot-- Cal is pretty certain that the Governor was sleeping with her and that she WAS the target, but others think it might just be an assassination attempt on the governor. Cal leaves to interview the governor, and Clara begs him to go easy on the Gov. Clara has a lot of respect for the governor and might just be starting to rue the day she became majority partner for the Lightman Group.

It was very interesting as Cal and the group tried to get to the bottom of Michelle's murder. There wasn't a lot of body language reading, but what they did do really helped out quite a bit; and oh, isn't it fun to read a bunch of politicos... who train themselves to put on the most honest-looking front possible--especially when they are talking nothing but bullshit.

Of course, there were misdirects everywhere in this episode. There was the governor and his temptation for infidelity, the chief of staff and his penchant for both infidelity AND covering up secrets, young Michelle and the "did she or didn't she" kill someone and then run and the Governor's wife with what she did and did NOT know about the entire situation.
It was very interesting watching Cal and Foster pick through each layer of lie and innuendo as they worked to discover the truth... and then there were some very interesting twists along the way.

I would say the biggest twist for this week involved Clara. Oh, yes, we knew there was some hella good sexual tension brewing between Cal and Clara; and we were about 99.999% sure that they were going to hop in the saddle before all was said and done.

We were right; and let me just say two quick things: 1. Damn, those two were going to eat each other's faces off and 2. the twitterverse was NOT pleased with that development... not at all. Anything that threatens the shipping of Cal and Foster (Coster shipping.... Loster perhaps?)does not go over very well with the tweeple.

Well, thank the cosmic stars that the writers knew in their heart of hearts that Cal and Clara weren't going to work out; and the way they tied off the loose end of Clara and her majority stake in the Lightman group was both something I didn't see coming and very fulfilling. Let's put it like this: if you are going to go into business with Cal Lightman, don't lie to the man. Especially if it is about the case he is working on. He will make you pay... dearly.

I admit, there were some parts that I saw coming a mile away, especially when it came to the main baddie of the week and the eventual fate of one of the main henchmen(SPOILER HINT: Hell hath no fury); but it was still entertainingly put together and enjoyable to watch.

Besides the main story, there was quite an interesting little secondary story involving Loker and Emily. It seems Loker has started to become rather protective of Emily; and in a typcial teenaged fashion, Emily misinterprets everything that Loker says and does. This leads to the most "aw shucks" and "Oh, shit, Lightman is going to KILL Loker" moment of the season. And seeing Cal's reaction... priceless. Harsh, but totally priceless.... especially when Emily makes him apologize for it in the end.

So, another week, another tasty good episode of Lie to Me. Tomorrow, I will be back with another live episode of America's Got Talent.

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)