Leverage Review July 25--The Fan Girl Review

I have to say, I have been nothing but pleased with how this season has been unfolding on Leverage. We have had some ass kicking guest stars and the cons have been very entertaining. I am wondering, though, when we are going to hear more about this season's story arc. I know we have had quite a few stand alone episodes this season... we'll just have to keep watching to find out.

This week's episode involved the team going after a banker who is ripping off taxpayers and taking those ill-gotten gains and assisting a militia. This should be interesting...

This episode starts out with a woman getting the screws put to her by a guy from the IRS who wants her credit card in return for not foreclosing on her house. She tells Nate that she has been sending in payments, but the IRS has not been receiving them. Nate says that people all over Boston have been going through the same thing.

The team's target for this week was a man named Hugh Whitman, a debt collection agent who used to work for the IRS. He found a way to get taxpayers names from his old job and is using that list to steal money from them. He then launders that money through different companies and banks. The team's mission was two-fold: con their way into getting the money from the bank and steal the IRS list from Whitman. Do we think this is going to be an easy job? If it is the Leverage team-- no.

Leave it to Eliot and Hardison to get kidnapped by a militia group. Do you think if they knew the places Eliot has fought in, they would be cock-sure about their ability to kill him? Methinks not... It was rather interesting to watch how Eliot used his survival and evasion training out in a true life and death situation.

I have been very pleased with the way they have been showcasing Eliot's depth; and I am gaining more and more respect for Christian Kane's performances every week and the depth, emotion AND physicality he brings to the role. To play a tough guy with depth of character can be tough to do and can come off schlocky; but Kane makes Eliot very entertaining to watch and we learn about how much Eliot has done for his country and how it affects his belief systems.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Hardison. He had a real growth moment this week, too. Usually content to stay behind the computer and stay out of harm's way, Hardison had the chance to take the easy way out and escape when given the chance by Nate (by the way... if you want to learn how to steal a train-- watch this episode. Nate is a god when it comes to stealing obnoxious stuff), Hardison makes the tough choice and decides to go back and fight the militia in order to stop them from using a fertilizer bomb.

As to Nate and the rest of the gang. They worked Whitman from the other side,working to convince Whitman to funnel his money through a typical Nathan Ford ran business. Along the way, Nate finds out that Whitman and the militia have ties that are a little too close for the Leverage team's taste (or any normal person's taste, for that matter).

Again, leave it to the Leverage writers to lull me into a sense of comfort as I am watching, thinking I KNOW what is going to happen tonight, and then pull the rug out from under me. Major twist for this week... their covers got blown. I did not see that coming and was rather impressed with that little wrinkle and even more impressed with how they get out of that pickle.

This week's final, bust-the-bad-guy con was sheer perfection. I don't want to spoil too much, but let's just say that Nate took the term "divide and conquer" to heart-- and it was beautiful to behold. It is amazing to see how many different ways the team can con
the bad guy. Quite entertaining, too.

I loved this week's episode. It had a great combination of levity and excitement... and it was REALLY great about showcasing Eliot and Hardison and their development as characters. Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge make a wonderfully entertaining odd-couple, and I find myself laughing out loud every week at their banter. This was the perfect set up to learn more about these two and see some real growth as characters.

So, my verdict for this week: the fan girl is EPICALLY pleased... and gets reminded every week about why Leverage is one of the best shows on Television.

Monday, I shall return with the newest Lie to Me review. Should be fun!

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)