America's Got Talent Live- The Next 12 perform July 27th-- The Fan Girl Review

Another week and the third set of 12 performers are set to perform live tonight on America's Got Talent. I have been pretty impressed with the selection of the first 8 to make it through to the semi-finals and I can't wait to see what is in store tonight.

Nick starts out by saying they will be giving out info tonight on how to get tickets to the nationwide tour.

Nicks talks to the judges and asks Howie about how the contestants can use their nervous energy. Howie says nervous energy can be good and can fuel their performances.

Nick asks Sharon how can the acts stand out. She says being great isn't good enough... they have to be unique

Nick tells Piers that he is getting his ogre on. Asks Piers what he has in store for tonight. Piers says he has seen the line up and he might have a busy evening. (BOOOOOO)

The 1st act to perform is:South Philly Vikings

The Preview: Perform in a large parade in Philly. People love them there. Sharon says they are regular guys with talent. They are performing an act that takes a year to perfect.

The Performance: I don't really know these guys, but they start out coming from the rafters. They dance in these wonderful and strange costumes and they aren't bad... but Piers has to be an ASS and starts working that buzzer out. These guys have energy and work well together. I was entertained in a Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: the Musical kind of way.

The Judges' Review:
Piers:Overgrown schoolchildren in robot costumes. He doesn't get this act. (Such a prick bastard sometimes)

Sharon: SHe would like to apologize for her British friend (piers corrects her: He's Irish... she said THAT's the problem). She is impressed with them for not having training. She thinks the kids will love them.

Howie: He is in between. They are talented, but he doesn't know how to categorize them. They are phenomenal, though.

The 2nd act to perform is:CJ Dippa

The Preview: It is a dream being in LA. He has been shopping and the girls have been chasing him and calling his mom's phone. He loves the back up dancers. Piers thinks he is "cheeky" and loves it.

The Performance: He has the audience behind. He has a DJ behind him. He is rapping his mini-life story... this kid is GOOD.... for a kid. Now he is dancing and working it out... he even mentions his time on AGT. Damn, this kid.... he has a career in front of him.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: Time to get real. Negative side: couldn't understand a word he says. Positive: he can't understand ANY rap. Asks CJ if he is in it for the fame, money or women... Nick whispers something in CJ's ear... CJ says it is his dream AND all three (Nicks smiles). performed is.

SharonSharon asks him about his song and he explains that unlike the first song he wanted to sing, this one was a crowd raiser. Sharon loved it and thinks he is a good dancer, too. CJ says he is trying to show everything he can do.

Howie:Howie is amazed at all the things he can do at such a young age. Thinks he deserves to go on.

The 3rd act to perform is:Harmonica Pierre

The Preview: He wants this more than anything else. Before the harmonica, life was so-so. He owns more than 150 harmonicas. He has an obsession. SHaron loves his passion. He will show America a new side of harmonica playing.

The Performance: He is playing "Hey Soul Sister".... cool. There are back up dancers... and it is kinda nifty. Good tempo changes. There is even a little singing in the background. It's a feel good performance. AND PIERS DIDN'T BUZZ HIM!!! DAMN!

The Judges' Review:
Piers: He surprised everyone with playing current music and call Pierre the best technical harmonica player he has ever seen.

Sharon: Stunning and HAWT looking. She enjoyed also how he changed it up tonight.

Howie: Thinks he did fantastic. He knows he is a professional. Wonders if the harmonica is big enough to win. Doesn't know if it wows. Pierre says he can also play the blues.

The 4th act to perform is:Polina Volchek

The Preview:started gymnastics at 7. Piers says she has determination and can go all the way. Polina says she has been fighting all her life. She is going for a different Polina tonight, sexy, etc.

The Performance:There are speakers and she has earphones on and a white outfit and makeup... She is working with a rope and performing some gymnastics moves that would make a man stand up and take notice. IT is elegant, but guess who decides to show his Ogre-y side again? Yes... Piers buzzes her.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: He is disappointed. Found her boring. Just her marching around with a rope.

Sharon: She doesn't agree at all. Timing was perfection. She knows how dedicated she is and loves the music and everything she did with the rope. (She called it elastic, correcting Piers... EXCEPT Polina said it WAS a rope. Piers got a mighty chuckle out of that one... Sharon bitched about Piers always being right)

Howie: Feels Piers is totally wrong. Feels she is a Vegas show with all the different talent she has.

The 5th act to perform is:The Strange Familiar

The Preview: They have shared this dream since the 6th grade. She had a crush on the guitarist and they ended up getting married. They have heard NO so much and it has been hard. The judges know the opportunity they have.

The Performance: The lead singer has a really unique voice. They are performing Time After Time and it is more of the softer pop/rock feel to it. It sounds a little weak in spots but she hits a hell of a glory note... wow!

The Judges' Review:
Piers: 20 seconds were great. The rest were mediocre. Says the outfits were like an 80's tribute band. Piers says it is time to make a harsh decision-- he would get rid of the band. Feels the girl is a solo artist.

Sharon: Sharon is not sure how they did. She loves the lead singer's voice; but she didn't love the song choice. Didn't feel it did them justice. Feels there is some confusion with their direction-- looks, etc.

Howie: They were good, but it wasn't wow. It was TOO familiar. It is up to America, but it isn't the end all be all.

The 6th act to perform is:Haspop

The Preview:He was so happy when he found out... Piers say he reminds him of a young Charlie Chaplin. The kids sent him a video message. He left his family in France to come to America to chase his dream. He feels it is his time to have his dream come true.

The Performance: This is Haspop's story. Dancing to some many different mixes of music. I ADORE the things this man can do with his body. He is absolutely AMAZING! There is always a story to Haspop's performances (this one has to do with his journey from France to AGT)and I find myself wanting to know more and watch more. I really, REALLY hope Haspop makes it to the finals.

The Judges' Review:
Piers:Takes a hell of a lot to do what you have done. Is it worth the sacrifice? Felt this was the performance of the night.

Sharon:Spectacular. Puts his own unique spin on things. She hates to agree with Piers, but agrees that it is the best of the night so far.

Howie:That is WOW. TO see a human being move like that and have all of these elements... Howie just LOVED it!

The 7th act to perform is:Luigi

The Preview:Daydreams at work about the show, but feels it is STILL a dream. Loves doing this every day. Piers worries that the emotion will get the better of him. Luigi says this is a life changing moment.

The Performance:Singing some Maroon 5's This Love and I am not a fan of the sound quality of this performance. He is trying to be spunky, but it feels like the stage is too big for him and he gets lost in the song. Piers' inner Ogre comes out at the end and the buzzer sounds.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: In a normal season, he would do well... but not this season. He almost lost it two or three times. Piers feels he can't win and that is why he buzzed.

Sharon: Started soft and almost got lost in the music, but got into it at the end. Not his best but has potential.

Howie: We could see that Luigi was thinking about too much.... but hopes that America will remember the past performances.

Luigi agrees with the judges... never a good thing. I don't see him surviving.

The 8th act to perform is:Chipps Cooney

The Preview: He's from Jersey. He has been doing this for 30 years. Piers just doesn't find him talented. Howie wishes people would get it that Chipps is a comedian and the magician is his character.

The Performance: he comes out in a kid's car. he covers it up and kicks it backstage (LOVE IT). Thanks the Hoff for loaning him the music. He wanted to go back to his Chippendale dancer roots... and so he starts stripping... HE HAS PASTIES on and there are women with money and he has a little change machine and.... OH NO!!! He actually got three Xs. Hmmm... it will be interesting to see what the judges have to say about this.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: He woke up this morning and wondered how Chipps' act could get any worse... the answer he gave was if Chipps took his clothes off... he is now the greatest trainwreck ever in AGT HISTORY.

Sharon: Asks if he has a diaper on under his shorts. Chipps says he IS getting older.

Howie:he is on twitter and talks to the people. He is sad that Chipps abandoned the sadsack magician. Stick with the character-- that is what the people were identifying with.

The 9th act to perform is:Kaya and Sadie

The Preview:Met in their first belly dance class. They are a package. THey are real women. The judges love them. The girls want to show America that real women can win this contest.

The Performance:They are graceful and using red scarves. They're moving those curves, doing some back bends and some major belly and hip action.... and getting the guys attention in the process. I am not a pro, but they did their thing and did it very well.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: After watching the revolting Chipps, thanks on behalf of America thank you for restoring faith in the beauty of flesh. He just got married so he has to be careful with what he says.... he likes their bellies (as does every other man watching in America--according to me).

Sharon:Entertaining... great to see two beautiful women who know what to do with their bodies.

Howie: "You're going to Hollywood". He was just watching... not judging. He is flabbergasted and getting a little red around the ears.

The 10th act to perform is:Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

The Preview: He puts a lot of effort into this. He lives above a barn with his wife. Wants to give his wife the life she deserves. He will be blindfolded for part of this stunt.

The Performance: There are dancers. He is doing some jumps and balances. One of the dancers blindfolds him(very good transition to this trick) and he is jumping across rails and HE MAKES IT! This is for adrenaline junkies, and he is good at it.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: A natural showman. Notices how he makes things more difficult every time and how entertaining he is. This is not Piers' cup of teas but Jeremy is making it his cup of tea.

Sharon: Fantastic and Spectacular. The new Evel Knievel.

Howie:Agrees with his cohorts. Loves how he makes it bigger and more difficult. Can see this in Vegas.

The 11th act to perform is:Debra Romer

The Preview:Being in Hollywood, she feels she is dreaming. Piers is moved by her vulnerability. Singing has gotten her through tough times. Sharon and Howie worry about her being strong enough to get through this.

The Performance: Debra is singing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". It is more of a sex kitten version... so soft... but I rather like it for being so different than the original. She has a new attitude. I am not seeing the nerves from the past. She has been working on this. Good for her.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: (Gave her a standing ovation at the end of her performance.) He has just watched someone who looks like a star and sang like a star and who IS a star.

Sharon: She should be proud, she got over her nerves. She called Debra vulnerable, sexy, sweet. THe camera loves her and the voice is delightful.

Howie: He mentions how America loves her from what he has seen on Twitter, etc.. She is growing. He doesn't respond as well to the vulnerability, but he admits that is just his opinion.

The Final Actto perform is:Studio One Young Beast Society first of all... WHO??? I really don't recall this group at all. Bad me.

The Preview: They are friends and family and all of their passion is for dance. No dance group of dancer has made the semis yet, and Piers wants them to make it. They are superb. The group is doing some new and difficult tricks tonight.

The Performance: They are doing very well. They are clean and energetic and have some great tricks and poses. One guy even climbs over his dance mates ON HIS HANDS... Damn. This group IS good.

The Judges' Review:
Piers: Very current and creative. Sees the dedication and how much they want this.

Sharon: She agreed and was very pleased with this performance.

Howie: They brought it. The best dance crew at this stage of competition.

Piers says this is a night of two halves: feels half the acts stepped it up and half ran out of steam tonight.

My take on tonight: There were some very good acts, a couple that were GREAT. I am pretty positive about Haspop and Debra Romer making it through. I see a horse race between CJ Dippa, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, and Kaya and Sadie for the other two spots. It will be interesting to see who America chooses... I admit, as long as Haspop makes it through, I am good with the other three.

Tomorrow the results and I will bring them to you!

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)