The Live Results for America's Got Talent July 28th--The Fan Girl Review

Well, last night was very interesting. There was quite a wide variety of acts, ranging from musical (The Strange Familiar and CJ Dippa to dancing Haspop and Kaya and Sadie to stunt bicycling Jeremy VanSchoonhoven to everything in between. Some of these acts were very, VERY good... and then there was Chipps Cooney. Oh, there are not many that feel the full force of Piers' wrath, but Chipps did.

It will be very interesting to see who receives the 4 spots in tonight's results show.

Nick checks with the acts backstage and everyone is happy and loud.

Nick says the Jabawokkeez and Mike Posner will be performing tonight.

Nick asks if Piers was getting it all wrong last night: she said somewhat but he is too pompous to admit he is wrong. Piers says he gets grumpy when people call him an Ogre.

Nick asks Howie to describe the WOW factor. Howie says the word says it all and that there were a couple of moments of WOW. He mentions my boy Haspop as one of them (hell yeah!).

Nick asked Piers if he was to hard last night. Piers says no... someone has to correct Howie the half-wit. Howie said Piers has been trying to besmirch him, but he is un-besmirchable. Too true, Howie... too true.

South Philly Vikings, CJ Dippa and Haspop are the first three acts up for judgement.(Oh, shit... I didn't see this grouping... sooooo nervous)
South Philly hopes America saw their talent, CJ wants this with all his heart and doesn't want to wake from this dream. Haspop would love to get to the semis and is doing this for his kids. *this fan girl is praying... HARD*

Sharon: is she surprised to see this grouping... she is shocked and very nervous.

The act going through is... Haspop...YES!!!

Nick asks Howie if this was right.For WOW factor and raw talent, this was the right decision. CJ is young and has a future, but for sheer raw talent, America made the right choice. Hell yes, it was the right decision. WHEW!!!

The Jabbawockeezz are up next. I didn't know they started on AGT. I knew about America's Next Best Dance Crew, which they won, but not this (it was season two). They are performing to Bohemian Rhapsody mix and they prove why they are the best dance crew in the US. Their break-dancing skills, poppin robot moves and creativity is astounding. I think Haspop would make a great wokee...

They spoke to Nick afterward and expressed appreciation at the chance they had on AGT and happiness at being back.

The next grouping up for judgement is Chipps Cooney, Polina Volchek, and Studio One Young Beast Society. The only way I see Chipps going through is if America just wants to piss Piers off. I give Studio One the edge.

Howie, can you call it: Howie thinks he can. Howie reminds Chipps to stick with the original character and says he will be fine if he does that. (Piers threw up a little in his mouth at that; but oh, well).

The act going through is Studio One Young Beast Society. Studio One is very appreciative and happy.

Next grouping up is The Strange Familiar, Debra Romer and Luigi. I am calling this one for Debra. She looked like a star last night and has the story for this show.

Nick asked Piers what he thinks about this grouping. Piers thinks America had to think about this one. Luigi and The Strange Familiar are both good, but they had an off night. He isn't sure about how America feels about Debra, especially after he watched her on TV later that night.

The act going through is: Debra Romer. She looked absolutely shocked by that.

How did she feel standing up with those other two acts? Those were the two acts she was most afraid of.

Nick asks Sharon if America got is right and Sharon says yes, as always.

We take a look at the last three acts remaining, Kaya/Sadie, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven and Harmonica Pierre. This is going to be a tough choice... I don't see Pierre going through and Howie and Piers are going to have a fight between their northern and southern hemispheres in deciding between Jeremy and the ladies.

Mike Posner is performing now. Sorry peeps, I don't have a clue who he is. He is singing "Cooler than Me". Would it be a sin if I said that I wasn't that impressed? He has a thin voice and I am not that taken with his stage presence. Sorry.. just being honest.

Nick asked Mike if he had any advice for the contestants? Just be yourself and the rest will happen.

Ok, the last three acts are joining Nick on the stage. The act leaving by America's vote is: Harmonica Pierre. (Called it).

Nick asks Kaya/Sadie why the judges should choose them. The ladies say that they are hardworking and dedicated. They want this. They will BRING IT!

Jeremy builds his own props, has dedicated almost his whole life to this and has more to show everyone.

We get to the judging:

Sharon, wants to keep both and compliments both, but chooses Jeremy.

Piers...normally his decision would take 3 seconds (belly dancers), but he has learned about the possibilities of trick cycling and how it CAN be a Vegas act. But the ladies are high class dancers. He has to go with the act that could win and that is Jeremy... WOW... I SOOOO didn't see that coming AT ALL. I think Piers' new wife threatened him to tell him the truth.

Nick asks Howie who he would have voted for and Howie says that Jeremy should go to Vegas and the girls should go to his house (figures).

Well, it WAS a horse race after Haspop. I am pretty pleased with the results. Next week, my man Prince Poppycock should FINALLY be performing. Can't wait.

Til Then!
(fan-girl confessor)