America's Got Talent Live- The Next 12 perform-- The Fan Girl Review

Last week's America's Got Talent went live and 12 acts vied for 4 spots in the semi-finals. Just to review, Christina and Ali, Future Funk, Nathanial Kenyon and Fighting Gravity made it to the next round.

This week, 12 more acts perform for America's vote.

Nick comes out and he is looking dapper as always. He likes to wear pink... he pulls it off.

I love the drama of the judge's introduction... they come out from behind panels at the back of the stage. You have the dramatic music.

Nick talks to the judges about last week and this week:
Piers says Howie can learn to get the timing right on his decision. It is sudden death and the acts have to perform to the best of their abilities.

Sharon says it is going to be as tough as last week and have a different group of artists.

Howie says last week was like Sophie's Choice or David Hasselhoff choosing which daughter to share a burger with (groan... but I liked it)

The Acts for Tonight:
First Act up is Cheer SF:
Preview: been around 30 years. they have regular lives but come together to cheer. They have been enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle. Piers is uncomfortable with the fact that there are more guys than girls. Cheer SF (San Fransico)feels that they can break down barriers with their act.

The Performance: They have good synchronization and their throws and pyramids are pretty good... but they are lacking in spunk... and Piers AND Sharon notice and buzz them. They have the mechanics but not the oomph.

The Judges:

Piers- Doesn't get the entertainment value of cheer acts in this. Found them soporific (made him sleepy)

Sharon-Loves their enthusiasm and their look, etc. Not very sophisticated for having older people involved. Doesn't feel they took it to the next level.

Howie- It seemed more like a club than a phenomenal performance.

Second Act up is Alice Tan Ridley:
Preview: She wonders if her dream is ever going to come true. She still sings in the subway station. SHaron is amazed that she hasn't been discovered before. The last time Alice Howie worries that the pressure doesn't get the best of her... Alice says she is ready.

The Performance: Singing Midnight Train to Georgia... Alice can do no wrong with this song. Why the HELL wasn't she discovered before now?!? She has a wonderful presence on the stage and she has passion which comes through. She even brings spunk to the WHOOT WHOOT, train whistle... hell, I was wanting to WHOOT WHOOT with her.

The Judges: (standing ovation from them)

Piers- Remembers seeing Alice at the Oscars. Has a growing feeling that people will be asking Gabby about her mom soon. She as EVERYTHING they are looking for.

Sharon-She wants to be on that train. Asks Alice how old she is (57)and says that 57 is a fabulous age and that she embodies soul. Alice did it right-- took care of the family and now taking care of herself.

Howie-Asks Alice to remember how she felt seeing Gabby on Oscar night and says that Gabby has to feel the same pride for her mom that her mom felt for her on that night.

Third Act up is Mona Sampath Dance Company:
Preview: They have a completely different interpretation of Bollywood. They want to mix it up and combine American music and dance with the traditional Indian. The judges feel that there is room in Vegas for this type of act.The group knows how important this is and wants to make sure they are perfect.

The Performance: They're good. I love this type of dancing. They have great music, a real combination of the two styles... and it works for them. They really do a great job of combining East and West in this act. And most importantly, for a large group, they were in sync and had spunk.

The Judges:

Piers-What Howie knows about Bollywood could be written on the back of a postage stamp. Said that it was better than the audition. Howie and he start bickering...

Sharon- Sharon stops the guys "Mother is speaking". Said that they were very exciting to watch. Love the age groups and the colors. Would love to see some more traditional dance next time (her taste)... Piers interrupts and wants more Black Eyed Peas...

Howie-Doesn't feel that there was a WOW moment. More like a recital than a major performance.

Fourth Act up is Iron Horse :
Preview: Twins who had been involved in music all their lives. Call the third guy in the group the triplet. They do a show within a show. The judges love their energy. They are doing a new trick tonight.

The Performance: I am not a big fan of the this group. They have energy but you can't hear the singing very well and they spend too much time not singing or playing; they are setting up for tricks and stunts (which aren't very good.)I actually heard some boos for these guys. Piers is on fire with the X tonight and this group feels the wrath.

The Judges:

Piers- The stage seemed to big for them. Seemed more like a bar band... blamed the singer... can't sing very well.

Sharon- Too many gaps when they were setting up and not singing or playing. Not good for a 90 second act.

Howie- Agreed with Sharon about doing too much in 90 seconds. Found it hard to hear the singer. Doesn't know if it is the mic technique or what.

Fifth Act up is The Strong Man : The Honeynut Cheerios of the week is about the sacrifices he has made. John says flesh (gets hurt quite a bit)and being around his kids.
Preview: Excited to be in LA. Quite a bit different than his small town. Loves being a nurse. He is performing with 2000 lbs of weight. Piers says he is strong too and that John had better bring it.

The Performance: Giving the Strong Man Solutions to LA parking problems. He lifts a motorcycle and puts it on a table. He has female assistants to set up his little stories. He moves the back end of a car and THEN FLIPS the car over. Of course, Piers is being a bastard tonight and Xs him...

The Judges:

Piers- Not sure how amazing that it. Sees people in south central LA do that every night.Nick pipes up and says it happens in Beverly Hills, too. Piers' problem is with John, says he is dull. The personality of a lobotomized amoeba. Damn... Piers is HARSH tonight.

Sharon- Didn't know what he was going to do with the car. With a huge production in Vegas, he could go bigger and more dangerous. Said he could do some interesting things with those muscles-- he's a very big boy. (snicker) Asks him if he can eat metal. (no)

Howie- Doesn't know if it is a show, yet, but thought it was good.

Back from Commercial, Nick says they taped how many guys it took to move the car off the stage (A SHIT LOAD)

Sixth Act up is Ronith:
Preview: He moved from India to Hollywood. He is going to be famous. He can do impersonations, stand up, acting. The judges hope he goes back to impersonations.

The Performance: He is doing impressions. Starting with John Wayne... he has the walk down and a cowboy hat. Piers goes on a Xs him... next up is Jim Carey and a stupid Cable Guy impression. Next is Ahnold during an election campaign... DAMN, Sharon buzzed him. Charlton Heston in Ben Hur... some heavy breathing... Howie gives him a standing ovation. Last up is Rambo... he has the red bandana and gives a pretty good Rambo scream.

And they brought him into the top 48 WHY, exactly?!?!

The Judges:

Piers- 30 impressions and they are all the same. THe worst impressionist he has ever seen. Pretty much begs people not to vote for him as Nick reads his number of.

Sharon- Calls him Gwenneth. She is flustered by the whole act. Thought the Jim Carrey impression was a monkey.

Howie-Piers doesn't get it-Bad is good. Ronith thinks at first that it is all good and Howie is like, NO, it is SO BAD it is GOOD. Ronith (I think) finally gets this.

Seventh Act up is Hannibal Means:
Preview: Singing is spiritual... saying yes to the whole being. He crochets his hats... and they are an aspect of him. Howie is scared of him, but he doesn't mind being scared. Hannibal crocheted hats for the dancers. Oh, My, Goodness.

The Performance: Yes. A freaking Lion King Song. The Circle of Life... Damn, he's not too bad. He even throws in a Hallelujah... I say Amen brother. I love the crocheted hats. I want the patterns... I'm going to crochet some, too. Those dancers have to feel like dumbasses, though. That is some FUNKY dancing going on. He hits a great last note... I am kinda impressed.

Nick comes out and greets him... wearing a hat. I'm jealous.

The Judges:

Piers- Says this show is getting crazier by the second. the most bizarre dance and the hats, but underneath the madness there is a great singer. Piers DID enjoy it.

Sharon-Beautiful voice. Upset that he didn't crochet her a hat. Loved the performance.

Howie- Amazed he made all the hats. Says he is a superbly talented man. What planet is he from. Hannibal says he will have to figure that out. Howie says kids can learn something: Don't take drugs, just watch AGT.

Eighth Act up is Wreckless:
Preview: Overwhelmed by this. They practice everywhere they can due to not having money for performance space. The judges can see how bad they want this. The group is getting used to the technical aspects and know they have to bring it tonight.

The Performance: A circus scene. Dressed like clowns and a ringmaster, etc and have cages, and other props. They are using the entire stage. Doing very well... great transitions. Great combinations of acrobatic tricks and pop and lock. You can see how badly they want this. Very good act tonight.

The Judges:

Piers- At this level, he looks for acts that can fill a stage... watched carefully and agrees with Sharon.

Sharon- For a group that did street dance to see them do a big act like this, she loves it. Feels they still have the edge and the passion for what they do-- even with costumes and props.

Howie- Doesn't sense the edge. Wants to see more street. He and Sharon bicker over this... and they go to Piers.

Ninth Act up is Lil Chris:
Preview: He thinks this is amazing. He started singing at age 5. His mom says he is passionate about singing. Piers says it is about song choice. Lil Chris is doing a current song and singing and dancing, which he hasn't really done before.

The Performance: This kid has a smooth voice. He has back up dancers. He is singing Ne-Yo's Closer. He looks a little rough singing and dancing, but he isn't doing too bad at all with it.

The Judges:

Piers- He agrees with Howie. Very talented and young man. Worried that this has come a little too soon. An exciting prospect.

Sharon- For 12, he held his own. He does have confidence... she feels he did fantastic for doing so many new things.

Howie- A little raw and he knows that the singing and dancing is tough for him. He has to practice more.

Nick asks Chris how he did and Chris says he has done better but if given another chance, he will blow them away.

Tenth Act up is AscenDance :
Preview: They met while rock climbing. Sharon can't wait to see what they have for tonight. They have 2 new dancers for the act and they have to be in sync. They hope America is ready for something new.

The Performance: Chasing Cars is playing and they are swinging from the grips and doing some beautiful poses. I will be honest, it is almost indescribable watching them. The way they use the wall and move and pose together is breathtaking. I really could watch this in Vegas.

The Judges:

Piers- If they had come to him and told him about the act, he wouldn't have given it a chance. There is something about this that really works, though. He gets this act-- he can see this in Vegas with bigger walls and more people. Have the originality they are looking for. Called it poetic.

Sharon- Timing is perfection. Endless what they can do with this act in Vegas. Entirely unique.

Isabel is weeping while the judges are talking and Piers asks her why she is so emotional: she is grateful to be sharing this with America.

Howie-Agreed with the other two judges. Said he is amazed that they could have two kids (the other dancers) and come back to do this.

Eleventh Act up is Antonio Restivo:
Preview: Been obsessed with fire since a kid. To turn this into art has been been great. He becomes emotional when talking about his Dad and the support he gave Antonio. Piers says he needs to keep his emotions in check. This is a a dangerous act.

The Performance: The assistants bring out an empty throne and turn it around--He appears on a throne. Makes an assistant appear in a box. Great music to this act (I believe it is Ozzy--great way to suck up to Sharon). Has his trident flame thrower. Gives a giant flame throw from his throne at the end. Very smooth act with great transitions between tricks and the flames. AND he kept his emotions in check. Bravo.

The Judges:

Piers- Does he have a big enough show and is he a big enough performer to headline a show in Vegas? Piers feels this has been his best act so far and has high hopes for him.

Sharon- Liked the action. Used the time very well. Loved the music... (of course)

Howie- That act is consummate Las Vegas. His dad was right to support him

Final Act up is Michael Grimm :
Preview: Surprised he has gotten this far. Howie said that he can tell he has had a tough life and loves to listen to him. Would mean the world for him to win this to help his grandma. This is the largest stage he has ever performed on.

The Performance: No hat this time... Still looks good though. Singing So Tired of Being Alone... He is tearing this song up. He has soul-- you can feel it from him every time he gets on stage. The girls are screaming. He is a great singer and guitar player, and I think he stole the show tonight.

The Judges:

Piers- On a trip with him, watching him grow. Incredible talent, but has to reach out to the audience a little bit more.

Sharon- She can hear the soul and the life experiences in his music. Just connect a little bit more with the audience. Sing with his eyes open a little more, look at everyone. People are happy with him, he just needs to give back a little.

Howie- Dressed more like a star. He is Howie's favorite singer on the show. Wants to continuously hear him sing. WIll be the first one to buy his album

Well...Piers kept his buzzer busy tonight.

I think things look good for Alice Tan Ridley, Michael Grimm, Antonio Restivo and possibly Mona Sampath Dance Company. But, we shall see tomorrow. Of course, I will be here to bring you the play by play.

Til Then!
(fan girl confessor)