Lie to Me Monday 7/19--The Fan Girl Review by Alexis-Rueal

Last week, I did not get to blog on Lie to Me due to writing the premiere blog on Rizzoli and Isles. Well, I'm back this week and looking forward to giving you all the lowdown on Cal and company.

Last week, in a major twist, Melissa George made a return appearance as Clara, the supposed Black Widow whom Cal helped acquit of murdering her stinking rich husband. Well Clara came back and in an obnoxious, yet totally fulfilling twist of fate, becomes managing partner for the Lightman Group. And believe me, there is enough sexual tension between Cal and Clara that Cal doesn't mind one iota.

But on to this week:

This week's episode focuses on Torres and her sister.(Guest star Alyssa Diaz). Diaz plays Ava, Torres' half-sister who is busy doing a bit in a juvenile detention center (she's feisty, this one).

This episode was very good and very interesting in delving into Torres' past and her family.

It seems that Torres' half-sister planted herself right in the middle of a B and E crew that adds a touch of murder on the side. First with a homeowner, and then with a pregnant friend of Ava's who held the key to unraveling the gang's activities.

Throughout the episode we get a real juxtaposition between Torres and Ava's past as we learn about their stories and Cal's relationship with his daughter, Emily. Where one father was a drunken lout who enjoyed beating on his daughters, the other is busy teaching his daughter how to drive and learning to let go just a little. I thought this comparison was subtle, but very well played in tonight's episode.

This really was a really good chance to see the cracks Torres' armor. As Cal and the team kept getting closer to the gang and their handler, Torres had to face her own trust issues concerning Ava along with the guilt she felt from her own betrayals of trust in her life. One of the best scenes in tonight's episode was when Torres was drunk off her ass at Cal's as she's talking to Emily about how good of a father Cal is compared to her own. When Cal comes in and proceeds to sober her up (which I have had to do to a few friends throughout my life... it ain't fun), seeing and hearing the desperation she possesses as she figures out that Cal is disappointed in her was almost heartbreaking. I think she really does look to him as a father figure. It was well written.

There was some levity in tonight's episode as well. Leave it to Cal to break a person out of jail in order to solve a case; and bless Special Agent Reynolds for knowing when to just go back to work and let Cal do what he needs to do.

This episode also saw a different side of Foster come out as she got beat down hard by the gang as they went to steal a jeweled egg that could be used as proof of the criminal conspiracy going on at the juvenile detention center. The way Foster went all uber bitch on one of the little punks involved was a thing of beauty. I wanted to stand up and cheer her on. That and I LOVED how Foster put Torres in her place when Torres was busy accusing Ava of being involved in the break-in. I'll hand it to Foster, she will not back down when she sees someone getting the shaft. Torres learned the hard way.

I wasn't surprised by tonight's bad guy(s). When something is going down in a correctional facility... you might as well keep the search localized to the facility--both inmate AND staff. What I will say, though, is I really enjoyed how Cal put the screws to the main baddie... by making them confront those they have kept in an inferior position-- the kids. Yes, these kids did stuff that required they be punished...but they still need good influences, and the main baddie here was NOT. Kudos to Cal for letting those kids see a little bit of faith restored.

As to Ava and Torres-- I think it will be a long road for them to become super close, but they took good steps in tonight's episode and Ava ended up in a nice alternative school... thanks to Cal.

As always, this has just been another quality outing by the Lie to Me gang. It took quite a while to get to this season, but it has been worth the wait. If you are coming in late, I highly recommend finding earlier episodes online or getting hold of the DVD's. You won't regret it one bit.

Tomorrow, the next 12 of the top 48 perform on America's Got Talent and I will be there with bells on!

Til Then!
(fan girl confessor)


Hyperion said...

Fantastic job. I have GOT to get into this series!

Alexis-Rueal said...

It is worth it. Tim Roth makes this worthwhile; but the other actors/characters are very good, too.