The Live Results for America's Got Talent July 21--The Fan Girl Review

Last night's America's Got Talent was quite interesting. We had the good (Michael Grimm, Alice Tan Ridley, AscenDance) and then we had Piers buzzing like it was nobody's business(Cheer SF, Ronith, and so many others). It will be interesting to see who America chose to go onto the semi-finals.

Nick said last night was intense... no shit. They look backstage and the acts are in high spirits. We find out that Cirque du Soleil and Train are performing tonight. Big YAY to both of those acts.

Nick talks to Piers and we find out that Piers buzzed 4 acts... Nick called Piers a hater.(Nick is Mr. Obvious tonight) Piers says he is looking for acts that can genuinely win the contest. This isn't a tea party.

Nick talks to Sharon about being stuck between a bickering Piers and Howie last night. She is happy that someone else sees what she is going through.

Howie... were there any clear winners last night? Howie says he has a personal favorite, but it is up to America and who knows how America saw last night. Also says he knows a producer that wants Ronith to star in a movie and play all the parts (please, no... really)

Mona Sampath Dance, Ascendance and Ronith are the first acts up... damn... I wasn't expecting Mona Sampath AND AscenDance. Gotta give the edge to AscenDance. They go through the backstage interviews after and everyone is thankful and not ready to go home.

Nick asks Piers who is going through; and Piers, who doesn't miss a beat, says that it might be easier to say who he doesn't want to go through. (Ronith)

The act going through is AscenDance.... I am a dork for calling it for Mona Sampath. Chalk it up to being tired last night.

Nick asks how they are feeling now... Isabel is thankful and excited about showing America more. Feels they are in the midst of developing a new art form.

Nick asks Sharon if America got it right--Sharon says America got it right and that it is a new art form.

In the Orville Redenbacher lounge, Sharon gets her crocheted hat from Hannibal Means. Not a whole lot else of note from the lounge.

Cirque du Soleil is up now... They have a batonist and she is working it with one baton and then two. This is an Asian themed Cirque show and we have acrobatics and martial arts weapon work and you can see that this is the type of act that our competitors WANT to be. Colorful, dramatic, high energy... they are good and they get a standing ovation from everyone.

Cheer SF, Iron Horse and Alice Tan Ridley are up next... do I even have to say who is going through?

Nick asks Howie who he thinks America voted for. He says that America knows what they are doing. Howie thinks America chose Alice. Howie is right on the money... and she gets a standing ovation from Sharon and Howie. Alice get a ginormous group hug from everyone... it was sweet.

Nicks asks if Gabby is proud of her-- Alice says both she AND her son are proud.

Piers says that this show was created for people like Alice and if she continues the way she is going, she could win.

Next group up is Michael Grimm, Lil Chris and The Strong Man. Again... do I have to state the obvious? We know who is going through-- let's say it together, now--Michael.Grimm.

Nick asks Sharon who is staying. Sharon says that Ozzy watches the show and he says that Michael is going through.

And in the second most non-surprising result of the evening (cue dramatic pause)... Michael Grimm is going through. And he looks SURPRISED... it doesn't hit him until Lil Chris gives him a hug. He is choked up as he thanks everyone. It is a true horse race between Michael and Alice so far. Can't wait to see where Prince Poppycock and HasPop will fit into the mix in following weeks.

Nicks asks Howie of America got this right. Howie tells Nick that's a silly question... it is his decision, it is America's decision. Of course America got it right. Nick said that was well said from Canadian.(snicker)

While a commercial is on let me just say on behalf of America that we do not need 10 minute long pauses before we find out who goes through. Really, there have to be better ways to fill the time. Just sayin'.

Shit I just noticed the last three acts-- Hannibal, Antonio Restivo and Wreckless...I'm calling it for Antonio Restivo.

Train is performing now and I am digging the live version of this Hey, Soul Sister. I could use a margarita while listening to this song. They just seem to go well together on a hot July night. Let us also say Hallelujah to the fact that Train is NOT using playback. Bless you, Train. Oh, and most importantly, the ukulele player, Jimmy, is Howie's doppelganger. Bald head, soul patch... quite frightening, actually.

Nick asks the guys what it takes to stay on top in this business:
Compromise and staying true to who you are.

Nick mentions that Jimmy and Howie look alike. Howie says of Jimmy "That's my soul sister." They get crossed tweets on Twitter all the time. Howie just says thank you to the ukulele playing compliments. He doesn't bother correcting people.

The last three acts come out and like last week one will be sent packing and then the judges will choose between the last two.

The act getting sent home by America's vote is Hannibal Means. Nick says he will not forget Hannibal and Hannibal says that he will not forget himself (Nick's double take was priceless). Hannibal said he cherished every minute of his time there.

Antonio gets emotional (yet again) when talking about how badly he wants this. Wreckless says that they do their stuff without mirrors and that is their true talent. They rely on each other and really want this.

This week, they are making the judges confer about who they are choosing. No more of this waiting until they are going dark to get a decision. Good.

They start with Howie and he is going with his gut and voting for Antonio. Piers is next and he says he has never seen two acts that wanted this more. His head says Antonio and his heart says Wreckless. Piers goes with Wreckless... which means it is up to Sharon. Sharon was entertained by both and they are both special acts. Sharon goes with Howie and Antonio goes through.

Wreckless says that this has been a great experienced and they can't be more thankful.

Nick talks to Antonio and he says he has wanted this his entire life. If his Dad were still alive, he would be in the front row cheering him on. (btw... he's emotional again)

I admit, I blew part of last night's call. I mentioned Mona Sampath Dance when I should have KNOWN is was going to be AscenDance. Mea Culpa, America.

Next week, 12 more acts perform and vie for 4 more spots in the semi-finals. Can't wait to see what they bring.

Til Then!
(fan girl confessor)