The Good Guys


**Scene open**
Shoot out, sitting Ducks – “ever tell you about the time frank and me got pinned down on the 50 yard line…”

**One day earlier - in evidence room**
Which used to be the “nap” room – “good guys” are organizing old evidence – Jack has a female visitor - Liz’ mom – why don’t’ you come around for dinner any more – her cutlass

**Case #4489 – Stolen Cutlass**
“Was it stolen?” - “It was there then it wasn’t there” - “for me there is nothing more important that to make sure you and the ones you love are safe” (Yep, Dan’s trying to get Jack back with his lady)

“relax; we’re back on a case.” - “I have a feeling about this. Bad guys out there. Waiting to be caught”

**William Brothers Weapons Sale**
two guys selling guys to Guatemalans – they killed Russell – not these Guatemalans - How do you get them to my county – by brother he takes care of that – see he has a little Exporting high-end kitchen items

**Lockwood Ridge “a good, community”**
Crack fiends – enter Liz – mom you can’t commander cops – likely teens said left keys in car – enter Dan with a solid lead of an gun –

**28 minutes earlier**
In the evidence room – Dan taking a gun from the evidence room and “finding” it at the scene


”this is obviously more than joy riding teenagers” – go log as evidence and look for finger prints – none on there – I looked

**Forensic Unit – “results while you wait”**
No standard prints – thermal technique worked – “well well well, looks like we have a punk to bust” (young)

**Williams Brothers**
“you know how expensive it is to put in a nice counter like that”
Get out of guns and start selling kitchen stuff for real

Enter “good guys” to see brother Russell – he’s dead – found his prints at a crime scene this morning – if you’re so sure he’s dead you won’t mind us looking around – stops him midway – we sell fixture – kitchen fixtures – you expecting someone – I bet that’s Russell

**Car chase**
“no do not push him up on the side walk”
“did you unplug the radio?”
“we’re fine solo” – “we are not fine solo”
Gunshot – freeze police – chase on foot

**Williams Brothers**
Stupid cops but busted the dealers nephew
Forget the deal – Russell’s alive
All you care about is money fine – I’m going to find my brother – get out on the street and find that car – find my brother

how’s organizing the evidence locker coming along – and this gentleman too – find him there too – in an evidence bag perhaps?
Guatemalan – no papers – fled moment saw us
Organized crime unit would love to hear about it – write a full report and hand it over to them in the morning

Liz – hungry – heard you were working overtime – what have you got – mom’s corn bread casserole – she’s remembered – apparently she’s had a hard time getting over you – where’s your drunker half – he’s not know for his typing skills – Kyle’s picking me up later – heard you got into hot water over this – wanted to thank you

**Gautimaliam and Williams Brothers**
You saying I’m talking to the cops – yeah, well kill the cops and prove it – kill 2 cops are you crazy, I’m a sales man – call it good customer services or we take our business elsewhere – fine, cops will be dead by tomorrow

**meeting canceled**
“Trust me You don’t want to get involved with any task force. They should rename those damn things. They do not task and they use no forces.”
Let the task force guys focus on the Guatemalan – find the car – no it’ll show up – I have a new lead – Russell Williams ex girlfriend

**workplace of sra Watkins – suspect’s ex-girlfriend**
Russell is dead – I left the world behind a long time ago – Russell & his brothers were dealing guns – when then got involved I got out – (hey darling would you get me some more ranch dressing – what you do the talking I’ll to the frappe) – forget the car would you – all I ever saw was guns – they kept them in a storage facility in oak cliff – do you remember where – I might have it written down at my place – I do have some of his things at my place – doesn’t make sense – if Russell were still alive he’d not be stealing some ugly old car

**ugly 1989 Cutlass – average mpg: 13.9**
Woman driver – smells like old lady in here – this Is bad – we’re so gonna get busted
“good guys” leaving fence with box – included in is address of storage – I know what’s going on – Dan, Russell is dead he was arrested every month for years until then nothing starting 1996 so how could a perfect set of his finger prints show up years later? – “well stranger things have happened, did I ever tell you about the time frank and I found a 45 in the small intestine” – I found this (evidence bag) under your seat – ok so
it is what I looks like

what on earth am I gonna tell Liz – well the way I see it you have two choices: you can tell her you cracked the case, found her mom’s car and busted up a gun ring or you can tell her you gave up and let her rich bf buy her mom a new car and let him become the new hero and sweetie boy

kids making out with guy in car – brother knocks on window with gun – looking for brother Russell – where’s Russell – where did you get this car – just took it out of someone’s driveway – promise never to again – he takes care – finds owner slip in glove box

other brother outside precinct – call – have you killed them yet – I’ve been following them all day – not so easy when they’re at the precinct

gun runners weren’t ever at your mom’s that part we’ll chalk up to human error – that means Dan – we’re on the verge of a big bust – evidence in locker – need your help to get to it – that’s fine promise me you’ll do it quickly and quietly and leave my mom out of it – your mom is completely safe

Liz’ mom walking through living room with tinfoil covered casserole – door busts open – brother – who are you – I’m asking the questions

**Oak Cliff Storage – no questions asked**
Stop riding my ass – if I’d told you were I found it you’d never had helped me – that’s why you can trust me, cause you know I’m going to lie to you – partners, Dan, keep each other in the loop – unit 128 – how am I supposed to keep you in the loop ½ the time I don’t know what I’m doing with this – no matter what you do, keep me in the loop – ok I’m gonna open this door right now, is that okay with you – for the record, you didn’t plant there here, did you – why would the William brothers load up a storage unit of guns and just leave it here – “good guys” find Russell Williams

{gun fire – back where we were at the start}
Boom! – I found that woman that owns that car – she says found the gun in this lady’s bushes – this doesn’t make sense – what should I do with this lady – you’ll have to kill her man – what about the cops

**1minute 2 seconds earlier**
Explains why the “good guys” aren’t dead

So instead of turning this case to task force which you were explicitly ordered to do you - – you got a warrant for a storage unit – found a body – then came under fire from an unknown assailant – then everything exploded

Call from Liz – turned off phone – you told us to work on old files and we did – just solving them – one more weapon detective and my weapon will accident discharge into you crouch

It’s Liz – she’s thanking us for bring back her mother’s car

**31 seconds earlier – Liz’s mom’s house**
Liz on phone thanking – brother walks up, puts gun to head –
Did we return her car?
those cops are dead – very good – let’s stop wasting time and close this deal – same place – no, you come to me and I have just the place

“the good guys” looking at Cutlass – trust your instincts – you thought it was a bunch of joy riding teens – they brought it back – let’s go bask in our glory
Brother’s over a crate of guns – what are we gonna do with them – worry about that after the deal – there are the Guatemalans now – Jake! – what the hell is going on – remember that thing I said about case closed – it’s open – you said they were dead – they’re shooting out my windows – that’s Erik & Keith Williams inside Liz’s mom’s – police drop your weapon, do you think they can hear me (fire) I do – what did I tell you, I said this neighborhood was going to hell, I could’ve been in Florida, I could’ve been in Boca Raton – killing cops, that’s something you don’t have to do in the kitchen fixture business –

I’m not drunk enough to do that - We have to talk them down – we know you killed your brother – stop the killing – we found your brothers body – let the hostages and -
You’re lying – we found his ring

**4 years earlier**
Watch out that thing is loaded – hey we got a deal to make with these Guatemalans – “it’s a gun, not your prom date” - keeps fooling around and kills his brother

Accident – was it an accident when you told me that the Guatemalans killed him – then took over his business, drove his car and sold his baseball card collection – have discussion after kill cops – I burned gautamallian flag at funeral & smashed windows at guat rstureaunts – brother fight – hey, watch my furniture – hey we have to get in there and get the girls out – I should go in, I know the house – ok I’ll cover you. I want you to know that if you get maimed or killed in there, I’ll take care of Liz and her mom – that’s the best possible reason to stay alive that I can possibly imagine –

Hits head on plant – brothers fright – kitchen fixture wins in the end – come out w/ your hands out w/ your hands up your surrounded – by what subborain homes – you’re about to be surrounded – looks like you’re out of ammo that’s what it looks like – hey, no, no get over here – ok look erik you don’t’ want to do this back up is on its way and my partner is outside don’t’ hurt them take me not gonna do better than a dective –

Enter Dan – in the cutlass through the window

Guatemalans take business elsewhere with care sticking out window

Mand took a lot of guns off the street today – who needs a task force – I’m calling this a win, god help us and you’re never allowed anywhere near my evidence locker again – how come when you say that it sounds dirty

Liz and Jack time – did you get check for a concussions - - I’m just a little light headed – don’t’ worry we’re gonan take good care of you – Jack in back of care, in Liz’s lap – and Dan driving.

**NEXT WEEK** "Oh My Goid - I’m gonna turn into you, aren’t I?"

Review: If you haven't set your DVRs for this show yet, what in the name of all that is funny and sexy is holding you back?! Dan sex appeal...and the perfect actor playing him to hieghten that (Bradley Whiford...yummy!)

This show has all the classic elements of a good cop comedy! Dan seems a bit off, sloppy, and lazy at first but don't let the facade fool you - he's good. Jack might just learn a few things from him and get Liz back! Oohh...explosions and shoot outs plenty.

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