True Blood - Season 3 Premiere - "Bad Blood"

The wait is FINALLY OVER!! For "Truebies" we have been waiting an entire 10 months for season 3 of True Blood to start and we were NOT disappointed!

The episode starts by catching you up on what you missed last season. I think that is for the non-fanatical, basic True Blood watchers, because if you were a fan, which by definition is "an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc." you would KNOW what happened last season. But I digress.
After those five minutes, we start right back where we left off last season, which is with Sookie running out of the bathroom to tell Bill she would marry him only to find him gone & a sign of a struggle, so we see Sookie giving her statement to Kenya, a deputy Sheriff, who seems less than interested about finding Bill and could care less about the "crime scene." Insisting she can't do anything about Bill's disappearance, she gives Sookie a ride home.

Sookie tries to find Bill, hoping he went home, then tells Eric, after she accuses him of abducting Bill. Unfortunately Sookie is right, Eric DID try to have Bill abducted, but his men were too late as Bill was taken by a group who referred to themselves as the "fuck you crew."

Bill causes the car to veer off the road & wreck, enabling him to escape from his captors, stays in the ground for the day, then finds a little old lady the next night to feed off of and regain his strength. After finding he is a long way from Bon Temps, LA, somewhere in Mississippi, he leaves to make his way home when he is encountered by a pack of werewolves.

Meanwhile back in Bon Temps, Jason is freaking out over shooting Eggs in the head and Andy taking responsibility for it. Jason tries to maintain his cool and Andy encourages him to be his "old self" by turning his "conscience off, dick on." And he does just that, by picking up two traveling co-eds from New York. Unfortunately Jason's conscience gets the best of him when he can't perform sexually because he keeps seeing bullet holes in the girls' heads.

Hoyt is heartbroken over his breakup with Jessica, who unintentionally killed a truck driver she fed on the night before and is unsure what to do with the body. She tries to turn him into a vampire, but wakes up the next night finding her attempt was not successful.

Lafayette is trying to nurse a heartbroken Tara back to normal after her suffering the loss of her boyfriend, Eggs. She tries alcohol and drugs, but Lafayette eventually calls Lettie Mae to come take care of her because she kept asking for her mama.

Lettie Mae gets her pastor to come talk to Tara, but she just looks dazed and lost in her own thoughts. It seems that Lettie Mae wanted more than scripture from the reverend when he leaves and that distracts her attention away from Tara, who said she was going to shower, only to down bottles and bottles of pills while locking herself in the bathroom. Lafayette comes home, furious that Lettie Mae left Tara alone, tries to break down the bathroom door.

The Vampire Magistrate and the Queen visit Eric at Fangtasia, and inquire about excessive selling of V or vampire blood, in the state and Eric has no answers, even though the Queen has ordered him to sell her blood for profit because the IRS is looking into her finances and she is broke.

While Pam is delivering a check to Sookie for her services in Dallas, she gets a "call" from Eric. Sookie didn't know vampires could call their children telepathically like that, so she visits Jessica to see if she had heard from Bill in the same way.

Jessica had no idea what that feeling was, but followed it, with Sookie, to where Bill's car was flipped over on the side of the road. One of the kidnappers was dead in Bill's car with no identification except for a strange marking on his shoulder. Jessica found that this marking meant he was a werewolf.

This season starts off great! It had so much quick action and suspense, plus some very racy sex scenes, including the dream Sam had of Bill. (The vampires don't tell you that a side effect of ingesting their blood is having sensual dreams of them, which Sam found out the hard way.)

We weren't introduced to any new characters just yet, but this episode set the stage for great introduction of the weres or werewolves.

In a small clip after the episode aired, we were shown that the director Alan Ball chose to work with REAL wolves, for the werewolf scenes and also use their howls, which you could hear toward the end of the episode. He said his choice to use real wolves, was because he didn't want the cgi to look too fake *ahem* like some *ahem* "other" werewolves. (Twilight) HAHAHA Yes, I hate the Twilight series, because I'm not gay or a 14 year old girl.

Having read the entire series of Charlain Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, I am EXCITED to see what Alan Ball does with this season of True Blood. Even though I already know what will mainly happen with the characters, Alan always throws in a few good twists and turns along the way that one NEVER expects. Needless to say, I am one excited truebie right now!

Obviously I give this a 5 of 5 smilies!


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Kickassian review. You keep getting better and better. A True(blood) Warrior

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That is one pure #Truebie review! I WILL be reading your reviews in the future!

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