America's Got Talent June 15th and 16th-- The Fan Girl Review by Alexis-Rueal

This week, America's Got Talent continued in New York (Tuesday's Episode) and started off in Orlando (Wednesday). I have high hopes for these two nights, so here we go.

Here are some of the Highlights of each night:

Tuesday's Episode:

We started out with 74 year old Mary Ellen, a keyboard player and singer (with some HAIR action going on... I blame her for the hole in the ozone) Mary Ellen sings "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, and I'm crazy for not muting. We start getting the X action and then she starts yodeling. The crowd turns and Howie stands up and starts clapping. Sharon ends up pressing Howie's X. Piers says "where have I seen someone like you... the red hair... " Sharon attacks him. Howie says she is unique. He thinks he's in love. 2/3 yes's. She's a hell of a yodeler... and teasing that hair is a talent all of its own.

The Spangles Dance Company: or as I like to call them "The Flashdance tribute dance company"... complete with leg warmers and crimped hair.(Damn...) They dance well... but still. Damn. I like to say I survived the 80's. Don't really want to re-visit them.
Howie said he felt his mullet was returning... and the judges liked them and gave them 3 yes's.

Michael Graso. Magician. You have the Glass box, the assistant, a switch with her starting out in the box and ending up outside with him ending up in the box. The audience is impressed. I have to admit, it was good. He had a slick look and great music. He definitely kept my attention. Ok... he's good looking, too. This fan girl won't lie.
Howie: WOW. Sharon: Executed superbly and likes his look Piers: absolutely brilliant
3 yes's and he's off to Vegas.

Just the two of us-- a couple who have been married for 35 years who play Elizabethan music. Specifically a lute and a flute. I bored myself typing this, so you can imagine how dull it was to watch....there's a reason Elizabethan music ain't on Billboard hot 100. You can tell these people love each other-- they just need to keep the lutin' and flutin' to the Ren Faires.

Joseph "Chale"... has a voice like velvet, this one... he starts off stage and does his own voice introduction. He comes onstage and dedicates his performance to was interesting...he needs to be back in a smoke filled bar from the 70's.
Howie: in his best voice over " I have to say: NO"

Nina 10 year old singer with a back up dance troup. She said she wants to be the next Taylor Swift. She tore up "Mercy"... hellagood for 10 years old. Piers said it wasn't great. Sharon said she is good, but needs to be more natural. Howie said she is adorable, but needs to be be more natural and not like a little kid trying to act Vegas-y. Believe it or not: 2/3 said NO. Sharon (FREAKIN' SHARON) said NO!!! What the HELL??? The audience was really pulling for her, but Sharon felt she still needed to mature. This fan-girl is NOT happy with that decision.

One of my two Favorites of the night: Alice Tan Ridley a 58 year old singer, who is also Academy Award nominee Gabby Sidibe's mother. She is still chasing her dreams (You GO GIRL!!!) and has been singing for 20 years in the subway stations. She sang "At Last" and brought down the house.I was moved... that is already one of my favorite songs and she did it justice. That lady has soul... The judges were amazed she hadn't been signed by now. Piers said she was the best audition of the day (I agree). She definitely got three yes's. Oh, she also did NOT play up the fact that she was Gabby's mom... good for her.

Last up for the day... and the act that gets my "tasty goodness award" for sheer "what the hell" factor is Chips Cooney an, uhm... illusionist. He comes out in the cheap cape and black top hat with his bag of tricks. hehehe.... sorry, this act is so wonderfully stupid. His tricks are done deadpan, but they are so chintzy! You can see every wire, every stupid gimmick of a bad magician: and the crowd and two out of three judges (Piers has a stick up his ass for not liking this act)ate it up. Howie and Sharon got the joke... Piers actually said " I don't get it." (idiot) Of course, 2/3 for Chipps to go to Vegas.

So, not a bad episode... a lot of really good talent on Tuesday's episode. Let's hope Wednesday is just as good.

Wednesday's Recap:

They are in Orlando for this episode. This is the first time they have been in Orlando. They have high hopes. Howie has actually performed in the facility they are holding try outs in.

Here are the highlights...

First up is Jason Pote a 32 life guard and free-style dancer whose mom used to dance. He has been dancing for a short period of time. Hm... he didn't inherit his mom's dance skill. He can skip like it's no one's business, but I don't see that going to Vegas and thankfully the judges agree.

Jonathan Timpanelli-- HONESTLY?!?! Eyebrow dancing?!?!?!?!?!?!? What the hell! WHAT.THE.HELL! That is all....

That was just a sample of the shit that filled the first part of this episode. Can't wait to get to people with actual talent...

Ok. I thought we were done with the shit... I was wrong. What the hell is wrong with you, Orlando?!?!

The Morphs a group of guys in different colored body suits, dancing to a Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That a Way". They get my "tasty goodness award" for epic cheesiness. I am 99% certain they have never heard of choreography...

There was some more shit, but I am too disgusted to talk about it...

Next up:

Lonnie Lear, from Mayfield Kentucky (same place as Kevin Skinner, last year's winner). He's ALSO a singer... says he's better than Kevin. We shall see.

Ok, that is a no. Kevin, you're safe, honey. Three no's... thank you judges. Much appreciated.

Good Lord... 19 minutes in and it feels like an eternity.

Back from commercial:
Nick Pike... a lovely little Brit. Performs on cruise ships. He has a whole lotta funky stunts including juggling flaming pins on a flaming unicycle... and then juggling on the ground... and then various juggling... and then juggling a chainsaw... Damn!

Before the act started, Piers said that he will X him if he drops something. Nick said he will Riverdance if he drops something-- and he did. And it was hella funny. Howie and Sharon loved him and Piers actually went against his golden rule and said yes even though Nick dropped something. Nick said that he did it on purpose so he could show Piers his Riverdance.

Nick ends up with three yes's. The fan girl is happy.

This was just the start of a string of yes's. Some decent acts finally showing up.

Back from commercial:

19 year old Nathanial Kenyon is up next. He is a singer and he works at a nursing home. Awww... he was inspired by the people who took care of his grandmother. He is nervous and we can all tell, but once he starts he's good. He has a really unique voice. Piers becomes a bastard and X's him... but he does have the audience on his side.

Boy, he is NERVOUS! You can see his hands shake. Sharon likes him, Howie knows he isn't the best singer but has the "it" factor. Piers said he isn't ready. Nate gets a 2/3 yes vote. Good for him. With that first big performance out of the way, I think he will get better.

Next up after the commercial Twisted Tristan and Krystan a couple who are engaged... oh, no... I see a drill... and a sword. Damn, this is going to be bad. Oh, this is also an act that has sent Tristan to the hospital. Ok, we get past the sword swallowing. I cringed... and then DUDE SWALLOWS THE MOVING DRILL BIT!!! What the FUCK?!?!?!?!?! The judges couldn't even watch. I did... had to...I was duty bound. I just don't know what types of dreams I'm going to have tonight.

Piers is amazed that a woman engaged to a man will put a moving drill down his throat. Personally, nothing surprises me, anymore. Howie says the fact that they are engaged and do this in intriguing.

These freaks of nature get three yes's.

Last up for the evening is Wreckless a dance team from South Florida. They have learned to dance on their own-- no studios, no mirrors or teacher.

They're good. Great synchronization and jumps and energy. The audience loves them. I can see the passion they have for dance.

The judges love them... Piers said they are the best dance act he has seen so far. The dance troupe is emotional and get even more so when they find out they have three yes's.

All in all... not a bad first day for Orlando. Can't wait to see what is up for next week.

Til Then!

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Flashdance Tribute group cracked me up. Good review