America's Got Talent Tuesday Edition-- Fan Girl Review by Alexis-Rueal

If it's Tuesday, it must be time for America's Got Talent. Tonight's episode took place in New York City. Of course, we know we're going to get all types in New York-- and tonight did not disappoint.

As always, I will hit the really high highs and the epic fails.

"Best performance of the night" award goes to: Fighting Gravity, a group of Frat brothers who perform dance routines on wires (I think... it was a strange and beautiful performance) and in the dark. Nick even had to come out and warn everyone that they were turning every light off in the theater.

These guys were MAJOR AWESOME! The performance was based on a puppet show with a puppeteer at the top and a row of guys below. They were so graceful and in synch. If these guys aren't serious contenders to win this year, something is wrong. They are THAT good. Needless to say, the judges drooled and fawned all over them-- and rightfully so. 3 yes's for these guys.

"Epic Fail" award of the night goes to: On Repeat , 2 window salesmen who, uhm.... sing. Yeah, that's what they said... it was tragic. It was make the dog howl bad. And they didn't think so. So sad-- so very sad. Of course, they "know" who they are as artists. Of course, we "know" they are full of shit, too.

The "Feel-Good performance that was turned down anyway" award goes to: Tony and Gino, a father and son duo from Jersey. They have been singing together for 2 years, and performed "All by Myself" for their audition. I gotta give it to them, they were passionate. They weren't good, but they sure as hell were passionate. The audience actually cheered them on (very supportive for New Yorkers-- I was amazed). Nick performed along from the sidelines, and the judges even smiled. They said "No", but it was a happy let down for these two Jersey guys.

The "He definitely belongs in Vegas-- though as what, we don't have a damn clue" Award goes to: Prince Poppycock. Don't roll your eyes at me...

Yes.... this is the costume he wore on the show. I honestly felt words would not do this justice. (photo courtesy of Flickr).

Anyway, yeah, he actually performed... I was entertained just trying to figure out how the hell to describe that costume, but dude here has talent. He sings. He performed Largo al Factotum from The Barber of Seville, and it was SUBLIME.... honestly, people, YouTube this performance-- if only to find out the context of this one line: " They don't call me Poppycock for nothing, darling." (I'll give you a hint.... he said it to Piers). Needless to say, this was another 3 yes performance. CAN'T.WAIT.FOR.MORE.

The "Slinging the shit back in the audience's face" award goes to: Doogie Horner. He had me at Doogie. This little do-wacka-do bearded comedian was the last in a long and terrible line of comedians who tried (and failed) to win over the judges and the audience. The audience was getting vicious with some of these people, and you just knew they weren't going to go easy on the Doog-man.

Doogie was barely out of the gate when the hating started. Boos, jeers, major hate was pouring his way when he did something that made my heart sing: he fought back. He was EPIC in tossing back the hate to the audience. Howie was loving every bit of it. Piers was not.(stodgy ass that he can be) By the end of the 90 seconds, Doogie had the audience cheering. HELL YEAH! Take that you obnoxious bastards! Lovin' the Doogie hate. Howie gave him major props for turning the hate into Doogie love, but Piers was not impressed. My man Doogs ended up with a 2/3 yes vote and even had Howie come back stage to wish him well. (Just increasing my fan-girly love for the new judge)

Anyway, there were other performances, but these were the ones that gave us the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. I have a feeling this season is going to be bat-shit crazy... and I'm going to love every second of it.

As always, MWAH!

(fan girl confessor)


Hyperion said...

You swore! Bitchy Teresa must be rubbing off on you. Another good review.