Neighbors From Hell

Neighbors From Hell is a new animated series on TBS. It's created by the same people who brought you Family Guy, but you would never fucking know it. Seriously, let me get through telling you the synopsis of the show and then I'll tell you how I feel about it.

A major power company on Earth, named Petromundo, is drilling through the planet and there is danger of the drill reaching the center of Earth, where Hell is located. In order for the Devil to save Hell and prevent the drilling from destroying his underworld, he sends Balthazor Hellman, an avid TV watcher of American sitcoms, and his family to Earth to infiltrate the power company and destroy the drill.

The family doesn't like the idea of going, but follow their head of household to the suburbs, in what seems like, Midwestern America. The family of demons are told they are not allowed to use their powers or magical spells while on Earth, but do a few times, to keep their identity undercover from their neighbors.

Balthazor gets a job with Petromundo and finds the perfect way to destroy the drill, the Chief Engineer behind the drilling project, Chevdet Tevetoglu. He figures if he gets that dude drunk, he will screw up his big presentation, get fired and the drill project will be no more. What Balthazor didn't plan on, was becoming best friends with Chevdet.

Halfway through this show I am pulling my hair out, screaming at nothing, wondering what I had done to be punished and forced into watching this bullshit! My exact thought was "Why am I watching this shit filled with lame cliches, horrible attempts at crude laughter and retardedness? The Elmer Fudd 'wabbits' Geico commercial is more entertaining than this show. Thank God it's only a half hour long. Too fucking bad there are still 15 minutes left."

The only thing I like about this show is the neighbor's poodle constantly trying to kill it's self. First it was at the grocery store in the produce section, trying to hang it's self with the little plastic baggies on a roll. The second time was at the Hellman's bbq when it rolled around in lighter fluid and tried to light a match.

This show was a big fatty waste of my time. I consider myself to like crude humor and animated series' such as The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad, this show was not enjoyable for me at all. I give this show a 1 of 5 smiles because it was insufferable, except for one small part.


Hyperion said...

I totally agree - terrible terrible show. Just awful.