Fox Mondays: Lie to Me and The Good Guys-- the fan girl review by Alexis-Rueal

People, I am beat. Fox Monday has wore me out. Two shows made their summer premiers in their regular time slots: the Tim Roth mystery-drama Lie to Me and the tasty mustachioed cop comedy starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks The Good Guys.

First up: Lie to Me

I have missed you, Lie to Me. I have missed you, Tim Roth. One of the best crime/mystery dramas on TV with one of the best actors. Before I get into the show itself, let me just say that it is WONDERFUL to see a British actor who is allowed to BE BRITISH on TV! Cal Lightman wouldn't be the same, wouldn't be as entertaining and eccentric if he had a different accent. It really was a great decision on the producer's part. Thank you producers...

It is such a unique show; using the combination of what people say, how they say it and how their bodies can can betray them when they try to lie. It is different than shows like Criminal Minds which really focuses on the psychology of criminals while using some of these same tools. Lie to Me is a slicker and, in my opinion, more intelligent show; and tonight's season premier really knocked that point home.

Tonight's episode really put Roth's Dr. Lightman to the test. Doing a favor for a former Oxford girlfriend and University professor, Cal meets a young man named Martin Walker, who is able to throw off Cal's uncanny ability to read people. After losing 200.00 to Martin, Cal's former girlfriend, Helen, reiterates her doubts about Cal's skills; while Cal determines that the guy is a psycopath, and sets out to prove it.

Everything about this episode was strong. Jason Dohring, who played Martin, was very good in his role and the first confrontation scene between he and Cal was quite captivating. The discussion about their different approaches to playing chess (Martin said a good player things 5 moves ahead; Cal countered that Masters think only one move ahead... but each move is perfect)was intelligently written and performed.

The former relationship between Cal and Helen was an integral part of this episode, helping to set up the way that Martin is finally brought to justice.

***SPOILER ALERT*** there is a really nice twist in this section of the show, one that kinda leaves you going "Damn. Sorry Cal." But it also shows that Cal is one of the toughest and smartest Bastards on TV... and we love him for it.

Also on the relationship front between Cal, Helen and Dr. Foster: We know that there are sparks between Cal and Doc Foster (It's TV-- how could there NOT be?)-- well, Helen (scorned, bitchy ex-girlfriend that she is), is telling Foster to watch her back and not get too involved. And Foster is playing into it (I was rather pissed at the end of the episode). I mean, really? Bitchy British ex-girlfriend: SHUT THE HELLZ UP! But, alas.... the seed of drama is sown.

Now, don't think Torres and Loker were left out to dry. There was a nifty little sub-plot involving science teacher whose job was threatened because he reported seeing an UFO. Torres was a real doubting Thomas here. Loker was the one who really felt passionate about finding the truth and helping an eccentric teacher keep his job. It was a well done sub-plot and the writers were even able to incorporate an interesting cross-over into the main plot-- Torres had a creepy encounter with psyco-boy and used it to help break the case.

BTW: Howard Hesseman played the teacher in question, Sam Hendricks. A show always becomes a little bit better when the Hess shows up.

So in review: Lie to Me= YAY! Hellagood television. If you don't watch, well, that's you being dumb.

Review 2--The Good Guys

Oh, that first show wasn't a flash in the pan. The Feather of God (aka Bradley Whitford's mustache) wasn't just a sweet illusion. This show is REALLY REAL and we get it all summer long!!!!!

Tonight's episode started off with Jack (Hanks) and a female cop, Kirstin in a warehouse on their knees with a gun pointed at them. They then go back in time to set this scene up... and it is one doozy of a set up:

Jack and Dan investigating a rock thrown through a window...oh, let me be more specific-- the window of a house inhabited by two girls who were in bed together. Watching TV. Get your attention, yet? It did Dan's.

To cut to the chase: Broken window leads to the discovery of broken street lights, which leads Dan to believe that a group is stealing vintage American cars. The task force won't investigate, so Jack and Dan decide to. With Dan's Trans AM... and Dan's snitch, Julius and Julius' tracking device in the trunk for tracking. Well, leave it to Dan to use a computer for something other than tracking Julius (porn, lots of porn), and the car gets stolen.

This episode rolled out the funny... and the funny centered on two characters: Dan and Julius. I have accepted that Hanks is the straight guy, and he performs well; but Bradley Whitford's Stark shines like a cheap rhinestone suit. Watching him go mano a computero with the "computer machine" or delving into his heroic nature to rescue his beloved Trans Am were side splitting and glorious. Seeing Julius bitch about having to be in the trunk or whine about almost getting killed by foreigners was perfect.

This episode had its twist concerning the villains-- a British baddie named Nigel (Steve Valentine from Crossing Jordan), and a woman no one was really expecting. It also had a great secondary baddie team of two American Truck drivers who started off smuggling for the Brits, but decided to perform their own little Revolution to ensure that cars that were "built in America" and "stoled in America" were also "chopped in America." Just too many goodies in this show.

I have told you once, and I am telling you again. You have to watch this show if you want a good time. Seeing Whitford's Stark will not make you forget his Josh Lyman, but it will let you celebrate the fact that he is back on TV and is entertaining as ever.

Before I leave, I followed on Twitter last night while I was watching the show. The Feather of God now has a Twitter acct. @DanStarksStache made an appearance and was hittin' on anything that typed. I recommend following... I am.

Anyway, here's to a new day... I'll be back with my thoughts on Tuesday's America's Got Talent

Til then, MWAH!

(fan girl confessor)


Hyperion said...

Great Lie to Me review, other than your inexcusable reference to the dreck that is Criminal Minds. TV Warrior was founded in part to destroy living Holocausts like that!

(Haven't read The Good Guys review because I plan to catch up online and want to be surprised, but I am excited.)