Memphis Beat – TNT – Tuesdays @ 10pm – TV14

Series Plot: Cop Show…lol…with a twist…he’s also an Elvis Impersonator

Setting: Memphis, TN

• Jason Lee as Dwight Hendricks –police det.; Elvis impersonator; close to his momma

• DJ Qualls as Davey Sutton – police ofc who fancies himself as Dwight’s protégé

Celia Weston as Dwight’s Momma (saw her referred to as Junebug somewhere) – Dwight’s lively Mother

• Sam Hennings as Charlie White – Dwight’s hyper partner

• Leonard Earl Howze as Reginald Greenback – another Det., struggling to make ends mee and raise two teenage daughters
• Abraham Benrubi as Sgt. JC Lightfoot – Chickasaw Indian Sgt

• Alfre Woodard as Lt. Tanya Rice - Dwight’s (new) boss who is @ times rubbed the wrong way by his laid back style
• MUSIC - Creator Liz W. Garcia said this Music is just as vital to MEMPHIS BEAT as its unique characters, drama and humor is the music. "Music is a huge part of this show," Garcia says. "It has to be. You can't live in Memphis and not have your life steeped in music. The city has a soundtrack." [A the music video of the theme rocking the Memphis House of Blues here: ]

Preshow Jitters: I’ve liked cop shows since I first saw “Barney Miller.” Justice and wit – good combination. That I have a degree in this area; a best friend who is a forensic scientist – should tell ya this is up my alley. I also love music so…I already had the season pass set up before talking to Hypie!

1.1 It's Alright Mama

Episode Synopsis (TV Guide Style): Det. Dwight Hendrick’s investigative style is cramped by his new Boss, Lt. Rice, while investigating the abuse of the “First Lady of the Airwaves,” an elderly woman who just happens to be a legendary Memphis DJ. Also, Junebug starts dating a charming neighbor.

Skittles’s Rundown:
Scene open – fan; lit backstage makeup mirror; a man combing slick, dark hair; a drink is poured; old fashioned microphone; cymbals; guitar…Dwight sings Elvis’ Heartbreak Hotel. [we’ve just been introduced to the place where the cop group hangs out and where Dwight sings]

Scene two: Blue lights at crime scene; Dwight closes trunk (classic Pontiac) – he walks into the crime scene to see blue iceee with blood in it on the floor and a dead clerk slumped over the counter. “Have Mercy.” While checking the crime scene he notes how big the boot prints are on the floor and how small the open window is and then how big and blue DJ’s boots are. “Lock this place down.” They look around…”You got one change to come out peaceful before I start playing fish in a barrel.” Of course the perp come out – only to have his drawers drop when he puts his hands on his head. (Dwight to DJ) “Son, why don’t you frish this one.” [we’ve just been introduced to Dwight doing his job]

Scene three: is at Dwight’s Momma’s house where he enters with a box to find the lights out; a record playing; a kettle on the stove whistling and no one in sight until he looks out the back door. He yokes up a guy – Momma’s new neighbor. [now we’ve seen the other part of what makes Dwight tick]

Scene four: the precinct, where Dwight see an old lamp in a dumpster which he retrieves and brings back into the office and walked into the office in the middle of his new boss’ speech, which is focusing on loading reports and communicating. The meeting ends with Dwight’s turning up of the lamp…of a topless woman.

Scene five: a one on one with Lt. Rice, Dwight’s new boss. He tells her how it is and she tells him how it is going to be and gives him (and his partner) a 1015 to work – which is typically covered by uniforms.

The 1015 is an old lady who Dwight figures out is Dotty Camilla Collins, WHER DJ and radio legend. The poor dear was abused. The scene at her home shows obvious and upsetting signs of neglect and abuse. Her only son Patrick lives in New Orleans. The hospital says she’s not getting her meds and there are empty Medicare envelopes. There is a conflict between Lt. Rice and Dwight over flow of information and he is to check in every 3 hours. “Momma’s home – that’s right” (Lt. Rice). In canvassing the neighborhood, he and his group talk to a blind neighbor who says that the son hired a nurse to take care of her. DJ asks him if he knows what she looks like. Winds up she had an accent. (Interesting / funny scene with the trying to figure out what her accent it from the older man’s imitation of it – especially with DJ) They find the nurse who is the victim of a hit & run. “He was going to kill the old lady. I let her go. Please you have to save her.” Dwight takes Dotty home to Momma’s house. He tells her about his dad and how she was the DJ who played Elvis the first time that he heard him. He goes back to Dotty’s house to see how did this and runs into Lt Rice who wants to know where Dotty is and tells Dwight to take the weekend off. Of course he doesn’t listen. His love of Mommas is obvious when Dotty’s son and him meet and Dwight takes him to the roof for a talking to. A tree house “interrogation” with Ken and Barbie leads to a break in the case….

Watch the show to find out who is responsible for hurting Dotty? What happens to Dotty? What happens with Momma’s new neighbor? How Lt Rice reacts to Dwight’s working the case? And also, what is the fate of the titty lamp?

[insert link to watch show online]

Post Show Review: This show did not disappoint – it goes beyond being potato chips for the mind – SET YOUR TIVO’s / DVR (or catch it online). It has wit, drama, comedy, music, crime, and interesting characters. I had to stop writing after the tree house “interrogation” because I didn’t want to risk ruining this for anyone – the plot twisted for me and my roommate who watched it with me (sadly the one who was a cop isn’t home yet to give me his professional insights – if he’ll even share them). Right now, the best comparison that I can come up for the show is a civilian NCIS with music…but that’s not quite there. The show had some humorous scenes but the crime is serious and the seriousness of it is respected. If you like crime shows – or are just looking for a new entertaining show, then tune into TNT Tuesday night’s at 10pm ET.

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Alexis-Rueal said...

I definitely agree with this review. This definitely has the elements that are needed to make a great cop show. I can't wait to watch more. Great job on the review!