June 23 America's Got Talent-- the fan girl review by Alexis-Rueal

After last night's two hours, I was wondering if we could find anything to top little Mozart or Airpocalypse or that fireball Sally Cohn. I think we did tonight.

Tonight's episode took place at the Portland auditions once again and all I can say is-WOW! How can you not become emotionally involved in this show. It has humor, freak factor, talent and more than one heartwarming tale to tell.

First up for the night is cab driver, Soriah. He's a singer who entertains his patrons with his talent. I was expecting, oh, I don't know, NORMAL, and then he came out in a costume that made him look like a pile of bird shit.. and then proceeded to throat sing.
Yes, he's a throat singer. No, nobody was impressed. In fact, Piers, Howie and Nick proceed to perform as a throat singing chorus... and they weren't entertaining, either.

Three no's for our man, Soriah.

After Soriah, they had their obligatory parade of freaks and geeks. Not very impressed... I was ready for some actual talent.

And the show did not disappoint--

The first GOOD routine of the evening were the Hot Shot Tap Dancers-- three brothers and sister who want to take tap dancing to the masses. They have danced together since childhood under the firm guidance of their father. And DAMN they are good-- they brought athleticism, great rhythm, some poppin' and lockin' to their routine. It is nice to see a good tap troupe that doesn't come across as too old fashioned.

Piers wasn't wild about the choreography... Sharon said that she was "so glad they came to the show." Howie could feel their connection.

They get three yes's...Piers was on the fence but felt they had promise.

The most unique talent of the night belongs to AscenDance a rock climbing dance act. They are an engaged couple who discovered that rock climbing and dance can go great together. They warned the judges beforehand that sometimes they fall. Howie asked if they planned on falling tonight, and the girl, Isabel, said that if her fiance, Ryan, drops her she won't marry him. hehehe.

This act was amazingly graceful and athletic. They were completely in tune to each other and really made the climbing and dance flow into each other.

As for the judges: Piers said every time he thinks he's seen everything, something like that happens. Sharon loved their grace while Howie talked about how he drives his wife up a wall, too, but AscenDance is more graceful about it.

Three yes's for this couple. Very good choice

A kid's dance troupe RNG performed tonight. They came out in feather masks and proceeded to get all funky with their little selves. Great synchronization and a lot of style in this hip hop act. The audience loved it.

Piers liked them and says they are exciting. Howie says that if they get to come back, they need to step it up. Sharon said they were perfect.

They get their three yes's.

Christina and Allie are the last act of the night. They are sisters that both have cystic fibrosis. They talk about how they don't let the cystic fibrosis define them-- they define themselves.

They sing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" and they do very well. Little Christina has a mega voice, but Allie was quite good, too. These young ladies have a lot of spirit and passion for singing and performing. They really are living their lives to the fullest.

Howie was actually standing during the performance and gave these two a standing ovation.

They were told since they were little that they would not be able to sing, and I could tell by watching tonight that those opinions just motivated them more.

Howie sees his own daughters when he sees thsee two. He actually gets a little choked up. He wants to see them get what they want out of life.
Piers really respects them, but doesn't patronize them. He says they are not the greatest singers but they make up for it with personality and dedication and spirit.
Sharon just adored them.

Needless to say, these two get their three yes's and see their dream live on. Good for them.

All in all, this was an extremely GREAT week of AGT. I can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for us. Of course, I will keep you posted...

Til then--MWAH!
(Fan-Girl confessor)