True Blood - Beautifully Broken S3,E2

We start this episode with Bill ripping off the ear of an attacking werewolf with his teeth. The King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, rides up on a horse and stops the fighting, and asks what is going on. Bill tries to explain that the King's werewolves kidnapped him & drank his blood. Well the King gets a little pissed and shoots one of the werewolves (now in human form) in the head.

After the opening credits, Lafayette breaks into the bathroom where Tara is drinking as many pill bottles as she can find & he stops her & makes her throw them up. Lettie Mae walks in praising Jesus and Lafayette says, "You so busy praisin Jesus to see she tryin to move in with him permanently."

Sookie & Jessica are at Fangtasia letting Eric know what they found out about Bill's kidnappers. To let Eric & Sookie talk, Jessica and Pam go to the restroom, where Jessica asks Pam how you feed on someone without killing them. Then she asks what to do with a body if you accidentally DO kill someone.

Sookie leaves to take Jessica home before dawn and once she leaves, Eric has a flashback to 1945 Germany during the War where he and Godric were dressed as Nazi Officers and ran into a woman who turned into a werewolf & attacked a soldier.

Back at Russell Edgington's house,we meet Talbot, the King's obviously gay lover, and he shows Bill to his room. The inside of the doors are made with silver so Bill can't leave, yet they have a bell for him to ring if he needs something.

Tara & Lafayette pull over to the side of the road in his car and she pleads with him not to take her to the hospital because if she told them what really happened, they'd lock her in a padded room. "The one time in my entire life I thought I was happy, I was a fucking zombie." Lafayette says they need to do two things, first, eat, second, something Tara needs to see.

Sookie takes Jessica home where Hoyt is waiting (and looking HAWT.) Hoyt tries to convince Jessica to take him back but she slams the door in his face then cries on the other side. She walks to her cubby hole in the ground & sees the dead guy still lying there. She lies down next to him & closes the door.

Sookie is home in the dark, when she turns around & knees Jason in the nuts, thinking he's an intruder. They talk about what happened to bill. The sun comes up and Sookie is cleaning, while Jason is in disbelief about werewolves. He asks if Bigfoot and Santa were real too.

Sam is asleep in his truck when he is awakened by a shotgun pointed in his face from Tommy Pickens. Sam has been sleeping outside of the Pickens' home, wanting to find answers about his parents. Tommy orders Sam out of the truck and into the house, where Sam meets his bio parents.

At Merlotts, in the parking lot, sookie drops her keys and hears someone's thoughts. She looks up and sees a guy with the werewolf scar on his neck. I'm sorry, but her eyes must be fucking awesome to see a little scar like that from so far away. Anyway, Terry scares the guy off, so they go looking for him only to find his clothes and some wolf tracks.

Lafayette takes Tara to a "nut house" as she calls it, and Lafayette asks to see Ruby June Reynolds, his mother, being played by Alfre Woodard.

Jason goes to Andy's press conference to talk to him more about how he shot Eggs and was feeling guilty, plus I think he wanted to ask for Andy's help about Bill's disappearance. They decide to go have lunch instead of talking outside near so many cameras and reporters.

Sookie & Terry talk about what they just saw, so Terry gives Sookie a gun for protection.

Sam is inside with the Pickens' talking about why he was given away for adoption. Tommy is upset that no one told him he had a brother, and storms out into the yard to work on his car.

Lafayette and Tara talk about why he kept it a secret that his mother was in a psychiatric hospital. Tara is worried that she'll end up like Ruby if she isn't more careful. She says she gets it now, and they leave.

Sam tries to make small talk with Tommy and they decide to go for a run, both turning into dogs. Sam, his usual collie and Tommy a pitbull. As they run, Tommy the pitbull stops in the middle of the road and Sam the collie runs over to him. Just as a truck drives by, Tommy changes into a hawk and flys away, where Sam almost gets run over, and rolls in the dirt in his human form again.

Jessica is spraying the entire house with Lysol while calling to see about renting a chainsaw for the dead body in her cubby hole. While she leaves to get the chainsaw, someone breaks into Bills house and goes through his things looking for information about Sookie. Jessica comes home once the intruder has left and finds that her dead body is missing.

Bill is having dinner with the King where he tells Bill of his intentions to marry Sophie Ann.

Sookie is outside on the porch with her gun and hears a strange sound, but it's just Eric. He tells her about his time in Nazi Germany and how they impersonated others to try and find the vampire leader of the Operation Werewolf. He explains the werewolves that took Bill are not ordinary werewolves and that they are now after her. Eric tries to get Sookie to invite him in, so he can protect her and possibly have sex with her, but she refuses and insist she is still Bill's. (I know he wouldn't have to ask ME twice to come in)

At dinner with the King, he talks to Bill more about Sophie Ann and wants to know her secrets. He wonders why Sophie Ann would send Bill, such a great vampire, to live in Bon Temp, a swampy town, and date a waitress. Bill insist Russell leave Sookie out of this. Loren walks in making snide comments about Bill's love for Sookie and bill runs over and sets her on fire. Though I've seen enough daytime television to know this is probably just a fantasy of Bills.

Lafayette brings Tara to Merlotts with him so she'll be safe while he's working and a new vampire, Franklin Mott, walks into the bar. He chit chats with Tara and she asks if he's a friend of Bill Compton's. He says no, and he asks her the same. She says she basically is not a friend of his. Then the camera pans down to his shoes, and we find out HE is the one who broke into Bill's house earlier.

Jason has had too much to drink during his lunch with Andy, so Andy offers to drive him home. Once in the car he gets a call to back up Kenya in Hot Shot, so Jason rides along out there with Andy. Once they pull up, we meet Calvin Norris and he asks what's going on. They have a warrant to search his house. Jason sees a pretty girl running through the trees, Crystal Norris, and he gets out of the car and chases after her. He turns around and sees a guy trying to escape, so Jason goes and tackles the guy to the ground.

Tara is outside of the bar drinking on a bottle of Wild Turkey when two white trash drunk mother fuckers come out and start laughing about how Eggs was shot. This pisses Tara off and she gets a punch off on one of the guys and as they start to attack her, Franklin Mott comes out to her rescue, holds one guy and lets Tara get a good five or so punches off on that dumbass.

Eric and Sookie are still outside on her porch as he mocks her with typical wedding vows. He tries to get Sookie to invite him in yet she refuses. He hears something and finally convinces Sookie to invite him in. Once in, he sees a werewolf inside her house. Eric bares fangs and Sookie pulls out a guns, and fires it.

This episode was just fantastic! We meet many of the new characters who are pivotal to this season and there are still more to come. I love how this was fast moving and didn't have any slow plots. I can't wait until next Sunday!