June 21 "Lie to Me"--the fan girl review by Alexis-Rueal


Another week, another tasty-delicious Fox Monday and episode of Lie to Me. I will say this up front: This was one of the BEST episodes of this series to date and has solidified Tim Roth as a British God amongst men in this fan girl's book.

This week's episode was a fairly straight forward case-- or so it seemed. An accused black widow, played with aplomb by Melissa George, is on trial for murdering her MUCH older husband for his billion + dollars.

Cal and his team start off as working for the prosecution for this case-- with Cal's ex-wife Zoe (the lovely Jennifer Beals)working on the widow, Clara's defense. If there is one thing we learned in this episode, it's that Cal and Zoe make for DAMN FINE TELEVISION! They match wits better than almost anyone on any show. Leave it to Cal, though, to turn an ordinary trial into high camp AND figure out that the grieving widow is innocent, after all... all the while being thrown out of court more times that you can shake a stick at.

This episode brought the humor out in spades. From every moment Cal stepped up to the stand to a rather risque ruse he and Clara pulled off to test her step-son, there was something that kept me either in a chuckle or a full-blown guffaw.

Speaking of Cal and Clara, they have some very good chemistry together. Tim Roth and Melissa George brought a rather palpable sexual tension and intelligent repartee to their scenes together. Very entertaining to watch.

The resolution to this story was both a twist I didn't see coming and very fulfilling to the story. I dare say, Cal and Clara could have some adventures together-- and I don't think the fans would mind. Here's hoping for a return visit from Ms. George.

I might as well mention this now, but if you didn't watch this episode.... you missed some hella good tasty news about Torres' past. It sent Loker into a tizzy. I won't tell you here, but you'd better find it online. I will say, the guys will like it. They're kinda smarmy that way.

That's it for this week's Lie to Me. I'll be back Tuesday and Wednesday for America's Got Talent.

Til then, MWAH!!!

(Fan-Girl confessor)