By the Power of Mustache!

Dan Stark:  Do you know what kind of person beats up a candy machine like this? A person with serious rage issues. A psychopath in the making. The work we're doing here could save someone's life. Maybe a woman. Maybe even a hot woman.

If you're not watching The Good Guys you need to be.  Tom Hanks's son Colin is great as Jack Bailey. Bradley Whitford is Instant-Emmy-Ready as Dan Stark.  And better then both of them put together (as well as better than 44 of the past 48 Miss Americas...) - Dan Stark's Mustache.....a.k.a. The Feather of God.

It even has its own Twitter Account.  No, for realz!

And let me tell you something - The Feather of God is a hilarious Twitterer.  Here are some gems he came up with during last week's show:

I'm as rarin' to go as a horny guy from Louisiana at a Family Reunion!

Real Men don't Golf. Real Men lick dime-store whiskey off a cheap hooker's back - they don't Golf!

I was trying to think of ways I could be more awesome. I guess there are some things even I can't do.

Ladies, please. There's enough Stache to go around. Please don't least without Pudding!

I once shot a man for looking at me funny. At least, I think he was. Might'a just been asleep. Either way, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE STACHE!

Best unexpected benefit to having a 'Stache - you never look out of place tying a girl to the train-tracks.

The only phone calls you should answer during The Good Guys are BootyStache-Calls.

They say a Stache makes it look like yer up to somethin'. If you're not up to somethin', why bother having a Stache?

You see what I mean?

The Good Guys follows two "Small Crimes" cops as they stumble their way onto  very large crimes. The show is breezy, fun, with three or four tongues firmly planted in cheeks (take that any way you want to) - and with an air of "anything can happen....anything Awesome, that is....."

What's not to love?

Speaking of which, another gem from the Feather of God:

Bad Guy #1:  How do you know he's a cop?
Bad Guy #2:  'Cause only cops and porn-stars have mustaches like that.

The Top 5 'Stache Professions

#5 - Old West Sheriff

#4 - European Dictator

#3 - '70s Cop

#2 - Porn Star

#1 - Your Lover

Dan Stark (about a bad guy):  I don't think he liked the 'Stache.

Jack Bailey:  Well who does, Dan?

Dan Stark:  The Ladies....the Ladies...


The Good Guys - 9:00 Mondays on FOX