America's Got Talent Vegas Week Round 2-- the fan girl review by Alexis-Rueal

Last night, we saw 37 acts go through to the Live Hollywood shows. Some acts were good choices, and some made me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. Tonight, the Group B fill in acts performed-- 28 acts fighting for 11 spots in the Hollywood shows. The pressure is on and this fan girl had high hopes for some of her favorites.

The Danger acts performed first and we started off with a martial arts group. They are well choreographed and quite talented. We then get to a knife throwing group who ended by juggling their knives. They were pretty good, too; but this fan girl has one she is holding out all hope for.

Yes, Nick Pike is performing and he is doing a stunt that he says has never been done before. He walks on broken glass doused in kerosene while juggling a lit knife, a butcher knife and some other extremely sharp object...oh,yeah, he has a hood over his head, too. Damn, he's good. I sent so many fan girl prayers up for him. I have liked him since he Riverdanced in his original audition.

Next we have Jeremy Vanschoonhoven:

After his original audition, Jeremy quit his job to devote himself full-time to perfecting his audition performance. It showed. He jumped barrels and between walls. He dropped from the top of a high wall and landed between the legs of a guy who was laying on the floor beneath him. He was good. I admit it. I like Nick better, but Jeremy did not disappoint.

After danger acts, we had the kids acts. This segment was a horse race between two dance groups RNG and Northwest Dance and Acro. Both of these groups are talented, but in different ways. RNG is more hip-hop while NWDA is more into the traditional acrobatics. It will be interesting to see where the judges preference lies.

(RNG= Rated Next Generation)

The next category was the Vocal Group category:
We had R&B, country, broadway and then we had one of my favorite acts New Directions Choir. If you have been reading, you know how I feel about this choir made up of formerly homeless veterans. I love to hear them sing and damn, they brought their A game tonight. They sang "The Way You Do The Things You Do" and I was a happy fan girl.

After New Directions, we got to see sister act Christy and Allie. These are the sisters who are living with cystic fibrosis. They sing well, but Sharon is concerned about whether or not they can handle live shows every week. Those girls say they can and Piers says that wild horses couldn't keep them from performing. This will be an interesting choice for the judges.

The novelty acts came next and it was interesting. Most of the acts did not do very well in their second audition. Then we had Ronith.

Oh, what Chipps Cooney brought to magic, our dear Ronith brought to the art of impersonations. His first audition was a series of the WORST impersonations on the face of the planet. Howie and Sharon loved him, though, and passed him through to Vegas. This time, though, Ronith performs an "acting" performance of a man's morning routine. This act makes the first audition look TAME. The judges laughed their asses off, though. Howie actually laughed harder at this bit than the last one. He DID, however, kinda fuss at Ronith about not doing impersonations. Ronith said that he decided to do something different because Piers didn't like his first audition. That didn't please Howie or Sharon, but they still thought he was funny.

After the novelty acts, we had the bands. This was an intersting category due to the fact that Airpocalypse, the strangely talented air band (how many times can I write THAT sentence in my lifetime?). Well, it seems that the other bands are super-pissed that the air band is going against bands that, you know, play actual instruments.

Airpocalypse didn't care, though. They said that they work just as hard perfecting their performances as do bands that play instruments.

I have to admit... this performance was good. They have the rock star persona down pat and they poke fun at that whole lack of instruments thing that people seem to notice. I love these guys. The other bands even thought they were funny-- still didn't want them to go through-- but thought they were funny.

The other two bands that they showcased, Strange Familiar and Harmonik also performed. Strange familiar was the stronger of the two acts-- Harmonik just couldn't find that magic again that they showed at their first audition.

The last group auditioning tonight were the male singers. This pretty much boiled down to a battle between Luigi and Nate Kenyon. Both of these guys are talented singers. Luigi was very relaxed during his performance and sounded very good. Sharon was worried, though, that he wasn't trying hard enough. Personally, I think that if it comes natural--GREAT!

Nate, who was EXTREMELY nervous in the Orlando audition, is less nervous here and sings a very good rendition of "Someday". He is still a touch rough, and Piers says he is on the cusp.

After two long nights of auditions, I am going to cut to the chase. The acts going through are as follows:

1. The Martial Arts Group
2. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven

(Nick does not go.... I am epically pissed off at this factoid)

3. RNG
4. Luigi
5. Ronith (I STILL don't get this... he and that ozone killing squawker lady from the first Vegas show... sigh)
6. Nathanial
7. Strange Familiar
8. Country Rockabilly band
9. Airpocalypse (my mom literally facepalmed at this result... I did a little air guitar to celebrate)
10. An R and B singing act
11. Christy and Allie

(If you thought I was pissed about Nick not going... I was doubly so about New Directions getting cut)

So, there you have it... it has been an exhaustive audition process. Now the live shows start on Tuesday with the first 12 acts performing for America's vote. Can't wait to see what the acts bring to the table.

Til then, MWAH!
(fan-girl confessor)