True Blood - It Hurts Me Too S3, E3

Shit, I just watched this episode and it was so good that I forgot how it started. I'm pretty sure it started back in Sookie's house with Eric running after the werewolf that just broke into Sookie's house. Sookie fires her gun at the wolf, but Eric jumps in front of the bullet. He doesn't want the werewolf to get killed because he wants to get information from it first. Of course the were won't talk, but Sookie hears it think "Jackson" and Eric kills him. Getting Sookie's rug all bloody from killing the werewolf, Eric says, "I got your rug all wet." He takes the body (since werewolves don't clean up after themselves once they die) and buries it in a fresh grave so no one notices freshly disturbed earth. Eric makes a point to put the wreath back on the grave as they leave. lol

If it weren't for my tweets during this show, I'd have no fucking idea the order any of this happened. LOL

Anyway, we get back to King Russell's mansion where Lorena is indeed on fire, so they put her out with one of the rugs. Damn. They should have let the bitch fry, but then who would torture Bill? The King and Bill talk more about what the king wants from him and how he would leave Sookie alone if Bill denounces his loyalty to Sophie Anne and becomes loyal to Russell instead.

Tara and Franklin Mott are in a skeezy motel room having, what seems to be, outstanding sex. She begs him to bite her, but he won't. Then he starts asking questions, like her name and if she had a boyfriend, so she gets up and starts getting dressed. Then he tells her his name and offers her a ride home, but she says she'll walk, then leaves.

Jessica calls Pam at Fangtasia while Pam is in the middle of what seems to be dinner, as she's going down on some hot girl, then answers the phone, "Fangtasia, this better be good." Jessica reminds her who she is and about the problem of the "hypothetical" dead body and how to get rid of it. Then explains the body is gone. When Pam realizes Jessica is calling about a dead body that is no longer there, she hangs up and gets back to "eating."

Jason tells Hoyt about what happened in Hot Shot and how he took that guy down, now Jason wants to become a cop. If this happens the whole town is fucked. LOL Hoyt asks Jason a few questions that are on the practice test, but Jason doesn't know any of the answers. He points out that Andy doesn't know half that shit, so he shouldn't have a problem with the test.

Arlene is at the getting a gyno check up and she is definitely pregnant only it's not Terry's. She is at least 9-10 weeks along which makes the baby Rene Lenier's baby (from season 1) but when Arlene tells Terry she's prenant, she doesn't tell him it's not his. I mean, how could she? Terry was SO happy to find out Arlene was pregnant that he automatically assumed it was their baby. He tells her she has made him proud and given him something in his life to live for.

Tara is at work when she gets a call about Eggs' funeral and leaves quickly to go there, where no one but her, the coroner and preacher are there. She asks where every one is, but he didn't have any family or many friends. She asks who paid for the funeral and Sookie walks up saying she did. As the funeral begins, the camera pans out and shows a grave of Thomas Compton, Bill's son.

Bill is having a dream of his past life when he showed up to his house to see his wife, and his child, Thomas, has died from some kind of pox. His wife sees that Bill is crying tears of blood and asks what he is, then shoots him with a shot gun. She freaks out when his flesh grows back, runs outside to where Lorena catches her. Bill won't let Lorena hurt his wife, but he glamours her so she will forget what she's seen and that Bill stopped by. As Bill and Lorena bury Thomas, Lorena tells Bill that the only way to love a human is to leave them and stay away. He wakes up and knows what he has to do to protect Sookie.

Sam comes into his bio parents house to let them know he's leaving. He asks his brother why he tried to kill him and his brother kind of shrugs it off as no biggie. At Merlottes Sam tells Sookie about his family and how he has a brother. Sookie tells Sam she needs a few days off to go to Mississippi.

Sookie is cleaning the blood out of her rug when she hears someone behind her, runs to the house and tries to fight him off, then runs inside where we learn the guy is Alcide, hired by Eric to accompany Sookie to Mississippi so she can find Bill.

Jason is having a dream, while sleeping on the job, about taking the police test and is waken up by Lafayette when Hoyt finds a dead body sans head and hands. Bud, Andy and Kenya are looking over the crime scene when Bud gets fed up and quits. He said he's had enough of dead bodies and is tired of this shit.

Someone knocks on the door of Bill's house and Jessica answers. It's Franklin Mott. Thinking Franklin is some weird creepy guy just bothering her, she shows her fangs and he shows his. He walks in and she didn't know he could just come in without being invited. He lets her know that rule is just for human homes. He asks her if anyone has gone missing and she says Bill, but he's talking about the body she was hiding. She plays it off like she doesn't know what he's talking about then he whips out the dead guy's head. LOL He says he did her a favor by getting rid of the body, so she can do her a favor by telling him about Bill Compton.

Franklin goes next door and knocks on Sookie's door, where Tara answers. He knows her name now because of Jessica, but Tara won't let him in, until he glamours her to let him in.

Sookie and Alcide get to Mississippi and go into a werewolf bar where Sookie makes herself known to a group of biker gang looking weres. She reads one's thoughts and he is thinking about the vampire's ass he kicked the other night. She touches him and sees he was involved with Bill's disappearance. She goes to a back room with him, but he won't tell her where Bill is then screams. Alcide runs in and gets him off Sookie and the two guys fight for a minute. The bartender tells Alcide she isn't worth it. Alcide thinks he is referring to Sookie, but he's referring to Alcide's ex, Debbie Pelt, who is now engaged to head of the werewolf pack, Cooter, who works for Russell Edgington.

Sam's white trash family comes into Merlottes and drinks up until Joe Lee gets drunk and Sam has to kick them out. Later that night an alarm goes off in Sam's trailer, letting him know someone is in/around his bar/home. He finds a bird in his office, some of his things gone through and his brother's clothes. His brother flys out the window.

Back at the King's mansion, Bill interrupts Lorena and Russell's conversation about Sookie by denouncing his loyalty to the queen of Louisiana and announcing his loyalty to the King of Mississippi. This saves Sookie's involvement, as per his agreement with Russell, but pisses Lorena off because she wanted Sookie to die.

Up in Bill's room, Bill tells Lorena how he remembered what he taught her about humans and that she was right, also that he will never love her and always hate her. He is telling her this while ripping off her clothes and fucking her. Then the oddest thing happens, Bill turns Lorena's head around, breaking her neck, so she is facing the other way, while they are fucking. She says she still loves him and Bill screams.

For whatever reason Bill fucked Lorena, I am officially over him and on team Eric. I've read all the books and have been on team Eric for a while, after switching from team Bill, to team Alcide, to team Quinn, back to team Eric.

True Blood is on a two week hiatus since HBO doesn't show any new shows during the holidays and since next weekend is 4th of July weekend, we'll just see repeats of True Blood. So, until two weeks, when I will be on my own little vacation, house sitting for my bestie. Happy fang bangin!


Anonymous said...

When I first read you were house-sitting for your bestie, I thought you wrote "beastie," and I thought - "she has a werewolf!" lol