Five Questions for Dan Stark's 'Stache-- the TV Warrior interview

I admit: I am fan-girl crazy for the 'Stache! As I have watched the Fox television comedy, The Good Guys, I have become entranced with that dash of feathery pornstache charm. I just can't get over his "bad-stache" ways; and when I was presented with the chance for a 1:1 Twitter interview (twitterview?), I couldn't say no.

Here is a transcript of the 5 questions and the 'stache's responses:

Alexis_Rueal: Welcome #thegoodguys fans & twitterverse. This is the @tvwarrior interview w/ @DanStarksStache. Hello there, Feather of God.

DanStarksStache: What's your first question, @Alexis_Rueal?

Alexis_Rueal: Question #1: what is the secret of a good relationship between a man and his stache?

DanStarksStache: Always knock 2x when there's a sock on the door

Alexis_Rueal: Very interesting. Question #2: What is your opinion on 'staches that get work done (manscaping and Just for Men, etc)?

DanStarksStache: Staches are like wild mustangs & small tits: Let Them Run Free!

Alexis_Rueal: Question #3: Hirsut women: Hot or not?

DanStarksStache: The Stache likes all Flavor of Ladies (all pink in the middle, darlin') BUT HE DON'T LIKE COMPETITION!

***He called me darlin'!!!!!! (fans self)***

Alexis_Rueal: Question #4:What is your idea of showing a woman a good time?

DanStarksStache: Gettin' some Drive-Thru and Doin' it Twice!

Alexis_Rueal: Final Question: You vs. Chuck Norris' beard vs. Donald Trump's hair-- who wins and why?

DanStarksStache: Like Highlander, there can only be 1 - THE STACHE!

We at TV Warrior wish to thank Dan Stark's 'Stache for joining us. You can catch the 'stache, his partner Dan, Jack Bailey and the gang on The Good Guys, Monday nights at 9 on FOX. You can also follow @DanStarksStache on Twitter. He comments along to each week's episode and shows everyone a good time (especially if you're a lady).

I'll be back later to post about this week's Lie to Me

Til then!
(fan girl confessor)