Congratulations to the Phillies on winning the World Series. It would have been nice to see Tampa Bay win, but all I really wanted was a 7 game series. That did not happen, but at least at least they made us work for it!

Of the first four games, three of them were competitive, coming down to the final out. Philly won three of them, but I didn't think the Series was necessarily over. Then came that crazy game 5...

Which ended up with a 46 hour rain delay! I mention this because tonight we got a three and a half inning game. I have to say: how awesome was that! There was tons of drama. Every at bat seemed to matter, every runner might score. Every pitching change was dramatic. Can't ask for more than that.

Best of all: the whole thing only took 80 minutes! I bet a lot more people would watch baseball if they could do that. I realize they won't, but for one night, pretty cool.