CSI - Let it Bleed

CSI 9.4 - "Let it Bleed"

A solid but not spectacular episode of CSI. Frankly, Halloween in Vegas? I expected more. The cases were nothing special, except it did lead Catherine to find her underage daughter in a club. The club owner was so familiar to me, and I tried to place him all episode. I just now looked him up: he was the soap opera star that House loves, and I think he was on Sex and the City.

Anyway, the most interesting part of the episode is that one of the murder victims was the daughter of a Cartel kingpin. This resulted in anyone who had thing-1 to do with her death getting shot in the head, including the Cartel guy's own sister, who raised the girl! Unbelievable viciousness, but I guess that's how you keep people in line. (Something to remember when I take over Iceland.)

Also: Warrick has been gone, what, three weeks? New CSI Riley is already fitting in like a three year vet. What's up with that? Wouldn't they resent her being there? Shouldn't there be more friction? At least a catfight? That's all I ask.



I watched neither in prime time, and realized the only reason I was going to try desperately to "catch up" is to review the episodes. Frankly, I haven't gotten one single comment on either show, so I don't see the point. Unless there are silent readers out there into either of these shows, I'm down with them.

I did spend the 10:00 hour watching and old House with my mom. It was the one where the patient (Mira Sorvino) is trapped in Antarctica. That is a fantastic episode, by the way, in case you ever get the chance to see it. It also made me realize. In case I don't get to take over Iceland, Antarctic, I mean HypeironLand is just waiting for me.