Family Guy Season 7 Premiere

Thoughts on the Family Guy Premiere:

"Love Blactually"

Overall a very solid episode, if not in the same league with last year's opener Blue Harvest. (FG's Best Episode Ever)

I knew I was going to be writing "thoughts" on all the Sunday night shows, but it did not occur to me to make notes until Family Guy, so I have more details on this one.

Loved how they tweaked Brian's arrogant ultra-liberalism. Brian rejects an (admittedly hardcore) conservative for her Pro Life views, and Stewie offers the hope, "Maybe some day you'll find a woman who loves abortion as much as you." I guess that tweaks conservatism too, in a backhanded way.

Quagmire had a great bit about the Emperor's New Clothes (when he's caught coming out of Loretta's hotel room naked), and Joe's "Crippled Magnum P.I." was priceless.

Breaking the 4th Wall when talking about just who can understand Stewie was hilarious, and right on the money. Find some rules and stick to them!

Most of the great lines tonight were Cleveland's, which may or may not be foreshadowing for the season, since Cleveland is getting a spin-off series next year, and the producers might want to start featuring him more.

When Cleveland scoops up Brian's girl Caroline and nails her, and then tells Brian, "Why don't you hop on that gay bike of yours and go get yourself a lollipop or a cupcake or something." I actually laughed out loud.

I also loved his "Boom goes the dynamite" closing line to orgasm, in the same flat voice as that poor You-Tube college sports reporter.

Another great Cleveland line, when he had to choose between Caroline and his ex-wife: "I'm no meteorologist, but it's raining bitches." And I even laughed at his "Black guy thinking time."

Like I said, overall very solid.