Californication - Season 2 Premiere

I know I have not written yet about Season 1 of Californication. I keep meaning to and then I get sidetracked. I am going to have a formal review of the DVD in a couple of days.

In the meantime, for those who are big fans already...Showtime was nice enough to put the first episode on their website for free. Not sure if I will be able to do that again, but I have to do something! I'm a big fan, and I don't want to wait until the DVD comes out next year!!!

Season 2 Episode 1 - "Slip of the Tongue"

The first episode of Season 2 was enjoyable, with some fantastic writing. However, overall, the tone was somewhat surprising. You know how sometimes those little shows fly under the radar, so they just do what they do, and they're really good, and they get all this buzz, and by the time they get ready to make a second season everyone has heard all the buzz, so the expectations are higher and possibly the egos, and you can just tell the show thinks its all that?

You KNOW what I'm talking about. Entourage was a good example of this. The first season was shot before anyone even saw an episode, and it was a big hit, and when it came back, you could just TELL they knew they were all that. Some of the innocence was gone.

I think you could argue that the beginning of Season 2 of Heroes might have fell victim to this (more on that tomorrow), and maybe some others. That would make a good list.

But's too early to judge, and I am NOT one of those Haters who jumps all over a show the moment something seems askew. But I did get that tickle in the first episode.

It just seemed a little too sure of itself. A little more self-aware. Plus, not much was done to "re-introduce" the characters, which is surprising, since the show undoubtedly had lot of new fans checking it out for the first time.


I will put my worries in a sack for now, and compliment the true genius. Which was the two-door bathroom. Only Hank could get caught in that situation. (Although; I did have something similar happen to me once; more on that another time too.)

The vasectomy scenes were all great too, leading to the unforgettable shot of the real-estate agent and prospective buyers walking in on Hank's sore balls and an ice cube tray. I laughed my head off.

The Hank-Becca relationship looks to be rocky for awhile, which sucks, as it was one of my favorite things in Season 1. But who knows? Argh! I'm turning into one of those message board people!

All right. Just penning this convinces me I HAVE to get an exhortation for Season 1 done. Look for that soon!