LOST sites

I finally got around to watching last week's LOST episode. Is there a better show on TV? Hurley rules, as does Locke, Sawyer and Sayid. I'm not liking Jack or Michael and I hate Charlie right now. I don't care if he was a friggin' hobbit.

For those of you not in the cult, run out and watch the first season so you can catch up. For those of you who are fans, a couple of sites to fascinate you:

Oceanic Flight 815 has some cool stuff. The best part is the easter egg. Click on the bar code at the bottom and type in 'theislandiswaiting" A page of script comes up. I have no idea if it's authentic, but it's cool nonetheless.

The Hanso Foundation is from that creepy movie Jack and Locke watched. It doesn't really have much content, but just for giggles, add an "s" after the http and then do it again. Isn't that weird? What do you think it means?


Koz points out another cool thing about the second LOST site (below): if you go to future projects, there is a hidden link. It's that movie that Locke and Jack watched, and I'm pretty sure this is a different version. Yes, there were still those annoying glitches, but I think I heard something that wasn't on the show two weeks ago.

One of the great things about LOST is how not only the characters intertwine in creepy ways, and those stupid number CONTINUE to pop up everywhere, but there are so many little tiny things to look for. This is why LOST is the best show on TV right now.

As for me, I have many other posts and top ten lists, but I'm wiped out after ferrying everyone around today for tickets and surgery. I must get some sleep, and then I'll do what I can. Promise.