Covert Affairs Season 2

When USA started making TV shows they came up with a catchy slogan - “Characters Welcome.” This was actually their second choice, the first being, “Very little real danger will happen to anyone so relax, ladies.”  

Do I sound cynical?  I don’t mean to be.  Why shouldn’t there be a place for stress-free TV, where you don’t have to worry about characters suffering irreversible trauma at every turn?  Are USA shows going to be impactful dramas like The Sopranos or The Wire?  But sometimes I just want something on in the background while I do five things at once.  Sometimes I want a show where I won’t be disappointed if I don’t catch an episode or three.

Covert Affairs fills that bill perfectly for me.  When last I wrote about Covert Affairs, I’d just seen the Season Finale and was singing the praises of a fun carefree show.  Watching the first episode of Season 2, not much has changed.  Annie (Piper Perabo, still very lovely) is running around trusting her instinct, caring too much and getting into trouble.  Auggie is still running around being all blind and cool. There’s some danger sure (wouldn’t be a spy show without it), but you know everything is going to work out okay.  

Covert Affairs fills in as nice summer fare for USA.  It’s fun, breezy, easy on the eyes and stress-free.

Everything Summer should be.

Tuesday at 10 on USA

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