Starring Eric Close, Tim Blake Nelson, Freddy Rodriguez, Kurtwood Smith
Fridays @ 8:00; CBS

Freddy Rodriguez goes to work at the CIA to be a spy (and if this is the level of operative the Agency is hiring these days then suddenly America’s Foreign Policy begins to make sense).  Anyway, Kurtwood Smith (forever now “Foreman’s Dad”) sends Rodriguez to spy on an intractible group he has had no success in removing. A thorn in his side. Al Qaeda?  No.  KGB?  Nope.  FARC?  Not even close.  No, this enemy is a group within the CIA,  called (wait for it) the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services, or C.A.O.S.

If you’re already kind of bored with this review then I have done my job, because it didn’t take me long to already be kinda bored with Chaos.  As soon as it ended II wrote on Twitter: 

(Yes, Camelot was way way way better, but that review isn’t until later in the week, so you’ll just have to wait.)

When I was trying to come up with a way to describe Chaos in terms of another CBS show the best I could do is “The Goonit” - They basically want the action of the Unit but without any of the drama. Essentially this is going to be a workplace comedy with explosions.  

There’s nothing wrong with that. Heck, arguably the best show on TV right now (or at least the funniest) is a work-place comedy about spies. (Archer on FX, in case you’re slow.)  My problem with Chaos isn’t the concept, it’s the Network. CBS runs things a certain way. It’s usually very well done. Good-looking production, telegenic safe safe safe.  The LAST thing a comedy mixing spies and office politics should be is safe. That’s partly what makes Archer so outrageously hysterical. And it’s what (I think) dooms Chaos from ever being anything other than “there.”  CBS is so powerful they may make a hit. But if the real CIA is that boring no wonder we can’t get the right people in there.  (I’m always available)

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