New Show - Blue Bloods (CBS)


Blue Bloods  - CBS:  Fridays at 10:00

Blue Bloods is pretty much what you would expect from a drama with that name. It's about family of cops in New York out to catch the bad guys. I went into watching this with my usual disdain for yet another law-enforcement program - seen one, you've seen them all - and for the first 15 or 20 minutes or so it fulfilled my dismal expectation. 

 But then something happened. In a word: Violence. I actually sat up from my prone position on the couch and smiled. Finally. This Just. Got. Interesting. And not just any Violence, nay, nay... the kind of violence that's JUSTIFIED. In my opinion, the best kind. (Yes, there are other good kinds...but I digress.)

I am impressed with the cast: Tom Selleck is the Chief and his kids all follow the family legacy of law. Donnie Wahlberg is a detective and Iraq War vet, Bridget Moynahan is the Assistant D.A., and Will Estes is the youngest, having just been newly sworn in as one of New York's Finest.

The pilot episode dealt with a kidnapping case and Donnie Wahlberg getting his hands on the bad guy - who wasn't about to give it up on the whereabouts of the missing girl- when the magical moment of Violence presented itself. 

I don't know about you, but seeing Bad Guy get his head slammed and shoved into a toilet makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course, it wouldn't be Hollywood without a happy ending.... but then a twist I was not expecting. Will is approached by special agents and asked to assist in an undercover investigation of a secret society within the Department known as the Blue Templar.  

The group informs Will that his older brother (Not seen in the show, but we are made aware he was a cop as well, killed in the line of duty), was undercover too and Will is now faced with making a decision that will impact his family in some way.

I thought Blue Bloods started out a little flat and typical but redeemed itself quickly. I like the balancing act it portrays with the police getting their man and the frustration they deal with when the courts throw the scum back out into society. As I mentioned, there's gratuitous violence and it doesn't hurt the story line to include a little intrigue. If they keep up with good writing, I am optimistic Blue Bloods will catch it's viewers and keep them interested.


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