Running Wilde, 930pm Fox, Comedy

Running Wilde, 930pm Fox, Comedy

Will Arnett as Steve Wilde
Keri Russell as Emmy Kadubic
Robert Michael Morris as Mr. Lunt
Mel Rodriguez as Migo Salazar
Stefania Owen as Puddle Kadubic
Peter Serafinowicz as Fa’ad Shaoulin
David Cross as Andy

Some overly rich guy, who has gotten everything he’s wanted but one thing (not really a thing) and competes with his neighbor over stupid crap, wasting money but has no real friends or ties of meaning, tries to win over the one thing (ok person) he wants. She is, of course, seemingly the total opposite of him, environmentalist with child fighting corporate wrong doing…of his Dad’s oil company too. She’s been living in the rain forest for years, trying to save some tribe. Her daughter wants to be back in civilization…and presto change…they all wind up living together and each is going to try to change the other. This show is lame, and has already cost me over an ½ hour of my life which I will sadly never get back. I hope that in doing so, I have saved at last one other person from this travesty!

Recommend: No.
TiVo Worthy: Heck no!
Tubs of Popcorn: -2 Tubs
Reminiscent of: happily, i am unable to think of any



Hyperion said...

I completely agree. It was beyond pathetic.