Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0, CBS 10pm 

The show started with a military opening where McGarrett JR has some bad guy’s little brother and big bro tries to exchange SR for his Bro. JR is offered head of task for to get rid of these guys…no red tape…of course he says no & winds up doing it to take over the crime scene. There is more of a lethal weapon feel between JR and his “Dano.” The search for the killer and the building of the task force begins. And the story behind “Dano” is heard.

I was skeptical at best about this “remake” but became intrigued when I heard rumor that the show wasn’t really a remake but a next generation set up. This show sucked me when Jr met Dano. If you like the original Hawaii Five-0; Magnum P.I; NCIS LA; In Plain Sight; and/or Lethal Weapon…you’ll like this show.

Trivia: Little trivia for our dear readers…the original Hawaii Five-0 aired on CBS and started in 1968.

Question: Is it just me or does Steve McGarrett Jr resemble Nicholas Cage? 
Recommend: Oh heck yeah! 
Tivo Worthy: Absolutely! 
Tubs of Popcorn: 5 Tubs and a Large Icee 


Scott Caan ... Det. Danny Williams 
Daniel Dae Kim ... Det. Chin Ho Kelly 
Alex O'Loughlin ... Det. Steve McGarrett 
Grace Park ... Kona Kalakaua 
Michelle Borth ... Catherine Rollins

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