Better With You ABC - Pilot

Better with you, ABC's new comedy about relationships involves three couples in various stages of their relationships. The catch, the couples are related. Let me tell you about them.

The first, and newest couple are Mia & Casey who have been seeing one another for about 2 months. They are happy and in love, you know, the kind of giddy lust you have at the beginning of a new relationship? That's them.

The second couple are Mia's sister Maddie and her long time boyfriend Ben. Maddie and Ben have been together for 9 years and are in a loving and committed relationship. A piece of paper and a ring doesn't make one relationship more valid than another. Right?

The third couple are Mia and Maddie's parents, Joel and Vicky Putney and they have been married for 35 years. Well they have been through all stages of relationships and almost hate one another.

Mia meets up with Maddie and Ben to introduce her new boyfriend Casey to see if big sister will approve. Turns out Ben gets a man crush on Casey and likes him more than Maddie, especially the next day when Casey shows up unexpectedly to Maddie's office asking for her advice. Casey wants to propose to Mia, but Maddie thinks it's a bad idea and tries to think of ways to stall him by saying Mia wants to be proposed to during the Summer Olympics.

Casey, being not very smart, proposes to Mia anyway and she accepts. Maddie is shocked, and Ben tries to help Casey by giving him advice upon meeting Mia's parents to give them the news.

All three couples meet for dinner but when Mia stands up to announce her engagement news, he mother thinks Maddie is finally getting married. She corrects her mother and says in fact, it's Mia, not Maddie, who is engaged. The conversation turns to Maddie and Ben and how her parents think they will never get married and how that has been a topic of conversation with basically everyone, even the waiter. Ben let's it slip that the reason that Casey is asking Mia to marry him is because Mia is pregnant.

The parents are not upset, they are actually happy that they are finally going to become grandparents. Mia gets mad and storms out of the restaurant, because she wanted to be the one to break the news, not Ben. Casey stands behind and asks if he is supposed to follow Mia and storm out with her.

Maddie and Ben also leave, trying to catch up with Mia and Casey so Ben can apologize and he forces Maddie into the cab with Mia because they need to talk. While in the cab they sort things out with each other. Meanwhile, in another cab, Ben and Casey talk and Casey tells Ben about how he didn't really care what Mia's parents thought about him. This fact astonishes Ben and he thinks he should follow suit and finally get rid of his tip card for new guys and the girl's parents, which he accidentally left at the restaurant and is being read by the parents. One point is "He is chatty at the urinal," and "She's a little bit racist."

The show ends with all three couples in their respective bedrooms with the guys asking their woman if they want to fool around. Mia and Casey: "Sure it's been like 6 whole hours!" Maddie and Ben: "Yeah, it's been like a week." Joel and Vicky: Oh, I forgot you have the earplugs in and can't hear me."

I thought this was a pretty cute new show. There were some funny moments and I believe this show has potential, especially in it's current time slot. It should last a full season since it comes on after The Middle and before Modern Family, so long as it keeps up interesting story lines and maintains the funny.