Can a family of small-time criminals go legit?
Watch Scoundrels and find out.

Series Plot: Cheryl West is a middle-aged woman with four children; a set of male twins named Logan and Cal West, and daughters Heather West, and the youngest, Hope West. After Cheryl's career criminal husband Wolf gets a long prison sentence, Cheryl decides to make her family go straight.

Factoid: It is based on the New Zealand TV series Outrageous Fortune which is entering its 6th season.

Setting: Palm Springs, Calif.


• Virginia Madsen as Cheryl West – Family Matriarch, married to Wolf.
• David James Elliott as Wolfgang "Wolf" West - Married to Cheryl (and doing time).
• Patrick Flueger as Logan and Calvin "Cal" West (twins) – sons of Wolf & Cheryl.
• Leven Rambin as Heather West – daughter of Wolf & Cheryl
• Vanessa Marano as Hope West – daughter of Wolf & Cheryl
• John Lawlor as Grandpa West – Father of Wolf
• Carlos Bernard as Sergeant Mack – The Nemesis Cop?


1.1 And Jill Came Tumbling After

The opening scene finds Cheryl in Wolf in the throngs of romance to be interrupted by the police. “Don’t be silly, we love it when you guys drop in” (Wolf to Sgt Mack). Cheryl goes to wake everyone up…Cal is MIA. Hope’s wake up line: “Why don’t they just move in and save on gas.” They are there serving a warrant regarding a heist and assault at an Asian household and ask about their son Cal in particular, and then Logan, his twin. He is reminded of the West Code: no violence and no drugs. During the search, one cop is because looking at photos of Heather. Cheryl knew nothing about them and was not happy about them. They are modeling photos and Cheryl believes the guy is not above board. “Let me get this straight, you take off your clothes for this guy and you’re paying him?!?” Wolf is getting ready for a court appearance during all of this – his sentencing. Cousin JJ says 7 months top, out in 4. The family “fun” continues, as a call comes in from Gramp’s neighbor while Wolf is leaving for court, his unit is burning down - Cheryl to the rescue. Wolf is sentenced to 5 years. Cal gets in deep trouble with an Asian gang family, the Hongs. Heather is trying modeling with an unsavory photographer. Hope is skipping school (and blackmailing the vice principal). When Cheryl finds out that Wolf encouraged Cal to get involved with drugs (which is against the West way); she visits Wolf. Wolf told Cheryl he told Cal that he was in charge and that he needed to be smart but that she never gave Cal credit as she did her precious Logan. Cheryl has a nice speech about loving each equally and standing between anything or one that threatens to have them, even Wolf. Wolf tells Cheryl that you cannot succeed without risk – you go where the money is our get out – you’re a good wife and great with the store but this is our (Wolf and Cal’s) side of it – you’re not strong enough, babe, you don’t have the balls. Cheryl closes up shop and sets the family straight. Dad got 5 years – he’ll miss 5 years of your lives - and we’re acting like it’s occupational hazard. It all stops; as of today the Wests are going straight; we’re out of the crime business! Cal & Heather seem to think Cheryl will get over it; it’s just shock. Hope says there is not a chance in hell. Logan is surprised and happy at the news. Sgt Mack shows up at Logan’s party, the Hong’s mother has a bad memory and the story changed. Cheryl tells him they’re going straight. “A leopard can’t changes it’s spots” (Sgt Mack) “I say they can; just watch and see.” (Cheryl). The show ends with Logan laughing about hearing from Cal that they are now going straight.

Also in tonight’s show:
Renee – the photographer
Charlie – the fence working at the family store
Patty Hong – daughter of Mr. Hong, head of Asian gang


(pre show writing
I excitedly awaited this show. I enjoy crime drama comedies; I adore sarcasm; and I’ve liked Vanessa Marano since Gilmore Girls. That the NY Times review wasn’t all that glowing (“It starts out looking like one show, a sexy, light-hearted comedy about larceny, and ends up looking like another: a slightly more serious, and potentially irritatingly sentimental, “dramedy” about trying to go straight.”) made me even giddier, as I am a skeptic and think the published critiques know nothing about what entertains those of us just plopping down in front of the TV for some escapism or potato chips for the mind.

(post show writing

This show was worth the wait and worth the TiVo space. I’m glad that I set a season pass for it. I’ve never been good at defining genre’s, one look at my IPOD will tell you that. It is more like Parenthood or Gilmore Girls; I guess dramedy? It has sarcasm; wit, some good lines, and a bit of drama – but with one of the main characters in prison, what else would you expect. I’m looking forward to seeing how the characters develop and handle going straight. I’m curious if there will be a love triangle or tension between Sgt Mack and Cheryl. Don’t all shows like this have some unrequited love or tension? And will anything develop between Logan and the Vice Principal? How will Cal fair with the Hongs? How about Hope and her film making? When I first heard of this series, I thought of FX’ “The Riches” which didn’t keep me past season 1 and only lasted (I believe) 2 seasons total. This has a more light hearted feel. I see good potential; I hope they don’t let us down.

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