Family Guy 7.2 - "I Dream of Jesus"

"I Dream of Jesus"

I thought the first five minutes of Family Guy last night were some of the funniest I'd ever seen. The whole "Bird is the Word" sequence was hysterical, and each iteration upped the previous one and added to the humor. (Something that Family Guy is not particularly well-known for.) The highlight had to be when Peter tricked Brian into asking about the song in the newspaper. I do things like that all the time!

On the flip-side, the whole main "Jesus" plot was derivative and disappointing. You could say they ripped it off South-Park, although for Family Guy, blatant rip-offs are nothing new. Hell, you could say they ripped off themselves, not just because Jesus has shown up before, but the "Jesus and Peter are friends" plot felt so much like "Peter and Death" or "Peter and Big Fat Paulie," and with the direction the story took, how much was that "Peter and James Woods" or "Peter helps Joe in the Special Olympics."

Know what I mean?

Pretty much a waste of one of their best opening segments ever, but I will catch those five minutes every time Cartoon Network or FOX shows the re-run.