Chuck - the Awesome Continues

Haven't gotten to comment on Chuck the last two weeks. The show continues to sparkle with charm, wit and warmth. Why aren't you watching it?

Episode 2.2 - "Chuck Vs. The Seduction"

The Second episode of Season 2 might have been even better than the first, which I have previously labeled the best. Things are going in the right direction!

The script crackled, as usual, but what set this episode over the top were the guest stars. Sexy Melinda Clark (who needs to find a permanent TV home) was the bad guy, a part she was born to play. and retired superspy John Larroquette has to save the day!

John Larroquette's Dan Fielding doesn't get mentioned in the same conversation as George Costanza or Kramer or Klinger or Cliff and Woody, but he's one of the greatest Sitcom characters of all time. Actually, everything I have ever seen Larroquette do was brilliant. Can we give this man his own show! (And a good one; not some pile of crap where he runs a bus station.)

Anyway, I continue to bang to the drum for Chuck. You can catch up online! You'll be glad you did.

Episode 2.3 - "Chuck Versus The Breakup"

I didn't like this episode quite as much as 2.2, but I think that's only because Bryce was in it. I HATE BRYCE! I spent the entire episode glaring at him. Seriously: every problem in Chuck's life can be laid at Bryce's feet.

Chuck had to weigh his feelings for Sarah (and hers for him), and how that compromised the job Sarah is supposed to do protecting him. Chuck ends up telling Sarah they can never have a relationship, and should just keep it professional from now on. (Not buying that for a second.)

Then at the end, Bryce downloads more information into Chuck's head! Did I mention I HATE BRYCE????

I know they are going to spin it that Bryce is protecting Chuck, since supposedly as soon as all that new info made it to the CIA computer Chuck is a dead man, but still. Bryce sucks.

Also (just to be fair), I didn't care for the Michael Strahan cameo. It's not just residual resentment over how he got the sack record cheaply several years ago, or the gap in his teeth you could drive a truck through (although both of those things disturb me).

What really bothered me is that I know Michael Strahan just signed a deal to be on NBC Sunday Night Football. Granted, nothing was made of Strahan's real life duties, but I didn't watch NBC's telecast Sunday night. I'd bet dollars to donuts they mentioned it there. Bastards.