Heroes 3.3

I was going to talk about last night's episode of Heroes in the broader context of discussion on the first two seasons, but I think I will hold off on the longer stuff for a few days. In the meantime....

Episode 3.3 - "One of Us, One of Them"

The best part of last night's episode was (easily) the Hiro/Ando stuff. Whenever their scenes are lighthearted I just eat it up. The heavy stuff can be good, too, but it's never my favorite. Hiro seems particularly taken with Daphne, who Hiro calls his "Nemesis."

Hiro seems vexed that Daphne isn't taking the Nemesis role very seriously, like when he tells her,

"You're telling us your secret plans? What kind of over-confident Nemesis are you?

Ando is less threatened by Daphne (not surprising, with his thing for blondes), causing Hiro to admonish him,

"She's trying to divide us! It's villiany 101!"

I have no foresight into where they're going, so this is just a shot in the dark, but I'm betting Hiro's consternation might be because he likes Daphne too, which could spell a feud down the road. We'll see.

In other developments, Peter falls for the oldest trick in the book. Actually, I wrote that in my notes, and I don't even remember what it means! (I suck.)

Well, let's get to the part I do remember: Sylar and Mr. Bennett, as partners! You can totally see them heading for a big fight like Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours, except of course, Sylar is an invincible killing machine.

Still, Sylar's New York accident was sweet, as was Mr. Bennett warning him to stay away from the bad guys with powers:

"...and don't go anywhere near that buffet!"

I have many more thoughts on the third season of Heroes, but they are tied in to the arc of the seasons, and it really is a bigger article than I intended, so I'll save it.

Bottom line: totally solid episode. Lots of fun.